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Get the latest info on Transformers Video Games from Activision including War for Cybertron and Transformers Dark of the Moon: The Game. Includes trailers, cheat codes, interviews, strategy guides and development updates.

New Rise of the Dark Spark Preview from Game Informer

Posted on 04-17-2014 at 03:04 PM by Secretcode under Video Games
InvestorDay000184 If you are like me and somehow have a subscription to Game Informer, you might have received the newest issue in the mail! While the cover may be for Epic Games' Fortnite, taking a peak inside to say... Page 71 in the previews section will show you the newest preview at the latest Transformers video game.

To begin, we are given some of the first vague details about WayForward's Nintendo 3DS version of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. The game, as previously announced, is a grid-based tactical RPG (Think Advance Wars, or even Super Robot Wars) featuring over 50 Transformers characters. Game producer Andy Owen has stated that "Players will plot their next move on detailed strategic maps, and then engage in epic one-on-one 3D Battle sequences." A screenshot of the 3DS version has also been shown, and attached to this story.

The console and PC version of Rise of the Dark Spark has some new details as well. First, the two worlds (Movieverse and WFCverse) are connected by an ancient relic known as The Dark Spark. This relic acts as a portal between the two universes and is capable "Bending the fabric of the universe to (the wielder's) will." It has now been confirmed that the Movieverse portion of the game will take place during and after Age of Extinction, whereas the WFC/FOC portion will take place BEFORE the launch of the Ark in Fall of Cybertron. The gameplay is very similar to Fall of Cybertron, in that the story is focused on a single character and will bounce back and forth between over 40 playable characters.

Not everything is familiar, however! Edge of Reality is trying their best to help innovate and improve upon High Moon Studio's last three games. One of these new features is a Unified Leveling System where experience and unlocks are universal between Campaign and the returning Escalation mode and will feature new items, characters, weapons and upgrades. Secondly, "Power Foes" have been added to Escalation, where if your team lasts long enough, boss characters will appear (Such as Fall of Cybertron Megatron.)

Lastly, one other feature has been added called Hacks. Anyone who is familiar with the Halo series of games should feel right at home with this new feature, as these Hacks modify the gameplay by adding in additional variables to Escalation such as higher enemy health, or every robot becoming a massive explosion upon death. Sadly, there seems to be no analogue to the Grunt Birthday Party skull from Halo 3. Sorry Mechafire.

At this time there are no details on if the standard competitive Multiplayer (Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc) modes will be returning in the upcoming game.

Jagex Transformers Universe Catapult Concept

Posted on 04-17-2014 at 02:02 AM by Sol Fury under Video Games
Jagex have sent us some cool concept art of their new character Catapult from their upcoming Transformers Universe MOTA game. Catapult is an Autobot gunslinger, armed with blasters and a lethal sniper rifle - her motto is "scrap from the hip".

Via YouTube channel "We Got Game" we can also share some coverage of Transformers Universe from The Gadget Show live in Birmingham UK, complete with some new gameplay footage.

Transformers Legends Game Five Faces of Darkness Part 2

Posted on 04-17-2014 at 01:57 AM by Sol Fury under Video Games
27432173d1397682791-transformers-legends-five-faces-darkness-part-2-10259838_604203576341228_8479179 Mobage have rolled out the next event for their Transformers Legends game, Five Faces of Darkness Part 2, continuing the story thread from the previous two events. Judging by the event artwork, it looks like Motormaster, Blaster and Runamuck are going to be playing major roles this time out.

Here is the event text from Mobage's Facebook page:

Will newly revived Galvatron succeed in becoming the leader of the Decepticons once again? Find out in the "Five Faces of Darkness: Part 2" episode in TRANSFORMERS Legends:
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New Transformers Mobile Game By DeNA - Transformers: Rising

Posted on 04-16-2014 at 10:00 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
Transformers-Rising-DeNA-Mobage-iOS-Android-Mobile-Game When TFW2005 revealed the title of Transformers 4 to the world for the first time, we also revealed 3 more titles belonging to the Transformers Franchise. Later we found out that some of those titles are in fact belong to several video games slated to release in 2014 and 2015. One of those titles was "Transformers: Spirits Rising".

