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Transformers Prime Arms Micron Capsule Toy Series Four

Posted on 12-04-2012 at 02:39 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Prime
With Takara-Tomy continuing Transformers Prime's toyline in Japan with more releases planned for the Arms Micron series, it should come as no surprise they are planning a few new releases for the Arms Micron Capsule Toys. Or, more specifically, they are repainting every single toy released in that series to date in 2013! Due in March 2013 is a set of 12 Arms Microns, all redecos of the ones from the first three series this year. The Autobots all get translucent blue "Energon" detailing on these versions, while the Decepticons all receive solid purple "Dark Energon" versions. They are cool oddities, and will doubtless gel quite nicely if combined into the larger combo weapon forms.

This news comes to you by way of UK online store Kapow Toys - listing for the Autobot set here and Decepticon set here.

Also available to preorder from our sponsors TFSource and Big Bad Toy Store!
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Images for Transformers Prime Arms Micron Capsule Toy Series Four

Flexx Ark
Nice. Will chip away at getting all of these.
I'm not sure if the pics mean these will be released in clear plastic (that's what I'm guessing?) but cool either way!
To many things to save for. It's hard to decide on what I should buy first
These are up at BBTS for $35 for both sets. I have them pre-ordered, but I really hope Sidecutter gets these for less.
If I could pick these up locally I would but as is it doesn't seem worth it.
Tempted. Since picking up a shining OP recently though & seeing how brittle the translucent PVC is, its likely a pass.
darn i was hoping for new molds because i really wanted a soundwave micron.
All very pretty and I want them
Autovolt 127
That's a lot of variety right there.
RedAlert Rescue
Soundwave would be neat if he unfolded like a hinge to make a tenticle or he could simply turn into his sonic cannon from the show.

There's a few more i'd like to see such as Breakdown, Airachnid, Knockout, even an Insecticon and Vehicon.

I've actually quite pleased about these not only will they really complement the Dark Energon line they also complement existing clear Microns and they really fill some gaps if you are trying to add microns to existing toys.

So Clear Bee-Blade would look fine with Dark Energon Bee but it would also got a real treat with Hotshot.

Perhaps there is an argument to be made that the best colours to make them in is the same colours as original but translucent - I really love that transparent silver-grey the scorpion has been made in in the new 5 packs for example. and having the Bee-Blade that is the same colour as the Clear B2 would have been nice.

But there's some good matches anyway Wheeljack is going to suit (slicer) Wheeljack super well.
The paler Arcee is going to allow you to use the darker ones with a different shade of Arcee and have weapons that complement each more distinctively.

Mini-Optimus will look OK with the clear FE Optimus or the Dark Energon Optimus.

BUT Ratchet has no obvious use so long as his toy has no repaint, and The blue Bulkfist may look fun if place in the wrong place like on Breakdown (they fit better on Breakdown than they do on Bulk anyway) so they might be nice with Silas Breakdown. They'd look a bit odd on Bulk - but they might work with Swerve I suppose there's already a blue wrecking ball with no obvious home too so I'd suggest to Hasbro they need to make they blue-grey Bulkhead cyberverse colour scheme on the Voyager Bulkhead toy so all these Blue accessories Takara keep making have some kind of use... if they do make a Voyager Beast Hunters Bulkhead that is going to be Roadbuster colours and that wouldn't suit the blue either.

So I suppose the use for them is on "Anything but Bulkhead" like Weaponizer Prime for example.
But Ratchet is the only one i'm really strugling to see a use for unless it's a key that allows for weapon combination modes from them ?

Or maybe you can combine it with the Ra Micron in some way.
Bahamut Prime
Looks fantastic!
Autobot microns get a MX in their names and Decepticon ones get a TC. MX for Matrix, since they are powered up by the Matrix. TC should be for Terrorcon, since they are powered by Dark Energon.

As for the colors, the Japanese words says "Design is under modification" so they may be be what is shown here.
RedAlert Rescue
AS for the Decepticon ones...

The Purple Starscream saves me having to buy extra Starscreams' to paint Black I guess as the clear Purple will also suit Skywarp too (Love to see a Voyager Skywarp sometime). It might even look ok with Generations FOC Skywarp.

