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Emperor of Destruction, 42

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Jul 4, 2011
    1. Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky
      holy crap!! is that a GUN!?!?
    2. _Galvatron_
      Here's a hint...
    3. Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky
      Megatron is that really you?
    4. _Galvatron_
      Thanks Johnator. I love the hypocrisy of many Animated fans. They got 4 whole seasons, and they whine. I can't remember a TF series in recent memory that lasted more than two, other than G1 itself. Even then, "Season 4" was only about 3 episodes or so (The Rebirth). Thanks for the compliment, I love G1 Galvatron...insane as he is. :lol
    5. Johnator
      Just saw Split Lip's post about me. :) This is the same guy who used to have "G1 sucks" as his signature so the irony is amazing. I really like your Avatar by the way.
    6. Keroshino
      what die you mean by "Great minds think alike...except for that whole circa-1930s Nazi Germany thing..."
    7. _Galvatron_
      Thanks, Th3 Fall3n.

      Not from Texas, but I live here now.
    8. Th3 Fall3n
      Th3 Fall3n
      hey whats up i saw youre in texas, im from dallas and its always good to see a fellow texan and trasformers fan! :D
    9. SPLIT LIP
      Ah, I usually don't let those kinda people get to me, that just shows them that what they said bothered you. They're just being petty. It is still flamebaiting, quite so, as people have flown off the handle at negative remarks in sigs before. (plus, it's just rude) I just mentioned because I noticed that it was the exact same line as someone else's sig on here. (only he did it with the express intention of starting trouble, 'cuz that's just who he is)

      The way I see it though, none of them make sense, because G1, BW, Animated, etc will never be "dead" until Transformers as a line has passed. There's always going to be some reboot or homage to keep them alive.

      Instead of dropping to their level of pathetic, just put something like "G1 will never die. That's a fact" in your sig. Because it's true. That way if they want to be miserable and view it as an insult, let them, but at least other people won't think you're just being an ass.
    10. _Galvatron_
      Hardly flamebaiting. I saw someone with a sig saying G1 is dead, etc...so, I returned the favor.

      Thanks for noticing.
    11. SPLIT LIP
      I love people with flamebait sigs.

      And by that I mean I don't.

      Are you an Alt ID for Johnator? :lol
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