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High Resolution Images of Upcoming Universe/25th Anniversary and Animated Figures

Posted on 09-19-2008 at 07:23 AM by Tim Formas under Universe Classics 2.0
Courtesy of 2005 Boards member D-Drive, we have high resolution images of upcoming figures from almost every size class of Universe/25th Anniversary and Animated figures. By clicking on the image to your left, images are available for:

Universe Legends: Starscream (Animated), Brawn (G1), Beachcomber (G1), Bumblebee (G1)
Universe Deluxes: Starscream, Cyclonus, Hound, Cheetor
Universe Voyagers: Inferno, Vector Prime
Universe Ultras: Predacon Bruticus
Robot Heroes: Perceptor vs. Hardshell, Cheetor vs. Tankor, Snarl vs. Sharkticon
Animated Deluxes: Bumblebee, Blazing Lockdown, Swindle, Blurr
Animated Voyagers: Skywarp, Shockwave
Views: 35,608 / Credit: D-Drive of the 2005 Boards!

Images for High Resolution Images of Upcoming Universe/25th Anniversary and Animated Figures

Optimus Prime
Where's Bruticus?
Tim Formas
Originally Posted by Optimus747 View Post
Where's Bruticus?
Sorry, added now.
Hardshell, eh? I guess that solves the mystery of the "PERCEPTOR VS HA" listing they found in the Wal-Mart computers. The Robot Heroes are adorable, as usual, and I will buy them all, as usual. But where's the Tigatron vs Inferno pack?

Man, Cyclonus is one sexy toy - probably the first Classics/Universe figure I'll pick up. Hound is cool as well, but what the hell is wrong with Cheetor? They'll really screwed him up bad. Shame too, his beast mode is sweet.
Woo, that Cheetor looks awesome! But definately different that the first beast wars rendition. I'd still get it, honestly.
Optimus Prime
Originally Posted by Tim Formas View Post
Sorry, added now.
Thanks! That's quite an unexpected and interesting repaint. When I first saw "Universe Bruticus" I was imagining the G1 character. I'm sure RID Bruticus doesn't mind the upgrade, though.
Nifty! Poor Cheetor still looks like crap. Those arms just... I hope they're mistransformed.

However, I've decided I'm only going to be a Classics Series completist, so as cool as Scourge looks (why not just call him Bruticus?), he's gonna end up Beast Wars Series.

Starscream will definitely replace my current Classics Starscream.

Vector Prime looks... pretty much like a show accurate version of Vector Prime. I think. It's been a while...

Oh wow. That Bruticus is a really good upgrade.
Hound, Cyclonus, Inferno & Swindle look fantastic. However, I can't wait to see what Cheetor looks like properly transformed. And oh GOD, another Classics Seeker I'll have to get...!
Joe Moore
Most of those look amazing. Absolutely love the Scourge as Bruticus. Everyone of the Universe figures are nice. Animated Shockwave would make an excellent Armada Megatron.
Bruticus is the Dragon. Yea, more dragons! Lots of good looking figures there. My wallet is crying already.
Oh man, alot of cool looking stuff there. Inferno looks awesome, as does Cyclonus, Hound, Blurr, Swindle and the Robot Heroes.
Hey, what about the Star Saber robot heroes pack? That was listed too, wasn't it? Looks like most of the Wal-Mart entries are coming true.. Too bad we didn't get a G1 Scourge though... he'd go great with Galvatron & Cyclonus. Especially if he was a Targetmaster.

Is it just me, or is Nightstick cyclonus purple now?
Cool. I'm going to do this picture by picture:

-Perceptor vs. Hardshell- Looks cool. Didn't actually know about this. Looks like the Insecticons are now complete.
-Cheetor vs. Tankor- Looks cool, but not for me.
-Snarl vs. Sharkticon- Looks cool, I might get it.
-An. Bumblebee- Interesting, probably just a revision with some added details.
-Blazing Lockdown- Looks cool, but not for me.
-An. Swindle- Looks cool, I might get him.
-An. Blurr- Not bad, but not for me.
-An. Skywarp- Looks great. Looking forward to getting him.
-An. Shockwave- Looks good, but misstransformed (as usual). Another one I'm looking forward to.
-Un. Starscream- Looks good. I might actually get this, and then put my current Starscream to use as parts for my Thrust and Soundwave bashes. It's more G1 accurate, but unlike the Henkei one doesn't look bland, and doesn't have any randome chrome to ruin it.
-Un. Cyclonus- Looks good. One I'll definetly be getting.
-Un. Hound- Looks great. Another one I'll definetly be getting.
-Un. Cheetor- Not bad, but not for me.
-Un. Legends Starscream- Not bad, but not for me.
-Un. Legends Brawn- Not bad looking, I might get him.
-Un. Legends Beachcomber- Not bad looking, I might get him too.
-Un. Legends Bumblebee- Not bad looking either, might get him to add a 6th BB to my collection.
-Un. Inferno- Looking great. I might or might not get him.
-Un. Vector Prime- Interesting. I wasn't expecting a repaint at all. I might get him, maybe even a couple for kitbashing more of his origonal 13 bretheren.

