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Apr 8, 2004
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Jun 20, 2023
    1. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      So..What exactly do you alter?
    2. AltercronsGirl
      Hey baby~ Thanks for forcing me to sign up xD
    3. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Ah well. I'm partially colorblind so i know the feeling.
    4. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Good thing i can't LOL
    5. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Its not my best, so whats up mister?
    6. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I see you an Altercon and raise you a NightBurn Prime!

    7. Purple Heart
    8. Fallout
      yeah, marines get kind of a bad rap as the assholes, but eh. i want to be able to say i overcame the challenge of being a united states marine. thanks for the well wishes!
    9. Fallout
      ooh, that's a good plan.

      yessir, but not air force. originally i was going to go into civil engineering in the AF, but a few days ago i made the decision to join the marine corps instead as an officer.
    10. Fallout
      yeah man, but it's better this way. migraines suck man.

      did you have any idea what you wanted to do in the AF or were you just going to play it by ear?
    11. Fallout
      well that's shitty. sorry to hear that.
    12. Fallout
      yessir. you were air force, correct? :)
    13. Fallout
      happy late birthday bro, lol.
    14. The621
      As much as it don't seem right, she cheated on you. And you need to get a hold of your sons. Spend as much time with them. When you get the money, divorce her.
    15. The621
      Dude. Hang in there. Hang the fuck in there.
    16. Dansproject
      Just came by to say hello after seeing your awesome sig. Greetings from a fellow Sukhoi fan! Su-37 is my personal fave, always wanted a TF of one called Lock-On... My wife gave me a book on the S-37/Su-47, did you alter the one in your sig yourself?
    17. Darkravager
      Thanks! I wanted to get that shirt as they had one at Walmart, but they didn't have any in my size. Next time I went to look, they were all clearanced, so they won't be getting more I suspect.
    18. Razorclaw
      PAK-FA next to SU-35 picture:

      Full video of PAK-FA lift off and flight:

      YouTube - Pak Fa (T-50) First Flight Full Video

      As you can see it appears to be no bigger than SU-27/30/35 and maybe somewhat smaller overall.

      Some claim it has no stealth features like leading edge extensions, S engine inlets, that exhaust ports are not stealthy, etc.

      You can clearly see the leading edge extensions in the overhead shot, as well as the engine position which shows that apart from vertical S position (you can clearly see from the side that the engines are positioned higher than the air inlets verticaly), inlets also have a horizontal S position.

      As for the exhausts, this prototype is flying with the SU-35 engines, so it will probably have engines with a more "stealthier" exhausts in the future.

      On the other hand, take a look at F-35. The exhaust port on that plane is also round and exposed.

      The ruskies created a plane that will not be as stealthy as F-22, but it will have all other F-22 features with better manoeuverability and payload than F-22. Russians claimed their 5th gen. fighter will surpase F-35 and they delivered IMO. Only time will prove us wrong or right, I think.
    19. Razorclaw
      New link:

      YouTube - Pak Fa First Flight

      Posting them as I find them.
    20. Razorclaw
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