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Transformers: Prime- Beast Hunters Now Available on Netflix

Posted on 08-22-2013 at 02:21 PM by Secretcode under Transformers Prime
...In the USA, at least! TFW2005 user Moroni Prime has stopped by to let us know that the third season (and final) of Transformers: Prime, aka Beast Hunters, is now available for Netflix streaming. If you have a Netflix account, either search for Transformers: Prime on your device of choice, or click here to check it out in-browser.
Views: 4,333 / Credit: Moroni Prime of the 2005 Boards!
Sweet. Wonder if this means we may get Season 3 on DVD and Blu Ray sooner then we think?
It always seemed goofy to me b7t I'll give it a try when I'm bored.
Canada's Netflix still doesn't have it. Dang.
What, I checked an hour ago and didn't see season three, and now I'm stuck at work till 10pm!!!
Originally Posted by kaijuguy19 View Post
Sweet. Wonder if this means we may get Season 3 on DVD and Blu Ray sooner then we think?
Here's hoping. It would have been nice to have released BEFORE Predacons Rising. I just dont want Prime season 3 on DVD to share the same fate as Animated season 3.
Good show, well written.
Thirst on demand and rewinding Starscream and Knockout... :-)
Awesome, canwtch it in GOOD quality now!
spartan 3764
Cool, but im more of a watch it once guy.
Yay yuuuuuu !!!!! Lol
May I be the first Brit to yell "bollocks, it's not on UK Netflix"?

Thank you. And I have to wait an extra 24 hours for Breaking Bad.

Umble grumble, first world problems, inflated sense of entitlement, etc.
Did anyone else rush to the end, hoping that they accidentally included the last three movie episode? lol
This is nice...wish other TV shows were as quick to be released on netflix a few weeks after the season / series finally.
Autovolt 127
Oh cool. Though i'm surprised they put it on Netflix before it went to DVD.
Netflix and Hasbro seem to be in good relations, wonder if they will put up Armada, Energon, Cybertron and other series of TF? Wouldnt be surprised if other MLP shows were put up as well
Like! And can't wait for the blu-rays.
Hows about Beast Machines and TFAnimated on Netflix now?
Awesome!!!...even though I already had the season purchased on iTunes.
That's cool.
Finally. No more "OMG WHERES SEASON 3 GIMME IT NOW" in the review section

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