All in all some good pictures, even for being heavily photoshoped stock photos. It'll be interesting to see what else we get out of these two lines.

Edit: Just saw Bruticus was added:

-Un. Bruticus. Interesting, not something I'm currently interested in, but it doesn't surprise me he's a repaint of Cybertron Scourge. Might get him just to kitbash into Hun-Gurrr. Then again, I might get him just for the RID reference. Hopefully we get some more updates of RID characters in this line.

Here's hoping it isn't too long till we get pictures of the two Gestalt repaints.
Cyclonus looks awesome, he is a must have for sure. Hound and Inferno look really good too.
Hey, who is that 3 headed Dragon? I see a Predacon symbol on him.

EDIT: Never mind, saw the answer people put down.
I MUST have that Cyclonus! How could they get Cyclonus so right, but not Galvatron?
I absolutely love Hound and Cyclonus. Very nice figs! That new pic of Inferno looks much better than the first one we saw at Comic-Con. Swindle, Shockwave and Blurr are definite buys for me and Predacon Bruticus is sick looking. The RH are pretty cute, but I'm not liking the name changes. It will always be Slag and Bombshell to me.
Cyclonus is a sexy bitch.

Hound and Inferno look really good, although something seems kind of off with Hound's head. I really hope Cheetor's shoulders are mistransformed, as they're a glaring problem with an otherwise fantastic figure. I prefer the original Classics Starscream to this new version, but I might pick this one up to kitbash into Thundercracker. I might also consider that new Vector Prime repaint; I love that mold.

Swindle and Blurr look great. The new Bumblebee has some nice improvements, but not enough to waste $10 on.
Ok, all the Universe look great. I will probably end up getting all of them. But here are some nitpicks.

- Hardshell? Snarl instread of Slag? Can't name the Sharkticon Gnaw?

- Bring back the Basic class and make Brawn and Beachcomber in that class. Legends is too small and just too bleh.

- I really don't know why they're repainting a Vector Prime as....Vector Prime. Sorry, I know Cybertron was within the last 25 years, but Cybertron isn't that old of a line. They should be left out.

- Inferno is a fire truck. Where's the ladder? I'd much rather have a ladder than the turret spraying seafoam out of it.
Cyclonus and Hound are amazing! Inferno looks PIMP. Cheetor looks better here, I think I can see where his arms rotate into proper position. The legends are win, as are the RHs, especially Cheetor/Tankor. Blurr and Swindle both look awesome. Sucks taht SS is just a repaint of the crappy classics mould. Would've liked a new SS with better vehicle mode and more articulation.
Lock Cade
Sweet Classics! Definitely gotta get Hound and Brawn. And, since I didn't get Starscream in the first round, I'm definitely getting him. Wait til I show these pics to my brother, he'll go balllistic.
Hound looks great - Jeep mode is a little futuristic for my taste but otherwise, pure love.
Inferno is pure win.
Cyclonus is damn near perfect.
G1 Minibots are nice, especially Brawn.
G1 Accurate Starscream re-color was pretty much expected.

Not much to say about animated toys except how well they manage to pull off the cartoon looks on the the toys.

Cheetor is kind of meh, but I never did like Beast Wars toys much.
Wow. Some nice stuff this batch. I never expected Brawn or beachcomber to get a Universe fig. Can we get a Gears? Heck, I STILL want that Cosmos.
what happened to animated shockwave is he now shock arm prime
The Madness
Allspark power Vector Prime eh?
Cyclonus yes! Scourge repaint into a predacon, yes! Man Shockwave/Longarm is mistransformed so bad it hurts, seriously who takes these pics and who approves them? How do you not even know your own product?
Red leader
1) Hound.............dribble, been waiting 25 years for this
2) Cyclonus = total win
3) Inferno = really like him now I've seen a close up
4) Minibots = about time, total win

Hasbro I love you!!!!
Oh wow theres so much there I want!
Swindle, Blurr, Shockwave, Skywarp = Animated goodness!
Hound & Cyclonus = Freakin' fantastic
Brawn & Beachcomber = best legends I've seen (aside from G2 Megs)
Starscream = Im so glad I dont have Henkei or Classics SS right now, although its a shame it won't be Armada SS.
Vector Prime = Want. I don't have a VP and that colourscheme is far nicer than the Cybertron one
Inferno = Looks really good, he just shot up from a no buy to a possibly.

