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    1. netkid
      I totally forgot about this post:

      "If anyone is looking for that rare hard to find WFC Bumblebee run don't walk to the Tewksbury Wal-Mart. Two pegs full of them. They also now have two legends Devastor sets in the clearance aisle for 32 bucks. Other than that nothing else worth mentioning."
      Are the Legends Devastators still there? I've been going nuts trying to find him.

      If they still have them, would you be willing to pick them up and I'll reimburse you cost (+ shipping or we meet halfway somewhere and I pick them up from you in person? I have a friend up in Boston who could meet you.).
    2. aey103
      Just lived there from 2000 to 2007. Grew up in PA.
    3. Prime 61
      Prime 61
      Did u grow up in stoneham or just live there if so what year u graduate I'm 01
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