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    1. MegakumaX
      My guy came through with Soundwave and has a couple set back if you still need one.
    2. MegakumaX
      Hey man, this is Kevin. We talked at the mini comic-con on sat. Would like to add you if its cool.
    3. Lord N
      Lord N
      do u by any chance still have a AM 12 Breakdown
    4. bensdady
      Still interested in jet vehicon general, just need a number for shipping.

    5. UNICRON2020AD
      can i buy stuff from your sale thread
    6. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Thanks Agent Adam,

      I'll get back to you when I have firm info.
      And send anything more substantial by PM (but I shall not waste your inbox space on a little thank you note like this though)
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      OK I'll know if I got the pennies spare in a few more days I got enough for one at the moment and the postage but it's best to got with 2 at once it possible me thinks - but by all means do start looking for a box suitable for 2 deluxes and I'll write to you again after the weekend about this..

      I left you some Positive feedback too in your feedback thread.
    8. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      Just a note to let you know I got The B2's the other day; I've made them up and now they are being sported in duel wielding by Prime Hot Shot.

      I can't seem to find your Junkion Feedback thread though - If you have the link to it I'll leave you some nice comments.

      All the best. RAR
    9. Agent Adam
      Agent Adam
      Unfortunately no, whenever I get dvds in the mail I tend to bulk order so they're always bigger than that. It's the type of size I'll be looking for at work tonight though.
    10. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I just had a thought about packing - did you ever get a DVD through the post in one of those cardboard postage wraps like Amazon use ?

      One of those might work if you have one.

    11. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      OK - I look forward to it.

      If you wanted to save effort I'm quite happy to have them wound up in bubble wrap and sandwiched between two pieces of scrap card if that's easier and quicker for you than trying to find a suitable box for just the Microns.

      But feel free to look for something suitable to post a couple of Deluxes too as I would like to have a crack at the other when I can assemble the extra money for them.

      But I'd like to take the B2's first if that is possible please.
    12. Agent Adam
      Agent Adam
      I'll take a look at what I have box wise later. Its pretty easy for me to obtain boxes since I work retail.
    13. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue


      If you think you can do that then I'll take the Microns now. and the others when I have the money later in the month.

      Personally I make custom boxes up for mailing things but I don't expect everyone to have the glue or the patience to do that so if you can do your best to keep the cost of the shipping really low but still keep them getting snapped in half in the mail that would be great.

      You might find merit in packing them side by side - that would give you lots of room to write the address then. or printing the label if it's one on top of another.

      Thanks for the offers.

      Regards RAR
    14. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I just found a bunch of stuff to sell so I have the potential to have the fund to be able to buy the Skywarp and Air Raid from you i'd very much like as well - but I obviously have to sell them first before I have the funds spare.

      I'm happy to take the Microns now if you can say get some scrap Bubble wrap (I always say get it off the apples in a super market if you don't have any) wrap it a couple of times around each frame of B2 and then using some scrap card simple fold that over them and secure it with parcel tape the bubble wrap should stop them getting squished in the mail and the total weight should be a lot less than a box - unless you do have a really small box that is suitable for them. But that way it should keep the mail cost very low and not worry me to much about the shipping cost - as obviously they weight almost nothing and they only need a little protection from getting snapped in the mail.

    15. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue


      It's a guess though as I don't know the weight of the item but it should be well under 8oz as I know when I box up a legend toy it's only 100g. - but they are only thin frames so they don't need much packing i'd guess a tiny custom box or even bubble wrap covering and a sandwich of card sheets might do. depending on the benifits and postage boundaries of weight and size.

      This is for a home made parcel I think rather than a pre-paid boxes.

      I really am interested in your Japanese Deluxes too but it's just a matter of how quick I can scrape together the extra money so it might have to be the B2's now and then the deluxes later if you still have them.

      I hope that is of some help anyway.

      Regards Red_Alert Rescue.
    16. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      Perhaps this might work for a couple of shinning B2's - I also included the higher rates just for general interest and in case we do end up posting anything bigger ?

      I used to use the envelope rate - but then they decided they have to be flexible so that knackered the really cheap prices and now the cheapest seems to be First Class packet for the small stuff.

      First-Class MailĀ® International Parcel**
      Maximum Value for Contents: $400.00
      Other than rolls: Max. length 24", max length, height and depth (thickness) combined 36"
      Rolls: Max. length 36". Max length and twice the diameter combined 42"

      Post office price $5.34 (4oz)
      Post office price $6.12 (5oz)
      Post office price $6.90 (6oz)
      Post office price $7.68 (7oz)
      Post office price $8.46 (8oz)
      Post office price $10.03 (9oz to 12oz)
      Post office price $11.60 (13oz to 16oz)
      Post office price $13.17 (1lb 1oz to 1lb 5oz)
      Post office price $14.74 (1lb 6oz to ?)

    17. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Oh I almost wish I'd not looked now since you have 3 things I've wanted for ages... Skywarp, Air Raid and an Arms Micron Vehicon.

      I think I'll have to save up - can you tell me how much the cheapest airmail (1st class packet rate maybe?) is for just the two B2 Microns ?

      I don't think I have enough money this month for everything I'd like to buy from you though.

      Thanks for your time.
    18. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      How much to post both Shinning B2s to the UK - It might be handy if you have something else a little bigger the sell since they are ideal to slip in with something else - you got anything else to sell you think I might like ?
    19. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      No I don't have Shinning B2 or Shinning Op or any of the red ones yet.
      still interested in them though.
    20. RedAlert Rescue
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