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Alpha Prime

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Apr 13, 2024
    1. Surge
      I haven't even bothered watching the new arc. After the underwhelming (IMO) battle between Ichigo and ButterflAizen, I kinda gave up for awhile lol. As farfetched as it sounds, I wish they'd bring Ulquiorra back somehow, knowing that he technically became "good" before.......well, I don't want to spoil anyone who happens to be reading these.
    2. Surge
      Stupid question but, have people been bickering about Bumblebee standing in front of the American flag? When Spider-Man 3 came out, people were complaining when Spider-Man swung in and landed in front of the flag. I'm thinking "COME ON! It's an American movie, American character, etc.". And then people wonder why some of us have an issue with some (key word some, not all) foreigners. Also, Bleach? I agree with Laser Optimus, I'd like to see Shinji's Bankai the most since he's my favorite character.
    3. Laser_Optimus
      Yes, particularly I'd like to see Shunsui's and Shinji's Bankais.
    4. Laser_Optimus
      Yeah, keep up with both. Rather enjoying the twist that just came up... though it's better than Ichigo getting his rear handed to him by Aizen.
    5. cybertron2006
      If you can, please read Voyage and... Aw fuck it, you never answer. :redface2:
    6. cybertron2006
      Okay so it seems you're aren't gonna update your fanfic. That's fine with me.

      I'm gonna go review Transformers: RE.
    7. cybertron2006
      Hey, if you're not gonna update your fanfic, I'll be obliged to.

      Just think of it as my end of the deal. I'm "paying" for use of Nova Prime.

      I have a new thread called The Official Transformers Funnies Review!
    8. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Nova Prime owns, floating like a vast predatory bird
    9. AkatsukiFan
      hi nice nova prime avatar
    10. bradforj
      I wish I was that close to them. I would have to stop by to meet those people!
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