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Nov 19, 2023
Mar 1, 2009
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Ace Convoy

Well-Known Member, Male, 30, from Central Virgina

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Nov 19, 2023
    1. GoLion
      We're all special in our own way.
      1. Ace Convoy
        Ace Convoy
        May 4, 2017
    2. amproadbuster88
      Hey Ace! Man it's been so long! How ya been? :)
    3. MegsLITTLE
      Dude that spoiler thing you posted can you send to me it wont work at that link
    4. EnergonWaffles
      really appreciate the time you spent answering questions tonight

      thanks :)
    5. frenzicon
      I'm glad there is a lot more Bot time, thanks for answering my question :)
    6. Fanatic97
      Does Optimus Die ^^:

      Jsut all I need to know.
    7. Lazerwave
      If you are going to see the movie on the 21st, let me know if the Dinobots talk or if Gregg Berger voices Grimlock. Please.
    8. Lazerwave
      If you see the movie earlier, can you do a favor for me?
    9. HeroicC300
      Where be the preview?

      I'm hoping AOE gets a preview in Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Saw Pacific Rim and Iron Man 3 there.
    10. Bumblebee765
      Here's (finally) your request, all colored:
      I really hope you like it! :) Sorry it took so long!
    11. ZombieMasterGuy
      Dont be offended by why I said about your Deadpool-esque robot.i wasnt knocking it or anything. Thats just what image popped in my head when i saw it colored.
    12. Bumblebee765
      Hmm... I dunno... Do you know Game of Thrones? Draw a dire wolf. :D Unless you mean a TransFormers thing, in which case I have no idea... :lol
      Also, I just noticed I accidentally typed "butt" instead of "but" in my last VM. :lol
    13. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, thanks! I'll hopefully start and finish coloring it this week! :wink: And no worries about the long reply!! :)

      Ha-ha, I didn't intend it to give that vibe, butt now that you mention it I can totally see it! :lol
    14. Bumblebee765
      Here's that line work I promised:
      I can change a few things at this point, if you want, since this is in pen to make the lines bolder and help erase the excess pencil line and make it look cleaner. I can't erase them, but I can edit anything you want me to alter by removing it on the computer (I don't have Photoshop or any similar program, so I can't do that with color, sadly), and then draw off of a printout of the modified picture. :wink: (The left arm is really the only thing I'm not sure about, but you might find some others. :wink:)
    15. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, sorry it's taken so long. I've just about finished with the line work (I'll scan and send it to you tomorrow before I start coloring :wink:), I wasn't able to finish earlier this week like I had planned for the dumbest reason: I didn't have a good enough eraser to erase the excess pencil lines. :lol
    16. Bumblebee765
      Hey Ace Convoy. Sorry I haven't been able to do your art request, however I finished the line art yesterday, and I'll be inking and coloring likely later today or tomorrow! :D Sorry it's taken forever, again...
    17. Fallout
      oh yeah, air force is definitely perfect for that. civil engineering would be a good position for you.
    18. Fallout
      that's pretty shitty, but i doubt i'd mind

      thanks man, the way i see it army, navy, air force and coast guard are steep hills that you can climb if you're willing to get your hands dirty, and the marine corps is a flat brick wall that you're gunna have to rip your hands open to get over. it's an extreme challenge and i wanna take it on. plus i'd be the first one into battle... that'd be such an honor
    19. Fallout
      do you mind if i ask why your dad doesn't recommend the army? it's my second choice after the marine corps
    20. Fallout
      go air force man, you'd like it a lot more.
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    Jul 8, 1993 (Age: 30)
    Central Virgina
    Student, and Libraian.


    "What is your purpose, Sam ?"

    -Bumblebee- deleted clip from ROTF.