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Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Revealed

Posted on 02-06-2012 at 11:43 AM by ORIO under Transformers Prime
The Transformers Facebook page has updated again today. This time with our first real look at the new mold of Arcee. This is a brand new mold for the character and she comes with a big freaking gun. There will be a new reveal each day on their Facebook until the 12th. Six more to go! Keep your eyes out or keep it here on TFW!
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that gun.... is huge haha
another reveal from the transformers FB page!

Wall Photos | Facebook
Outside of a potentially funky head sculpt (might be over-photoshopped):

Looks great!
So is that the same gun included in the Japanese Am-** version of Arcee that transforms into a bot?
People thought before that gun separated, but I'm not sure I see how.

Looks ok. Love the character, so much that the FE is currently my only TFP figure. Is a maybe.
Lord T
I would definitely go for this!
That's an enormous gun, but i kinda like it!
god damn that looks nice! hope that gun seperates
As I'd hoped, better than the first one. Bought on sight.


Glad I got the FE version coming.
Damn, doesn't look like the gun separates.

I mean, the blade clearly comes off, which is less "nice" as much as "a necessity." But considering people thought that the gun separates AND it had two blades. Sad face.
Arcee likes big guns.
I like it but I think the colors are off. I'll stick with FE for this one.
I'm covering my options here:

1) Worst Transformer Ever. (Rarrrgh, Hasbro hate Transformers)
2) Best Arcee Ever.
3) Wait and see.
Looks great! Definitely on my rapidly growing want list.
Upon further inspection...doesn't look like thats the same gun as Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-11 - Arcee

But I might be wrong
yeah she really looks nice...i do hope she's smaller than the other deluxes to put her somewhat "in scale" with them
I like it, I would like to see the alt mode and maybe a back shot, but seems great.
RedAlert Rescue
Damn I got excited there for a mo - I thought the post was about a FOC Arcee.

So far the problem with RID is the more you see of them the worse they look all the best ones are the earlier designs. I hope it does not bode badly for things that come out later in 2012.

I do like her hips joints though. I think it's a slight shame that she's the second Arcee to have less than Ideal shoulder plates on her though.
Originally Posted by clankizle View Post
I like it but I think the colors are off. I'll stick with FE for this one.
I'm not sure ANY Prime toy has really managed to match the on screen colors of the character it's meant to represent. Even in apparently very similar lighting conditions, the colors of the animation models seem less than consistent.

Thats long hand for just buy whatever color you like the look of.
Looks like Arcee likes ..*puts on sunglasses* ..big guns.

not impressed, but i'll get her (but i want the FE arcee sooo badly now)
Not bad. Looks a little more accurate, barring the oversize wings.
Takara version of this will be perfect. Betters paint and this mold will scale properly with FE everyone else
Bought. She actualy has wings on back instead of shoulders, blue arms and her wheel-hubcap shaped joints. She is like Cliffjumper, cheats more but more show accurate.
This figure is by no means on the same level as RIB Bumblebee, this looks much better. However, I was really hoping they would find something to do with the wheel aside from just placing it on the back. I would also like to see her from the back, as I'm curious what they managed to do with the handlebars this time around.

If the handlebars are gone, this is a buy for me.
Chest not being formed of the actually motorcycle front is a bummer, but the improved arm articulation looks great! I might have to pick this up!
I think this figure looks really good. I'm gladd I didn't find the First Edition one. Maybe I will get this.
The gun looks very similar to the mechanics of DotM Deluxe Starscream.

I love this mold a thousand times more than the FE one! It looks much more screen accurate. I just need to know... why's she got 3 wheels?
So far I'm liking her better than her FE counterpart.
Ok is everyone forgetting......... arm kibble is gone with this version.. that's a big plus in my book.. I could care about "oh the gun is too big" "the blades are big" "she doesn't look like herself" blah blah blah... that arm kibble on the FE is a pain and also makes it hard for her to get appropriate articulation due to that..

I'll definitely be picking it up...
I wish they could have figured out a way to get both tires on her legs so she didn't have the thing hanging off her back, but this looks so much more accurate and most likely will be very tiny, which is perfect for what I am going for. The gun doesn't bother me much, but I want to see the Takara target guys first before deciding on these guys.
Love the more accurate 'bra' piece, and overall there is just something more undeniably likeable about this mold. Will be interesting to see how she fits in scale, and like others, I'm looking forward to seeing her alt mode. Overall a more preferred figure to FE though... at least so far.
Originally Posted by Skywarp2413 View Post
The gun looks very similar to the mechanics of DotM Deluxe Starscream.

I love this mold a thousand times more than the FE one! It looks much more screen accurate. I just need to know... why's she got 3 wheels?
I'm thinking one splits apart like with the First Edition mold?

I'll get the Takara version just for the minicon.
I like that she doesn't have the funky separated chest panels. I have the pink NYCC and the left breast doesn't sit all the way down. Will definitely buy this. Hopefully the RiD Screamer is exactly the same but with the rubber parts colored correctly.
I think I'll prefer the inevitble matt Finish of the final product over the gloss seen here.
I just hope she doesn't have too much back kibble.
Hmmm...Dare I say it but...

I like this one over the FE.

With the large gun, she's probably going to be smaller, which means better scale with my FE Optimus, plus, not as much backpack and limitations by the shoulder plates.

Can't wait for this one
looks pretty cool to me..i love that wings are right this time around...guns a tad big but pretty sweet all the same
Slipstreamer 8
Love it! Seems to habe more of the prime look about it than the FE!
The Swordsman
Not too shabby, the gun is ridiculous but the figure itself is nice. A definite purchase.
Brave Magnus
-Ok, the gun is ridiculously big but I dig it. First I thought it was a combinable gun like the one from Universe Octane but I was wrong. ^^'

-Hooray for a curvy chest! XD Just kidding, pals. ^^' But its just me or that waist doesnt allow articulation? O.o

-The holes on her arms are still there! Great, she can still use the FE ARcee blades. Are those articulated wrists? T////T

-Hm..I think this one lost the arm rotation too. But without the "wings" on her shoulders her arms have great range movement. Not that the FE doesnt have that one.

I really like this Arcee 2.0. Not bad for a new mold.
Much of my thoughts on this mold are going to hinge on it's relative size to other Tfs from the line
This deffinatly wins over the FE in robot mode, have to see the bike before i make a final descission, looks like she has two arm tabs so hoping we'll get some blades/guns from a third party set
looks really good.
So far so good. There was something... off about the FE version to me, and I'm not getting the same vibe from this one. Yeah, the wings are a bit big (though they look better than the FE ones), and that is a huge gun, but everything else looks great. Hopefully she'll be about the height of RiD Cliffjumper.

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