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WFC 2 - Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Revealed

Posted on 10-06-2011 at 11:58 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
Back in last November, TFW2005 revealed that High Moon Studios and Hasbro are getting ready for Transformers: War For Cybertron 2.

Nearly a year later, we now take a look at the big reveal…

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

Popular Online Gaming Magazine; GameInformer tells us that…

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron continues the story of the Autobots and the Decepticons and their bitter civil war, but changes and improves upon so many of the fundamental ideas that the developer considers the game a natural successor rather than a true sequel. We have over 12 pages of exclusive details on High Moon's new project, including extensive story and gameplay explanations, concept art, and dozens of screenshots. Whether you love the Transformers, or you just love hearing about the next great story-driven action game, Fall of Cybertron should be on your radar.

Visit GameInformer for more details.

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Images for WFC 2 - Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Revealed

Oh badass! Also, I hope the cover of the mag is actually that clear.
The F.N.G.
So, I'm guessing "Fall of Cybertron" is the official name for WFC2?

Also: Grimlock?
Optimus Prime
That. Is. EPIC!

Good thing I'm subscribed to GI.
Can't wait!
Oh shit!!! Grimlock!!!!! They really are listening to us!!!
Yes I have a sub
Woooooooo that looks awesome!!! Colour me excited!
Can't wait for this!!!
Fort Max
Nice, Prime's redesign looks very cool, more G1 blockiness then the previous one which I like.
Grimlock looks pretty awesome. Regarding the game, all I really want is for it to be much less linear then it was in story mode otherwise it was fine.
Cant wait for the WFC2 Trailer
Optimus looks much better than WFC1.

Hope the game is better too. It got kinda... boring after a single day of beating it :/. Longer story mode perhaps
I know it's just my imagination but that tank thing in the background of the picture of Optimus and Bumblebee seems to have Lugnut's face.
Heat Guy
My pants. I need new ones.
Come on Ultra Class WFC Grimlock. You know we want it Hasbro.
My pants are not ready for this...
Originally Posted by The F.N.G. View Post
So, I'm guessing "Fall of Cybertron" is the official name for WFC2?

Also: Grimlock?
That image is F'n AWESOME!!!
Fort Max
Hang on a sec, Grimmers is a T-Rex, on Cybertron... whateva, just gimme da toy Hasbro.

Okay, Hasbro, now start making more WFC/FOC toys. GET TO IT!
Can't wait to hear more info on the game.
Maybe it's finally time to get WFC ...
"Bumblebee wounded"

Oh for God's sake.
that huge autobot tank carrier lookin thing in the bkg looks SICK
Originally Posted by Sprocket View Post
"Bumblebee wounded"

Oh for God's sake.
Maybe he's going to lose the use of his voice?
Gamestop's rewards program tends to have Gameinformer covers as posters. They'd better make that second cover into a poster.
Sweet! Can't wait for it.
Awesome. I'm so there. Let's hope for two things.

1. That hasbro get's their "stuff" together and gives us a WFC/FoC toy line to go with our Generations WFC figs and most importantly....

2. That FoC is better than WFC and nothing like that "Craptacular" DOTM game....
General Magnus
Originally Posted by Sprocket View Post
"Bumblebee wounded"

Oh for God's sake.
Lend me your rage. Itīs delicious.
I like what I'm seeing, and by the looks of Optimus's new chassis I suspect new toys.
what is that green battle platform? Omega Supreme or Metroplex?!
Steevy Maximus
Originally Posted by Fort Max View Post
Hang on a sec, Grimmers is a T-Rex, on Cybertron... whateva, just gimme da toy Hasbro.
Awesome should never be bound by "logic"

I LOVE real Cybertronian alt modes, and was horrendously disappointed in the relatively light offerings we got last game. I'm hoping we see a slightly larger range this time around
The Ramjet
Images look nice. While I enjoyed WFC I felt there were many things that were either lacking or not up to scratch with it. Hopefully Fall of Cybertron will better.
Energon Grimlock? No wait, this one looks even doofier.
General Tekno
Grimlock as a T-Rex?

Sorta disappointed there. I know the Dinobots are awesome because they're dinosaurs and all, but still. It mainly worked for Trypticon in the first game because he was more of a "monster" than specific animal, for that matter.

Still, if anyone from High Moon is reading this, MAKE SURE TO DO A PC PORT OF THIS GAME. I'm still upset that DOTM's game did NOT get a PC port, DESPITE the overlap between Xbox 360 and Games for Windows development tools.
I'm kinda excited. Grimlock ooks pretty silly, though.
This looks AWESOME:


Grimlock and all the Dinobots based on their Furman-Comic selves not the old Cartoon.

An explanation for Dinosaur alt-modes on Cybertron if they have them.

Combiner teams and Gestalts.

A Deeper dig into Transformers characters and lore. Things like Wreckers, and Ultra Magnus, Monsterbots or Terrorcons. Transformers has a huge log of characters: go diving deep in it.

Bigger, longer single player mode.

Single Player DLC with extra levels and playable characters for the story mode, NOT just for multiplayer.

And if I'm gonna dream sky high, playable Gestalts in multiplayer that work like a vehicle in an FPS. Main bot stears, others weapons, heals and buffs.

Why couldn't they use the old design for him? I liked the WFC version. Granted T-rex is nice, but...well, kinda lost all hope of him being in Multiplayer if he's THAT big.
If Grimlock ever appears in TF: Prime, they won't need to make up a reason on why they're dinosaurs. Based on this, they always were dinosaurs.

Cannot freaking wait
You know what this means, kids.


my money. Take it. Now.
Awesome!I love Grimlock's design !
I hope for a longer single-player campaign.

And more customization options for the multiplayer.
Time for me to domimate this like wfc can't wait for my issuie in mail. Hope prowl wheeljack and dsunstreaker make it
is this movie continuity? Pretty sure High moon said they're doing their own thing before the first game was released, so just because Bee is wounded it doesn't mean it's "this is how he lost his voice".

also, Grimlock looks amazing!
Originally Posted by General Magnus View Post
Lend me your rage. Itīs delicious.
And I say that as a huge fan of movie Bumblebee, that's the part that kills me the most!

If you're going to have a mascot character, then don't make him a damned cypher, that's all I ask.
Huh. Could be neat.

Wonder how well it will tie in with Exiles/TFP. I mean they clearly are back on Cybertron (from the title, anyway), despite having just left at the end of the previous game.

Huh. Grimlock. THAT'S cool.

If you're going to have a mascot character, then don't make him a damned cypher, that's all I ask.
I agree that I like Bumblebee talky, but you can't say mascot-as-cipher doesn't REALLY work for, say, Nintendo. Plus, they still have Optimus and his speeches.
The only thing I am NOT liking on Optimus' new design, the fact his antenna's look like a couple of Washington Monuments. I.e, they are too thick. Otherwise, I have a Washington Monument going right now...

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