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NomDePlume: Jimmy Rustler

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Nov 26, 2015
    1. Basilisk
      Bwahahahah i just saw the photo of your Slave Girl Gali with LOSS the Hut that everyone was talking about
    2. Basilisk
      Can't wait for the rest of the new episodes.

      What did you think of the new council of 13?
    3. Basilisk
      Well they did seem to want to kill him and he is a supervillain not sure he'd have much remorse.

      But they just seemed to be similar, something I hadn't thought about until they were in a room together.

      Also poor JJ :( he was kind of a dick but I wanted to see more of him, oh and the old OSI leader actually became a Hulk hahah how cool was that?
    4. Basilisk
      I know right fucking damn he killed all of the Investors

      He called them brothers, I noticed they have a similar colour scheme do you think they were his legit brothers?
    5. Basilisk
      Just be prepared when you watch it, so many changes happen :O
    6. Basilisk
      Did you watch the new episode of Venture Bros?
    7. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Huh, Well Bionicle was like that lingering love interest you tell yourself you hate for years until you start to pay more attention to even though you "despise" it.

      One day I finallt pickeed up one of the the comics from the Lego magazine. It was the very last issue in 2010. I then fell in love and Stars Takuanuva was my first set. (I also got Tahu 5 minutes afterwards. I did everything to try and get more sets. Got all the Stars and some Glatorian amd vehicles. A Mahri too. Eventually though I decided it wasn't for the best as each new day I learned to love Bionicle more was another day it was dead. So I stopped and did Hero Factory. Takuanuva broke in 2011, his legacy lives on in Strauna, a moc of mine.
      Since I read the last comic and I saw Mata Nui's spirit go into the Ignika I always kinda liked the idea that a characters soul is in his mask. Takuanuva's mask.

      Anyhorse, Transformers still is my main love, mostly.
    8. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Well I'm glad your back. And Bionicle's back.
      I missed you.

      You say it like Bionicle means something very personal to you?
    9. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      It's been a while since I've seen you about.
    10. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Merry Christmas!
    11. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      So whats up my friend!!
    12. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Lol, Speaking of Boobs Swerve and Cosmos arrived today.
    13. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I love you, Please for the love of Primus fucking marry me now.
    14. Purple Heart
    15. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Sure.... Sure....
    16. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      What is that.....
    17. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      What the hell :lolol
    18. Purple Heart
    19. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Hello sir, I'm hear today to tell you about the horrors of Spiders.
      They are vile creatures that seek only death and destruction, I also have to warn you of the new Spider/Mayonese alliance. For it is the most deadly threat the world has ever faced.

      If you see them PLEASE CONTACT ME. As it could save our universe from utter destruction and the tyranny of Spiders covered in Mayo.
    20. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I'm going to steal all your love!!!
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