PAX EAST EXPO 2014 concluded couple of days ago and with it we have our first look at a new Transformers Mobile Game by DeNA / Mobage (developers of Transformers: Legends) titled "Transformers: Rising".

Thanks to a video game news website named 2P, we have the scoop. According to the site:

Transformers Rising takes the story of The Transformers as the background. Players will have the chance to act as the leader of Transformers base to fight. Except inheriting the gameplay of Transformers Legends, the new mobile game will be infused into the elements of EDU and SIM games. Besides, you can experience not only the traditional PVE and PVP modes, but also two new feature modes – 'Scramble for Skill' and 'World Boss' in the game.

Transformers Rising will start CBT soon. But DeNA hasn't revealed the time yet. Moreover, the game only supports Chinese currently. English version could be later.

The game will be available on iOS and Android.

We've mirrored the images with this news post. Check them out... after the jump.
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Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Cover Art For All Consoles

Posted on 04-15-2014 at 10:35 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
Transformers-Rise-Of-The-Dark-Spark-WiiU Thanks to Gamefly (again), we have with us the Cover Art of Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark for all Home & Handheld Consoles. Sadly, the PC cover is missing, but it'll most probably be a port of the XBOXONE.

Game Description:
Explore two unique worlds as your favorite Transformers characters from both the movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Cybertron universes in a battle to secure an ancient and powerful relic, the Dark Spark

Check 'em out, after the jump.
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Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark - Bumblebee Trailer

Posted on 04-11-2014 at 01:24 PM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
Transformers-Rise-Of-The-Dark-Spark---Bumblebee-Trailer Thanks to GT, we have with us the Bumblebee Character Trailer for Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark.

"Serving as a follow-up to both the upcoming TRANSFORMERS live-action film and Activision's TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON and TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON titles, TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE DARK SPARK jumps worlds and factions as it weaves the tale of the hunt for an ancient relic as powerful as the Matrix of Leadership - the Dark Spark. Players will be able to switch between the heroes of the noble AUTOBOTS and the nefarious DECEPTICONS throughout the single-player campaign. Similar to High Moon Studios' CYBERTRON entries in the highly regarded series, gameplay features nimble, fast-paced running-and-gunning combat paired with traversal and vehicle action across open battlefields for large-scale, dynamic conflicts."

The game is now rated "T for Teen".

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Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Nintendo 3DS Boxart

Posted on 04-10-2014 at 12:09 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
Transformers-4-Age-Of-Extinction-Fall-Of-Cybertron-Rise-Of-The-Dark-Spark-Nintendo-3DS Thanks to Gamefly, we have with us our first look at the Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Nintendo 3DS Boxart. The boxart features Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime, Lockdown, Grimlock as well as Fall Of Cybertron Megatron and Shockwave.

We can also notice what is speculated as "The Dark Spark", right above Optimus and between Lockdown and Megatron.

The game is playable in both 2D and 3D and will release June 10, 2014.

Checkout the art, after the jump.
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New Transformers Legends Episode - Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1

Posted on 04-09-2014 at 07:23 PM by Mechafire under Video Games
1975072_600907950004124_2056143746337707344_n Mobage has updated their Facebook with information about the next Transformers Legends episode: Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1!

"During the inaugural Galactic Games, a Skuxxoid attack captures Spike, Kup, and Ultra Magnus. Arcee and Springer set off to track them down. Galvatron has been discovered on planet Krull and the Decepticons are scraping enough Energon together to revive him."
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Jagex Transformers Universe New Character Artwork

Posted on 04-09-2014 at 03:44 PM by Sol Fury under Video Games
Jagex-TF-Universe-Bumblebee Jagex are at The Gadget Show Live in Birmingham in the UK this week through Sunday with their Transformers MOTA (Massive Online Tactical Action). We stopped by to check out the game, which is looking very slick and promises to be a lot of fun when it launches this summer.

