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Dec 10, 2020
Sep 1, 2007
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Dec 10, 2020
    1. Nemesis251
      E92 M3 in your avatar?
      1. Agent-GHQ
        U know it brah! The last NA M3 V8
        Sep 11, 2016
    2. CVprowl
      well, wednesday and friday are the load days (supposedly), i found mine on a wednesday. i know they get like 1 case (2 items) at a time, so keep that in mind as well. good luck. :)

      i pickd up a thundercracker on ebay for $75 plus $8 shipping yesterday. i figured that was a great deal for not having to try to beat other local collectors and scalpers to the tru. :)
    3. CVprowl
      i got it my MP OP at the TRU in south chula vista. but both TRU should be getting them in now, you have to get there early before they sell out. :)
    4. Agent-GHQ
      I didn't want to risk playing the wait game for it to go on sale cuz Artfire has this appeal to me. As for Stepper, I think he's kool too but his price was pretty close to Artfire. Even with the 10% discount from BBTS I didn't like Stepper enough to cave in
    5. [Wing_Saber-X]
      ^hey dude...just wondering how come you suddenly had a change of heart to buy 'over-priced' and lame exclusives from Japan?
    6. SALI
      Agent, I have 2 on hand, but there's a Target and a WM close to me that has 2 more of need them?
    7. blackout501st
      I've never seen thous masks fly off the shelvs. So ya, unless they moved stuff around he should still be there! ^^
    8. Duffcon
      Awesome man! A whole planet of junk?! I need to see some pics once you do get them!
    9. Duffcon
      Yeah, that's the one.
    10. Duffcon
      No prob. If I come across anymore, I'll be sure to hide 'em for you.
    11. Duffcon
      This was at 2:30pm and yeah, I have a good feeling that they're still there. Get out there man!
    12. Duffcon
      Nah, I left them on the pegs.
    13. blackout501st
      Found and rehid the junkheap behind the movie optimus prime voice changers helmets in the transformers section!
    14. blackout501st
      haha sorry about that. ya i will let you know 2moro for sure if he is still where i left him.
    15. blackout501st
      Really sorry about that, I JUST saw your reply. Ya, I will try and go down there 2moro and make sure he is still there. If he is, I'll put him in an easier hiding spot :lol
    16. blackout501st
      Hey man did you ever grab that junkheap?
    17. Spyshot2007
      True, I've never been an army builder but see how that would be cool to do
    18. Spyshot2007
      I went back and someone took all 4. Not happy that I let someone know that bought them all.
    19. Spyshot2007
      I would but not sure when I can get back to that Walmart...probably can go back tomorrow night after work. Plus, 2 other guys wanted 1 and so they might beat me to them but I doubt they will take them all. If I can get back and they have them, I will let you know
    20. Spyshot2007
      They had 4 of them, are you close was the Walmart in HB
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