Megatron may look OK with Dark Energon Megatron.. it's just a shame that the design has no real ideal spot on most Megatron toys - but it may be feasible to stack them on the side of existing micron as extra weapons or boosters derived from the engine section. otherwise it may only come into it's own for me if there's a future repaint of the Deluxe scale megatron who I feel looks better with that Micron than the Voyager does anyway. I think the Micron megs is something to hang onto for the future and hope that some other Megatron that still has lots of 5mm holes will suit it.

I suppose the Gecko does look a little like a saw so it might look OK with Dark Energon Knockout.

That Purple Dragonfly looks a little like Transquito now.. I'm not sure what is in need of a giant Purple Machine gun... perhaps the new Vehicon General toy ?

The Purple Turtle shield will look very nice on Darkest Megatron's or dark Energon Megaton's arm as it does bare a slight shape similarity to his "Prime arm". It might also go quite well with older toys like say an Energon Scout which it would be more in scale with.

The snake has no obvious use to me so I suppose i'd have to look on it as gun shaped decoration or part of a weapon combination mode. but it does look a bit like a tuning fork so perhaps it might suit Soundwave or a vehicon even. or even Airachnid.

Perhaps they could do the sword and the shield Micron kits in those colours too ?
(though I suspect that the top part of the shield would snap in half if you transformed it more than once if it was made of normal brittle clear plastic).

But anyway overall they seem well suited fro use with the later half of the Micron Arms Line and especially suited to complement the Dark Energon Line. But there seems other uses too - like Weaponizer Prime +Unicron Armour + Blue Bulkfists would look quite spiffy.
Great looking sets. I think I prefer the uniform look
Originally Posted by RedAlert Rescue View Post
there's already a blue wrecking ball with no obvious home
I always thought he was supposed to go with Dreadwing or are the colors that much different on the final product. Haven't really seen any final product pics.

Either way holy crap in a hat I want those microns. Time to start saving for the set.
I'm excited for the Bulkhead Power Fist.

I liked the idea of the original, but with that color, it looked pretty awful for everyone but Bulkhead. With it being clear blue, I can imagine it's an Energon weapon and it matches most Autobots, and quite a few Decepticons.

Ditto for Turtleshield. I love the little guy, but the colors clash with most figures.
I really love the fact that we got a Bulkhead toy that turns into a fist.

The very existence of that thing is beautiful.
Oh, I love crystal figures!
RedAlert Rescue
Originally Posted by NemiMonkey View Post
I always thought he was supposed to go with Dreadwing or are the colors that much different on the final product. Haven't really seen any final product pics.

Either way holy crap in a hat I want those microns. Time to start saving for the set.
I suppose the Ball would look OK with Dreadwing but he'd be the wrong faction for him (not that I care about that). It just seems that the colours of that item are made to contrast rather than complement.

I suppose there are other Blue options like Hotshot and Ultra Magnus and Thundertron I can try out though.
^ Kind of forgot they gave them factions.

I kind of like that idea for Hotshot wielding a giant mace. Dunno the sculpt just screams crazy for me. Not too sure about Magnus though since he does have a hammer. Although it might not look that bad. Thundertron I could see wielding it, but I see him wielding a bladed weapon.

Thinking about it though the best fit probably would be Breakdown. Since he is a big hulking brute that likes to beat his opponents senseless. Although yeah another con so. I don't know, Takara didn't really care or think this through as well.
Originally Posted by NemiMonkey View Post
I always thought he was supposed to go with Dreadwing or are the colors that much different on the final product. Haven't really seen any final product pics.
The colors on B.H. B don't match Dreadwing, who's a much darker blue. It's closer to Breakdown's shade of blue.
RedAlert Rescue
Breakdown's really Dark blue. Maybe to dark to look right - but what about thinking outside the box - Cryo-Scourge maybe. or what about Cybertron Defense Scattershot ?

I suppose I could also see G2 Vortex with a wrecking ball too.
RedAlert Rescue
Lots of in Hand Images here :

New pictures of Arms Micron Capsules wave 3

(Sorry I had to double post but it wouldn't have bumped it otherwise)
Transformer Prime Arms Micron #SP: 1 Box (10pcs) by Takra Tomy A.R.T.S | HobbyLink Japan

HlJ just put up a pre-order. Guess they might be selling the bot and cons separately.

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