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    1. SydneyY
      Whoa, I can't imagine how expensive the BT lot must be. and here I am shedding a sad tear because I can't afford Alternity Banzaitron right now! :p
      I have several Encore because I own no vintage G1. I used to be quite prejudiced against G1 toys, until I picked up Encore Convoy. I've fallen behind TFP toys, and sadly feeling not too bad about it. I'll get Thundercracker, Thundertron and Silas Breakdown for sure though!
    2. SydneyY
      Some BT figures are still quite pricey, aren't they? Does the lot include clear Rijie? I owned one and sold him off without even opening the box, and I've begun to regret it in the past year or so!
      I wonder what you are getting from RK...hmm you didn't say preorder, so it it current stuff? If it's preorder, is it Fort Max? Can't think of anything else fitting "sizeable" description better, haha.
    3. SydneyY
      and indeed it was a great trip! Have you been well? Looks like lots of news in the past few weeks here.
    4. Bodhar2000
      Hi Adam -Got your message, but I really dont check my TFW account anymore. If you need to reach me please contact me directly at my hotmail address, thanks!
    5. spiritprime
      Uh, it's good, but not that great considering the situation I'm currently in. I'm down with the sickness atm. I've been sick since Tuesday last week. But, I've been cheered up when my dad bought me a Weaponizer Optimus Prime after I told him how much I was in pain and that I was really miserable. He certainly came through for me with my present.

      Yeah, that incident was an emotional rollar coaster for me. I was in shock from yesterday, denying it and considering it as bullshit until proof came along, and then feeling miserable and depressed because I was really sick and at the clinic, then I check my mobile again and I discover this wonderful news. This made my day, despite my sickness. No one can probably ever imagine what I'm feeling right now. Relief, happiness, and joy are too much of simple words. But it's all I can do.
    6. spiritprime
      Hello, Adam! It's been awhile since I've collected a TF. Not a lot of stuff has been coming out there in my part of Eyre Penisula. I'm annoyed at the fact that Unfamiliar Enemies (the second volume in the TFP DVD series) hasn't come out yet. It's been nearly two weeks since they told me that.

      I've had no luck with the TFP toys since... I bought RiD Ratchet and Arcee.
    7. SydneyY
      That's a very impressive shopping list indeed! :D I am trying to reduce the number of TFs I have but finding it very hard to do.

      I never owned WfC Bee/Cliff mould, do you like it? I don't think I've heard many favourable comments.
    8. SydneyY
      Glad to hear you have been well enough to ponder over such purchase!
      $950 is way too much....I think he was about $450 a year ago. That was a loose one though. I don't think he's worth that much. I prefer Alt Nemmy as a toy (I can sort of transform him back to Ram, BT Rams are impossible)

      SDCC Bruticus looks nice. I'm not keen enough to shell out lots of cash admittedly, but it is an official Bruticus and not too shabby, either :D
    9. SydneyY
      hey, have you been well?
      I have both Alt Nemesis Prime and BT Black Convoy. BT Ram mould is my favourite, but the knees become so weak :(
    10. SydneyY
      Oh, Shining OP is very nice. I'm envious of BAPE Convoy!! I know black camo version is still available at rk, but just can't justify the price.
      I quite like FE Bumblebee although I didn't get TakTom one. My favourite is NYCC yellow cab version :D
    11. SydneyY
      I actually put clear FE Optimus in cart first, then added black Optimus as well. Now I am glad that I did, he looks suitably dark and gloomy :)
    12. SydneyY
      Cool! So you bought one, too? :D I very nearly passed him up, but he somehow ended up in my shopping cart. Can't wait to get mine...sounds like you'll get yours first though, in that case don't forget to let us know what you think!!
    13. SydneyY
      yeah no surprise there. Glad TakTom is doing it for the fans, I guess? :tongue:
    14. Cecilia
      Not just the heel, but the way the "ankle" works looks weird and for his size she should have bigger feet like the insecticons have. And I am obssessed with legs, to me they are take or break deal XD
    15. SydneyY
      heh, and here I was going to pass up the black henkei Convoy! (Actually prefer Universe Classics Nemmy).
      I've posted this in the threadin the News and Rumours forum, but I am hoping I can get those from RK.
    16. SydneyY
      I asked about the book because I have an extra copy - it's currently on eBay, but if you want it let me know (no Artfire order form though). I am not sure if I'm enjoying it to be honest as I don't have much interest in Pretenders. The interview about the series is a fun read (you can tell how confused Takara was with the concept :lol) and I hope to share the translation one day.

      I'm a bigger Takara fanboy than I care to admit and I hope you'll find your MP-10 satisfactory. I'm a bit worried as thier cheap Arms Micron series concept seems to be costing them adult fans.

      The Jetwing repaint is "Nightwatch". My bad I never remember proper names :redface2: Buster OP is beautiful, too.
    17. SydneyY
      Ooh you bought MP-10! He looks simply amazing. I wuoldn't mind the cheaper Hasbro release, but why do they always use lighter blue? (Noticed that on TFP Optimus figures as well - Hasbro ones are much lighter)

      DOTM Nightwatch Prime is black version of Jetwing? I'm ever so tempted, but knowing how huge he is, I am very hesitant of ordering from overseas.
      (I bought MP-09b instead! Hope I won't break first Masterpiece)

      Hope all's well with you. Did you get the new Generations book? Lots about Pretenders.
    18. Wallas
      It needs a lot dusting, but not too often ;) The pictures show it on a better day, usually it's a mess since it's much more practical for me to keep them un-shelved properly as an YT reviewer ;)

      Also, thanks for dropping by!
    19. Bodhar2000
      Hey man, sorry I missed you post on my wall. Contact me at [email protected] if you still are looking for Artfire, thanks!
    20. SydneyY
      Merry Christmas!

      I didn't slide the arm kibble on Prime's forearms in the gallery :redface2:
      If I had more $, I'd import Prime as well - I like the blue much better in TakTom version.
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