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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager and Cyberverse Official Images

Posted on 12-04-2012 at 09:19 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Prime
Our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store have shared more new images of the upcoming Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys. Seen here for the very first time are official images of the Voyager Class Beast Optimus Prime and Cyberverse Commander Beast Hunters Optimus Prime. There are also new images of Cyberverse Commander Predaking, complete with robot mode pictures.

The Voyager Class Optimus Prime, notably, sports a much more armored look and has reverted to the Generation 1 flat-nosed truck look. He features at least one missile firing weapon, along with a clear green bladed sword which might be meant to represent the Star Saber. The Cyberverse Commander is a downsized version of this, still with a sword and a missile launcher. Predaking also features a missile launcher, which becomes his tail in beast mode.
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Images for Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager and Cyberverse Official Images


Well I like his sword quite a bit. The rest is...well, a new mold Optimus in the style of that Bumblebee and Wheeljack.

Once again Hasbro's arbitrary caginess at that con has left me actually less excited for something. I suppose this is barely a spoiler, maybe Predaking's robot mode is too in story terms, but right now it just feels like "why"?
Looks pretty cool. Most likely mistransformed on the backside. It looks like all those grey panels from truck mode are either wings or flip out armor/shield. (hoping for wings!)
Also looks like the head is stiff, maybe for a light up chest and eyes gimmick? (hopefully the head still turns!)
The wheel-cape I can forgive as an obvious mistransformation, but man is that one cheap and nasty-looking figure.

Oh, Prime toy line. How far you've fallen since the First Edition figures.
I like the voyager vehicle mode. Have to see a properly transformed robot mode to judge that one.
Cracka J
the mold itself don't look horrible, but the lack of paint anywhere on the voyager is just killer. there's a lot of detail in that mold too, absolutely goes to waste without any kind of paint app.

another pass in the end.
Eric least it's an actual new mold.
It's funny, the voyager reminds me of TF:Animated Optimus, but the Cyberverse one doesn't. Cyberverse kinda reminds me of Pat Lee's bad drawing style. Also, the Cyberverse Optimus doesn't have his feet flipped out.
but flat nose truck..first time I've seen this used for Prime Optimus
Personally I think the new Voyager looks great. His new guns and the translucent green are the only details I'm not a huge fan of. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, those gray panels will do in bot-mode. I was planning on sticking to the Commander figure...but I might get the Voyager instead. Even though I don't exactly need another large Optimus Prime figure in my collection...

The Commanders both look great. Optimus having his sword is a nice touch. Predaking's dragon-mode looks better...even if it is misstransformed. His bot-mode is...just a little better than I was expecting. If I don't get the Voyager, I'll definitely be getting this version.
hmm... I thought it would look cooler.
Optimus Prime
That actually looks pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see how he gets this new form in the show. Can't wait to see in-hand pics; I'm looking forward to this toy.
Wow, beast hunters might not be a total disappointment after all. That Optimus looks nice
I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I'm switching my pre-order to the voyager 2-pack instead of just Predaking. I like how they give him some sort of gun for his right arm.

Actually, the more I look at the pics the more I am liking it. It could use a little more paint in some areas but I think this is going to be good.

Edit: I am also really liking that they are going away from the normal powerizer weapons. Translucent green is a little wierd, but that's a good looking sword along with his gun arm.
Not loving the new Prime but it's not bad either, I may pick it up.
That Optimus alt mode looks like a cross between Cybertron Prime and Energon Inferno's alt mode to me for some strange reason.
Are these for the RescueBots line or ... ?
How do you go from the TFP FE's to......this? I'm so lost. Isn't beast hunters a continuity of Prime? It just really seems like the whole line just went side ways here. I gotta watch the toon before buying any of these.
Passing on both Optimus'. They look too cheap and ugly for me.
Necro Prime
Oh my! Youre a biggin'. Upgrade!
Eh, will have to see the Voyager Prime in person before I jump. The other two are a very easy pass for me though.
Necro Prime
All new! Beasty-hoss bulk-Prime!
The voyager looks like they did a mash up of movie line Optimus voyager and Prime. The feet is what looks like they just did a remold to me. Hate to say it but it looks like a knock off of a Transformer product. Doesn't even seem to have the same art style from the show. Only if they could have mixed Regular Prime mold with the Ultra Magnus one. It looks cheap.
I'm hoping the Voyager is Mistransformed, because his wheels are just hanging in the back while his Cyberverse uses them well, also the cyberverse has a much nicer paint scheme, but that can be addressed.

I'm hoping someone at Reprolabels is already forming ideas.

All in all I think it's a marked improvement and great that Optimus will be getting a whole new body.
Heat Guy
Well... that is neat.
Optimus looks certainly interesting. His alt mode is obviously based on the flatnose truck from G1.Cybertron,and Animated without question but given the Mad Max treatment. The robot mode is a cross between the Animated and Prime Optimus with hints of Cybertron thrown into it. Though he is wearing a faceplate because he looks like he isn't. I also wonder if that's the Star Saber in his hand.

