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Mar 30, 2024
Sep 19, 2013
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Aaron Archer

Old man with stories, Male, from Earth


Orson's World returns! May 17, 2020

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Mar 30, 2024
    1. Bombshock
      Hello Aaron Archer. I just want to say hello. I was hoping you and I could talk, because I have a SHIT-LOAD of questions I wanted to ask for a long time since I've followed your career.... PM me so we can Talk.
    2. The TRUE TFfan
      The TRUE TFfan
      You rock Aaron archer
    3. Q Prime
      Q Prime
      Just wondering, but how hard is it getting a job at Hasbro and what are the working conditions there?
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      2. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Okay, thank you! Also, how are the working conditions like hours, breaks, bathroom conditions, etc.?
        May 23, 2020
      3. Aaron Archer
        Aaron Archer
        I worked for one of the largest companies so my experience is unique to that. We were salary paid, meaning you work when the work need done, it is not a 9-5 but it isn't not crazy either. No one is watching your minutes as a professional, you get the job done by the deadline no one watches breaks.
        May 23, 2020
      4. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Cool. Thanks for the chat. Maybe in 10 years I'll be doing work at Hasbro like you were.
        May 23, 2020
    4. Maximus Danz
      Maximus Danz
      Hi Mr. Archer, it is awesome to see that you are still on these boards! (I didn't realize you still had an account) I really like a lot of the Armada work you have done! I have nothing bad mad respect for our resident Angry Archer.
      1. Aaron Archer
        Aaron Archer
        I appreciate you taking the time to let me know my old work is still enjoyed.
        May 23, 2020
    5. Nevermore
      1. Aaron Archer
        Aaron Archer
        Wow I hope I kept it all PG
        May 21, 2020
    6. Cliffjumper
    7. Aaron Archer
      Aaron Archer
      Orson's World returns!
    8. Aaron Archer
      Aaron Archer
      Roll Out, lets keep the dialog going. I have thick skin!
    9. [Wing_Saber-X]
    10. NICKBOT
      Hey there “Angry Archer”, good to see you posting on here. I hope we continue to see your insight on the forum...
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    11. Blam320
      Welcome back, Orson! Always great to see people such as yourself interacting with fans.
    12. Protoman
      Indeed he does
      1. Aaron Archer
        Aaron Archer
        one of those days i guess. Just when you feel disconnected from it all .. Boom 3rd party saves the day. Lol
        May 1, 2020
    13. Aaron Archer
    14. Transfan2
      Just wanted to say Hi, See how your week has been going and to say...I am always grateful for your friendship.

      The store has been doing okay so far this month..both store front & Website wise.

      Again..thanks for being my friend,
    15. netkid
      I would have stopped at the BotCon booth & said hi back in 07 & 10, but I was too busy shopping & attending events...& you were busily sketching for folks so I didn't want to interrupt. I talked to the other team members though, all great folks.

      So now I can finally stop & say what I was going to:

      Thank you for all the years of wonderful toys, ideas, & designs. You, along with other designers & indie toy makers have been a long time inspiration for me & someday I hope to make & sell my own toys. The opportunity of being able to witness and experience a toy's entire journey, from paper to product has always fascinated me. Tomorrow I will be beginning a class on 3-D printing & how it is utilized to manufacture prototypes for various industries, including toys.

      Throughout my life, much of your work has wound up in a toy box, or on a shelf of mine, played with & well appreciated...

      (continued below...)
    16. netkid
      ...As a boy, I remembered reading articles from the Collecting Toys magazines my father would bring home, where you were interviewed for your work on G.I.Joe & Batman. To a kid, the idea of growing up and having a job where you design toys seemed like a dream come true. Though I have yet to fully reach that dream, I still pursue it, in hopes that one day I can walk into a store with my future children, point at a toy, & proudly say "Daddy made this." To have that sense of achievement, where one walks into a store and sees their finished work on display, not in a gallery behind glass and velvet roped stanchions, but on a shelf for all to access, take home, and enjoy what one has created, would be the greatest feeling of accomplishment as a product designer.

      And with that, I wish you the very best of luck in your new venture. Though you will be missed from your former position, you have left in your wake an incredible legacy of fun for us to look back on, pick up, & enjoy. God Bless.
    17. Sixshot666666
      I'm right by Beaver Creek, I'm at the edge of Cary.
    18. Sixshot666666
      It's Aaron Archer! Big fan, didn't know you lived in NC too!
    19. Vexwing
      Glad to see you back on the boards, Mr. Archer!
    20. Transfan2
      Just want to say Hello and I am thankful to talk to you when possible of course...in person..enjoyed talking you at Botcon 2012 or 2013 or an earlier one...I just know it is recent one. ^^

      Have a good day and hope your next journey goes well for you,
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