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Aug 28, 2019
    1. trillwoo
      0i just asked cause you were online
    2. trillwoo
      what are you doing
    3. fisch
      yeah Shawn at Bad Apple Comics had a at least 1 of each of the og 2006 classics. I snagged prime, mirage, hotrod, and 1 other from him. He had a magnus and a skywarp that he wanted $25 a piece for them. Again just an awesome guy as well.

      If you are ever looking for some of the new stuff shoot me a pm. I just got relocated to Jax and travel back down to tampa very frequently, so if you can find anything in O-town, I can search for ya up here or down there. I TF hunt at least once or twice a week
    4. fisch
      Yeah the guy at badapple comics told me about them. I swear I heeard harps playing as if I just walked into heaven.

      I saw fracture on one of the top pegs, but I already had him. The guys working there were just cool as hell too and prices werent as crazy as i thought they would be.

      I signed up on their mailing list too.
    5. Valkysas
    6. deltaprime
      Pretty much the same here. My first girlfriend! What music are you listening too? I have "The Touch" on, but I'm also wat hing Rejected Cartoons
    7. deltaprime
      Hey, how's it goin?
    8. Scythe
      I know what you mean. I got engaged and I'm planning a wedding that won't take place until another two years and it's ALOT of hard work.
    9. Scythe
      That's awesome, brah
    10. Scythe
      So what's been up lately? Life treatin' ya good?
    11. Scythe
      Thanks for adding me, hope you're doing well.
    12. deltaprime
      Thanks for the review! Now all I need is to be able to afford him...
    13. deltaprime
      Disney huh? So, do you recommend Dead End?
    14. deltaprime
      I don't have any alternators. Maybe people don't like him that much because he's just a repaint of Sunstreaker. Personally, I think he looks kind of cool. How much did you get him for?
    15. deltaprime
      Alright, here's some tips then.
      1. Be on your gaurd against knock off figures. There's plenty out there, especially on Ebay.
      2. Online sights like Bigbadtoystore are a great place to buy figures.
      3. If you have any technical problems on this site, ask a mod about it.
      4. Know what you want in a toy. If you don't want to be a completionist, then make sure you get figures you won't regret buying.
      5. On this sight, stay away from creating zombie or cliche threads (see rules section)
      6. Make some friends! This is a fun sight and a good one to meet fellow Transfans.
      If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to tell you.
    16. deltaprime
      You mean like for when you're out looking for new figures, or about the fandom in general? Either way, I'd be glad to help.
    17. deltaprime
      A loose figure is one that's been taken out of its packaging. MISB I think means mint in sealed box, which would mean it's the opposite of a loose toy.
    18. deltaprime
      Yeah, I think it counts. :D
    19. deltaprime
      Guitar huh? How good are you? And I'm not really a completionist either. I just have a hard time finding a figure I don't like.
    20. deltaprime
      Mostly gifts, but even back then I'd try to save up for that special figure I had my eye on.
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