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    1. Pinpoint
      I saw that alphatron creep is on your friends list. Take him off.

      He targets female (or supposedly female) users, prying into their personal info and trying to hook up with them. He came after me once (even though I'm not female) and tried guilt tripping me into adding him onto his friend list. I managed to stop him, but I went through his VMs and a lot of the convos he has with other users are pretty invasive.

      He's banned right now, but he'll probably be back. Just avoid him.
    2. AmonDemon112
      And in regards to our previous conversation (sorry for the delay), not a fan of idw. At all. And I really hate what they did with Overlord. I feel all idw and its fanbase does is bastardize G1 and transformers imho. Btw that's cool about xoveran ginrai! I've been tempted many times by that...
    3. AmonDemon112
      Hey there again! Really looking forward to Fp's Dinoforce, tfc's Liokaiser and CloneDroids Greatshot which I made a news post of not too long ago! All I truly want is a mp Deszaras to match my mp Star Saber!
    4. AmonDemon112
      Figured I'd continue the conversation here, but yeah, masterpiece, masterforce, either or im a huge fan of both! And snap on armor like mp-11 Starscream's coronation would be epic for that Overlord. The Bot mode looks decent enough but depending i may just stick with the g1 original until a proper g1 version comes out someday...
    5. Sai
      Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day today :) x
    6. Sai
      That's ok...welcome aboard the 'Sai Express' :)
    7. soymonk
      Sure thing! :D
    8. Vexwing
      Dang, here I thought you stumbled onto a quick and easy way of getting bags of them en masse. Oh well, thanks anyway!
    9. Vexwing
      Hey, I just saw in the Stinger/Rocky thread you have extra knurled pins. May I ask where you got them from? I've never seen them at a hobby store before.
    10. Sheba
      hm, were you ever at TF2005 MUSH?
    11. Transquito
      Well that makes sense I suppose, hehe.
    12. Transquito
      Im very open towards the diffrent transformers toylines.
      As long they're official.
    13. Transquito
      You're good enough mate.
    14. ILoveDinobot
      LMAO! No that is awesome, if I had to write a 200 page paper I would pick to do it on Transformers too. I don't normally like IDW stuff, I think Megatron Origins is the only TPB I own from them.
    15. ILoveDinobot
    16. ILoveDinobot
      :lolol omg I love your take on Magnus. And yes I do fangirl squee all over season 3. Springer also is protective of Roddy, although his way of showing it isn't as H/C as Kup and Magnus. I agree with you on Megatron's method, I see it as not being "evil" but trying to make Cybertron a better place through overthrowing the "government" and taking over. It was an actual inspiration for me in deciding what career I was going to do with my social work degree, I decided I didn't want to do clinical and went with Policy instead. I had made a thread on it, a few years back in my first year of Grad school. In 2 weeks I graduate. *cheers*
    17. ILoveDinobot
      OMG YES!! I love Ultra Magnus too! I love how he's so protective of Roddy <3. I definitely prefer Rodimus to Optimus. I also like Megatron over Galvatron, at least Megs had some method to his madness. I dislike it so much that people hate on Rodimus and blame him for OP's death. But fanboys are going to wank :(. I need a "haters are gonna hate" macro for Rodimus.
    18. ILoveDinobot
      I fell in love with Roddy when I saw the G1 movie. (1986) I saw it in theaters with my brother, but I didn't remember it, as I was too young. But in high school I saw the movie again after I became obsessed with Transformers thanks to Beast Wars airing. XD
    19. ILoveDinobot
      OMG!! That sucks! What kind of robber takes toys!?!? I'm sorry to hear that. Omg, that is just so horrible!!!
    20. ILoveDinobot
      Another Roddy fangirl? XD We got to stick together you know ;). Do you collect MLP too?
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