What we thought might interest you would be a look at the cool artwork of the characters adorning Jagex's booth. Along with their own creations including Conduit and Duststorm, it might interest you to know that the booth featured some new artwork for a few classic Transformers characters including Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee (we also think that you might be looking at Ratchet and possibly Arcee or Elita-1 in some of the other pieces)

We've also learned that the setting of the game has shifted - while at its inception, Transformers Universe was going to be a part of the Aligned Continuity with Transformers Prime and the War for Cybertron series, it is now a separate entity all of its own under the Transformers Generations banner (hence the reinterpretation of some classic characters)

The team at Jagex are very excited for the game and have a lot of cool stuff in store to reveal going forward - so be sure to keep eyes on our site right here and the Transformers Universe homepage for more information.
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RUMOR: Transformers Universe Toys?

Posted on 04-08-2014 at 11:59 AM by StayingInTheBox under Video Games
key-art-macro We'll need to file this one as a rumor for now, but none the less it's very interesting to read that Jagex, the makers behind the online video game Transformers Universe could possibly be hinting at a few toy releases from the video game.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat Jagex chief executive officer Mark Gerhard was quoted saying “[Hasbro] has taken a number of bots we’ve created and turned them into a toy line.”

We're not sure what the comment is referring to exactly, or if we fans are reading into things too much. This could possibly be referring to toys such as Thundertron, Ironhide and Rumble that were released in the Prime toy-line.

Could this rumor be the start of a few new Generations figures? An entire toy-line of sorts? We're not sure yet, but keep it locked here on TFW2005 as more news trickles in and check out the full interview after the jump.
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Jagex Transformers Universe Catapult Full Trailer

Posted on 04-03-2014 at 04:40 PM by Sol Fury under Video Games
Jagex have also uploaded a clip to Youtube showing off a bit more of their new female Autobot warrior from their Transformers Universe MOTA game. This new clip shows off more of Catapult's powers and abilities - including switching the game from third to first person when she brings out her sniper rifle.

According to the video description, Catapult is a mysterious loner who scratches her tag into every Decepticon she scraps.

Check out the video clip below:

Jagex Transformers Universe Shellshock Preview

Posted on 04-03-2014 at 04:30 PM by Sol Fury under Video Games
Shellshock Jagex have posted up a new video showcasing the next addition to the Decepticon roster for their Transformers Universe MOTA game. A powerful warrior by the name of Shellshock has joined the fight, armed with a gatling gun and axe, and the ability to transform into an armored humvee. The Autobots had better watch out, because Shellshock is here to spray the town lead!

A full video has been posted on Youtube showcasing Shellshock's abilities and also some new gameplay footage:

You can also check out the teaser video announcing Shellshock after the break.
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Transformers Universe Game Catapult Reveal Trailer

Posted on 04-01-2014 at 03:41 PM by Sol Fury under Video Games
Catapult Jagex have announced the latest addition to their Transformers Universe MOTA game today - the female Autobot warrior Catapult, who comes armed with a sniper rifle and the motto "scrap from the hip" - a play on the old gunslinger trope, "shoot from the hip" perhaps? Or maybe she's just got a direct manner of speaking?

Either way, check out her announce trailer after the break.
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IGN April Fool's gag - Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC Trailer

Posted on 04-01-2014 at 01:44 PM by Sol Fury under Video Games
How do you make a game like XBox One's Titanfall even cooler? Well, how about throwing in a Transformer? In a new Transformers crossover, Optimus Prime has been announced today, April 1st, as being the latest DLC skin for Titanfall.

Check out the video courtesy of IGN. One shall stand, Titans shall fall!

- or they would, except this was IGN's April Fool's 2014 gag. But is this something you'd have liked to have seen happen for real? Post your comments in the discussion thread.

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Transformers: Universe Gameplay Footage And Review

Posted on 03-31-2014 at 10:31 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
The official Transformers: Universe YouTube account and Gamespot have released a couple of gameplay trailers (GameSpot one being a Video Review) for the upcoming release of the MOBA game.

"Transformers Universe is the new massively online tactical action game coming summer 2014.

Choose your side and join the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons Transformers Universe is a free to play browser based MMO set across multiple maps and game modes. Team up with friends in PvE modes or decimate your opponents in PvP."

Check out the Official Trailer below.

The Gamespot trailer demonstrate the gameplay abilities and even more gameplay footage. Check it out, after the jump.
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