Bruticus looks really cool, even though I have no idea about the character.

Cheetor though I'm not liking at all. Pass.
if thats an actual production version of BB its closer to the original paint scheme we saw when he was initially displayed.
Chaos Convoy
Bruticus was unexpected, but definitely awesome. The poor bastard NEEDED an upgrade from his rather mediocre RID incarnation.

Animated Bumblebee is just like the art photos from the card art and Legacy of Bumblebee box, so no repaint there. Just new hi-rez-iness.

Hound, Cyclonus and Inferno all look a lot better in these pics than the ones from Botcon. Hound especially. His legs don't look nearly as long anymore and it really helps.

Starscream and Vector Prime are kinda disappointing, although I'll probably buy them anyway. VP's a great toy, but he doesn't look that much different from his original paint scheme. Same goes for Starscream.

Cheetor's definitely mis-transformed. You can see the pegs where the shoulder parts rotate up and peg into. That'll really help the looks for the robot mode. I'm not sure about the face, though. It's too catty. It really would've helped if they made his upper lip not so big.
I like a lot of the stuff here but foranything interesting to say on them:

vector prime- unlike some people I can justify buying a good repaint. This is defiantly a good ancient knight look. glad its not just a straight re-release. This likely leads me to belive the upcoming armada overload will also be a new paint scheme.

beachcomber- check out the vehicle mode. Its a blue halo warthog. which has a good sense of scale between the gun seat and the cockpit. sleek.

bumblebee- hey animated legends bee. Your now a pass. The king returns.

starscream deluxe- Its henkei starscream without the chrome. One can only hope they will do the same for hot rodimus and dead end.

cyclonus- looking very hot in this picture than over at comic con which I'm beginning to think the other picture was mistransformed *big surprise*

robot heroes- oh wow. sharkticon, perceptor, hardshell, and snarl are all goodies. And It gives us a sneak peak at the 25th packaging samples.

animated swindle- great figure. I'm now even more impressed knowing it has the chain gun and vok energy shield.
Dude, 2009 is SO full of win. Cheetor looks bangin', but I'll wait to see how his arms are really supposed to look.

Yay! for the RID reference! I wonder if they'll have the Predacon symbol on his package, that'll be awesome. The one figure that I'm most looking forward to in here though is Inferno. He looks SO good.
Tim Formas
Originally Posted by Grimwing View Post
animated swindle- great figure. I'm now even more impressed knowing it has the chain gun and vok energy shield.
Both of those were indeed nice touches. Also love how the purple part of the leg and arm appendages seem to be transluscent. This figure is shaping up to look very pretty in person.
Wow. Wow. Wow.

CYCLONUS... to take a like from Ron Simmons... "DAMN!"

The New Starscream looks great.
Hound isn't bad, I like it anyway.

Inferno is BEEFY. Mikey Likes It!

Brawn and Beachcomber are fantastic.

I never cared much for Animated. But Swindle I MIGHT get.

Don't care for repaint of Scourge or Cheetor.

The G1 Robot Heroes are a must have. Snarl vs. Sharkticon looks to be my favorite of the new wave. I hope each wave gets us a new Dinobot.

Hardshell = Bombshell... not a fan, but hey, it's close enough for me.
I thought Cyclonus was a Voyager.
I'm only getting Blazing Lockdown which will be mixing and matching parts with the original and Shockwave who might be the best TF of 2008. Gotta save some money for college stuff.
Too bad all of these toys won't be coming soon.
wasn't expecting starscream to be released Henkei style by hasbro. consider it bought as long as they painted the face this time.

Cheetor is a major disappointment. Inferno looks like pure win as does brawn and cyclonus.

one thing I've noticed about cyclonus and hound is something that I hope we do not see carried on very much in the future, molded fists with no peg holes.
Beastbot X
My biggest disappointment here is that Starscream is just Classics Starscream but with G1 stripes, which makes it duller than the first. That's the only thing here that I'm passing on. (Well, and another Animated Bumblebee.)

I thought Cyclonus looked to be the most impressive Universe toy so far in the entire line when I saw him at Botcon, and pics haven't changed that one bit. He looks utterly AMAZING.

Brawn and Beachcomber both look pretty cool for Legends, too. I like how they're now making Legends figures that AREN'T just smaller versions of larger figures-- gives them less engineering problems to work with.

Vector Prime is a nifty repaint, and I imagine they'd want him on shelves for "The Thirteen", since The Fallen's going to be coming next year, too.