What I find most interesting is that out of all the Autobots in the line Optimus is the one with the new mold which actually does hint of him returning with that look on the show. If that's the case then that's cool because it makes sense due to what happened to him in the season 2 finale. He needs a form of upgrade and rebuilding and having a new form like the Beast Optimus is the way to go.

Overall I'm actually looking forward to this figure and he does make a good repaint/retool of a DOTM styled Megatron too.
I'm loving the voyager primes vehicle mode, but that robot mode.. I got mixed feelings about it
RedAlert Rescue
It remindes me a little of the Animated Role Play Optimus Prime gun/Firetruck in vehicle mode and a little of that Bull-dumptruck thing that never got released.

The colours do it not favours (The voyager) Its a bit in your face red and green looks a bit like an apple on wheels.

Not horrible - but not as neat as Bee or Jackie are. it maybe a toy like Soundwave that should have been terrific but they screwed it up a little bit by using tasteless colours.

The Cyberverse Predaking is a pile of garbage though (never repaint it never re-release it - well alright you can make a Cryotech Colour one but other than that 'kill it with fire').

Cyberverse Prime is quite nice he's got a nicer more muted colour pallet that makes him more appealing to me.

BTW I've been racking my brains that missing Voyager Optimus has looks really familiar any ideas what it looks very much like ?

Am I the only one though who's been thinking they'd rather of had a Striker-prime like upgrade to the existing design rather than the one we got ?

I can imagine Weaponizer optimus covered in spikes would have look bitchin... but this design in a bigger size is going to look - mearly "OK".

Oh and neither of those Optimus toys have a decent head either.
If he shows up in the show like that, I'd buy it right away!
Holy hell these are awesome! I'm totally digging the beast hunters line!
Not a fan....
That Voyager Optimus needs some more transforming to be done. I wanna see in hand images.
I will always be thankful for the two solid seasons of Prime that we got before it all went to hell.
I love it! I'm really liking the Beast Hunters line!!!
The Bucket Kitten
I'll wait until I see inhand images of Voyager Optimus Prime first, but I'm liking what I see so far.
This is the kind of crazy Optimus look I dig. He still has a cape, but at least it's filled out with the wheels, and can apparently fold back.
He sort of looks like The Optimus Prime from the Fall of Cybertron video game. I wonder if this was intentional?
RedAlert Rescue
It's sort of odd but amusing that Optimus looks so much like the Rescuebots one with Spikes on it.

Like Optimus' sword though - I expect if they make a Deluxe version it will look much better with that as they always make the swords suitable for the size below that which they come with or in the case of Weaponizer Prime his gun is the thing that fits perfectly on the next size down toy and is far to small for him. This Voyager Optimus' sword is way to small I bet the actual sword is a monster one on the TV show.

Terrible shame the Voyager has those hideous gappy clip on wheels though. something for the Shapeways crowd to fix with some gap fillers me thinks.


I think that the Cyberverse Optimus looks a bit like a Beast Machines ATV drone/ Stryka.
It's certainly an...interesting re-design for Optimus.

Nice to see the return to a flat-nose truck, with hints of Ani, G1 and Cyb thrown in. He reminds me of Star Convoy in robot mode a bit too.

Shame there isn't as much of an Optimus Primal/Primal Prime homage as the Kreo set looked to be. Oh well. It looks alright (assuming it's mistransformed)...but that, just no.

The CV versions of both look purchasable, but I agree that Predaking needs a Cryotek repaint NAOW!
That it one of the most disappointing optimus toy I have seen in a long time. It's ugly.
I am disappointed with all of those toys.
It's Star Convoy!
transformed correctly or not i know by looking at it idont like they will look weird in series looks good for ultra magnus repaint
As much as I like this line, and the show...boy am I glad I stopped collecting them..I'll get the Prime figures cause they're Prime..but, boy do these things just look cheap. Mistransformed or not..just flat out CHEAP.
Kung Fu Man
Looks like Optimus might've lost a hand in all that end-season hubbub. As it stands..yeah still avoiding this line, I'll pay attention if a voyager Shockwave or an Insecticon pop up, but beyond that there's not a single thing in here that makes me go "I'll try it".

Makes getting AM Thundercracker and Swerve down the line a lot easier too...
hmmm. not sure if I like it or not. If I was to go just on those pics, I'd pass. More money for 3rd party stuff.
Originally Posted by TFPrime View Post
but, boy do these things just look cheap. Mistransformed or not..just flat out CHEAP.
Based on these pics, I have to agree.
I'm not sure if I am looking at the worst or the best thing ever, it is too insane to make a call.

But the Cyberverses are amazing as always. I think I actualy like predaking better than his voyager version!
The kids win this one. I am out.

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