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    1. sketchprowl
      Everyones entitled to their own opinion guy's. and everyone should be listened to even if you don't agree with them. normal conversations go off on tangents to in theory so do threads, True Michael bay didn't us a VW bug for asthetic reasons but big car companies like Ferrari probebly thought it a bit of a risk, if the people involve hadn't been so good the film could easily of been a flop
    2. newguy
      oh and its not just VW, hate Michael Bay too YouTube - The real reason why Michael Bay didn't use the VW Bug
    3. newguy
      In the thread, " disapearing parts" you stated "No need to get hostile, it's the truth. If... and that's a BIG if... you're taking what I said in CONTEXT...

      Fact, no other car company came forward to have their vehicles portrayed in the movie other than GM, atleast not with SERIOUS offers. A few of them, like VW, didn't want ANYTHING to do with it because they were too busy playing politics and didn't care to have their vehicles in a movie about a fictional war about robots.

      So, in this case, the "rest of the world" had nothing to offer, because they weren't interested in a silly little American movie about robots"
      'Now how in the world did you get from disapearing seats to dogging out on one of the greatest car maker on the planet? just a silly question
    4. 35InchMudders
      Simple, you came out blunt and rude in a thread dedicated to Mr. Orci taking time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from fans. If you want to write a long constructive essay on why you didn't like the movie, do so. Insulting someone who's doing the whole board a favor, however, isn't cool, and it doesn't represent you very well.
    5. Skorpiya Nuka
      Skorpiya Nuka
      Hey, what's up?
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