And Bruticus? Wow, talk about an unexpected homage. I imagine he'll be one of the few things we get from RiD from the year (which is the series he's from, BTW, NOT Beast Wars).
Originally Posted by Storm View Post
one thing I've noticed about cyclonus and hound is something that I hope we do not see carried on very much in the future, molded fists with no peg holes.
Huh...I didn't catch that, but now that you mention it, they do both have a hand that doesn't have a peg hole. It could be worse, they at least both have one hand that can hold a weapon. I too hope this doesn't continue. Would be nice to choose which and their weapon goes into (helps with displaying them too).
lord ginrai
I was reaaally hoping for Robot Heroes Sharkticon to be in his beast mode..

Out of all of these I only want Cyclonus, Hound & Cheetor Vs. Tankor.
I might get Animated Swindle as he looks pretty cool.

Also, Animated Legends Starscream looks a LOT better here than the in-hand one we've seen before.. I think what makes the biggest difference are the better paint-apps on his head.

These won't be coming out for a long time, right?
its always difficult to judge toys when they are presented as these enhanced colour images, the toys invariably look cheaper.

i love swindle's G1esque transformation with the back of the vahicle becoming the back of the legs, his Tf is rather like G1 jazz. Blurr looks to have limited shoulder movement but thats one nice representation of the character. Universe cyclonus is my fave shown of that line, very close homage to the original rather odd (but cool) g1 toy, his TF looks interesting enough and with a targetmaster thats a must buy, I do hope he is a voyager as somebody mentioned, for some reason i find that classics 2 deluxes just have a rather scruffy unfinished feel, streaker (however)is the best finished in my opinion. inferno and hound look great, i just hope some jaded looking plastics dont spoil these toys.

biggest blooper: cheetor, the beast mode makes sense but the alt mode takes everything terrible about beast machines and multiplies it.

starscream, that could be a very nice version, a stronger more focused paintjob (well, i hope it turns out that way as it is more stripped down than the classics version)and closer to G1, thats a sure winner and great for those who missed him first time. the predacon looks impressive enough to.

edit, ah so cyclonus is a delux, hopefully he wond seem rough and unpolished like tankor (which is a nice toy as such but i do feel hes got a rough egde unlike say the more refined astrotrain)
Tim Formas
Originally Posted by Splendic View Post
These won't be coming out for a long time, right?
All the pictures I received at an "09" part of the file name to them. I figure most of them to be listed as "2009 Wave 1" type deals. Historically, we've seen some of those "Year XXXX Wave 1" assortments in December.
Oh my wallet.
Has anyone noticed the cassette looking thing on the back of Hound? HMMMM!
I am so unbelievably hot and bothered right now.

Guess we'll see an eventual Tigatron repaint from that Cheetor...I'm looking forward to more Classic Beast Wars characters, like Rhinox or Dinobot.

Inferno looks fat...guess we'll see a Grapple repaint soon.

Gold bands around Hounds arm=win!!!

Hardshell? Snarl?

We get 3 Animated Bumblebees and no Animated Cliffjumper or Wasp yet???

Shockwave is mistransformed...

Everything else looks pretty cool!
The animated stuff I could care less about, but the Classics stuff is awesome! Love Hound, love Cyclonus, love Inferno, love Brawn, love it all. Well, Cheetor needs some work, but otherwise, loving it. I won't buy the Starscream, but perhaps if everyone else does, this will intice Hasbro to make Universe Thundercracker, and save me the 200 he costs on ebay.
It's a good time to be a collector! Gonna go off on a bit of a rant here, so bear with me...

The new RH's look good, but the teal on Perceptor is way too striking, and I can tell right from that image that Tankor is gonna be a git to stand up on his own...

The Universe line looks fantastic! Hound, Cyclonus, Cheetor and Inferno look like brilliant designs, I can't wait to see more pics of them (I wanna see what Ravage looks like, if there's any differences in design)... Brawn and Beachcomber look pretty snazzy too for Legend classes too. And really digging the redecos of Vector Prime and Scourge - Bruticus looks very striking with the red and gold!

And Animated looks good too, although I really can't tell if there's any difference in the Bumblebee figure... But Swindle and Blurr look sweet! Lockdown's nice too, but doesn't warrant me buying him again.

Rant over! Can't wait for more!
man i cant wait to get these Universe Legends: Starscream (Animated), Brawn (G1), Beachcomber (G1), Bumblebee (G1)Universe Deluxes: Starscream, Cyclonus, Hound,
Universe Voyagers: Inferno. they look so good. man if hasbro keeps this up the classics will last for awhile if the stick with more G1 charters w/ new molds.
Originally Posted by lord ginrai View Post
I was reaaally hoping for Robot Heroes Sharkticon to be in his beast mode..
Me too.

So yeah, Cyclonus looks absolutely perfect. Hound is also really really really nice looking. Not sure why they gave Cheetor a ninja star like Prowl though. Ah well. It'll be nice to see him transformed properly too. Sucks he's got one of those stupid "tail weapons."

Super hyped that we're getting Hard(bomb)shell to finish off the RH Insecticons.

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