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Transformers Beast Hunters Official NYCC PR Pics

Posted on 10-12-2012 at 09:01 AM by Joe Moore under Transformers Prime
Hasbro has provided us with the official PR pics for their New York Comic-Con 2012 reveals from the Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters figures. Here's what's included:

Transformers Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Scale

Kre-O Beast Hunters
Battlenet Bumblebee
Dragon Assault
Mech Venom Strike
Ripclaw Strike

Transformers Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Scale

Transformers Beast Hunters Cyberverse Vehicles
Decepticon Battle Armor
Autobot Fighter

Transformers Beast Hunters Deluxe Scale
Soundwave with Ravage

Transformers Beast Hunters Voyager Scale

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Images for Transformers Beast Hunters Official NYCC PR Pics

Seems Lazerback and Twinstrike are supporting a more Beast Wars-ish Predacon insignia than Predaking. Huh......wonder what the deal is with that.
I like some of the toys but I'm not sure if I really like where the prime series is going with this.
Having a hard time getting behind any of these. I like Lazerback, but otherwise everything's just too cluttered and spikey.
Omega Supreme has a new claw-hand that looks more like the War for Cybertron version. Also, this figure has an actual headsculpt in lieu of a Headmaster component. Although I love the *masters, I really think I prefer seeing Omega done this way. Not too big on Fattimus Prime... but damn that Omega looks good.
I like! But some of these are just stupid, and look way too playschooly lazerback looks awesome though, same for Twinstrike and Wheeljack
Liking that Omega Supreme alot. Not so much Prime.
I need to see it in person, but Omega's head look much too small.
Wheeljack and Soundave look good
Bass X0
I quite like Twinstrike because of the Sinnertwin homage but I've been mostly avoiding Prime these days.
Originally Posted by jetfire64 View Post
I like some of the toys but I'm not sure if I really like where the prime series is going with this.
I doubt a lot of these are going to actualy show up in the show, pretty sure it's just a way to sell more figures, but I do hope laserbeak shows up eventually
Totally getting Soundwave and Wheeljack, probably
wow im actually liking the deluxe guys. and even bumblebee WTF is going on with my head?!?!?!

omega looks pretty decent also. prob not a buy decent but decent.
Bass X0
Originally Posted by Notilator View Post
I doubt a lot of these are going to actualy show up in the show, pretty sure it's just a way to sell more figures, but I do hope laserbeak shows up eventually

Laserbeak already appeared in the show.
Oof, not really digging these Beast Hunter designs. Hopefully these are toy only, and not the direction the show is going in. Probably going to need that Omega Supreme.
Ha! I was right! They did use the original head of Energon Optimus with the mouth!
Originally Posted by Bass X0 View Post

Laserbeak already appeared in the show.
Right, that guy
Most badass mainline hype. I've ever seen, I'm really digging this new spin on Prime. Its so classic Transformers toyetic I'm having fun just looking at it.
The beast homages are fantastic. Twinstrike is totally the G1 terrorcon sinnertwin.

Cyberverse blackarchnia. I did not think that would happen. But wow. maybe Hasbro planned for the economy to bounce back and their new molds are back with a vengeance.

That deluxe bumblebee is the coolest prime bee. I really like the play feature of the missiles/arrows being stored on his back in robot mode. On the legion the face is'nt as recognizable as the character were familiar with but on the deluxe the face is still expressive of prime bumblebee.
The style for the upgraded autobot and decepticon characters reminds me of revenge of the fallen voyager recon ironhide.

I question why Prime Soundwave needs a ravage though. Maybe for tracking the beasts?

Cyberverse Breakdown with Apex Armor is really epic fiercesome and toxitron like.

If Hasbro has some voyager beast hunters breakdown with these crazy armor and weapons upgrades ready. Even if he has to be green. I think that would be a welcome addition. Maybe he's Juiced on Synth Energon. The writers did say it would return in season 3. That would add a whole extra angle to silas breakdown as an experiment with knockout's blend of synth En. Wonder if Predaking's predacons are fighting the Decepticons as well. That would justify the third faction symbol more.

I laughed really hard when I saw the retooled roadbuster inspired Bulkhead Retool.
But I still want it. Stylish Headgear.
Are they in fact ditching the headmaster gimmick on Omega Supreme?
Originally Posted by KanedaX View Post
Having a hard time getting behind any of these. I like Lazerback, but otherwise everything's just too cluttered and spikey.
Looks like mostly pass to me.
I wonder why Twinstrike and Laserback have a different logo than what we've seen. Maybe that's the actual Predacon logo, and the orange one is specific to Predaking?

I'm definitely getting Laserback, but I'll be renaming him Bruticus. I'll also probably get the Legion Airachnid. Deluxe Bumblebee and Soundwave are tempting. Bumblebee still has the derpy chest, but I'm really liking the look of his new weapon and armor. Especially the helmet. I'm not really sure why Soundwave is armored-up, other than to sell another toy. I'm going to wait to see him in-person.

The Apex armor is definitely tempting. Though the colors are a little weird, and the inclusion of Breakdown still makes no sense. Might get this as an impulse buy. I might even get Smokescreen's ship to counter it, lol...

Overall this has been a good NYCC. Don't think I'll get more than a handful of what's been revealed, but I'm liking the way things are progressing, so there should definitely be more purchases from me in the future. Should be interesting to see what all they show-off at Toy Fair.
So I'm planning on buying:

Legion Twinstrike (character completest for Prime and no guarantee of a larger one)
Deluxe Soundwave (for Ravage mostly)
Deluxe Laserback
Voyager Predaking (though I'd like to see more on that bigger one)
Omega Supreme
Maybe: Optimus Prime (to go with Omega)
I couldn't be more excited for those steroid deluxes. Love the way they look.
Originally Posted by Bass X0 View Post
I quite like Twinstrike because of the Sinnertwin homage but I've been mostly avoiding Prime these days.

I wonder why Hasbro didn't use the name Sinnertwin? It seems like Predacons and Terrorcons were made for this line
I plan on buying most of the Cyberverse stuff if not all. I will pick and choose voyagers and deluxes.

I wonder what the Takara versions will look like or if they will continue the Arms Micron series.
Optimus Prime
Nothing to get too excited over here; Twinstrike is a cool Sinnertwin update (would be awesome to get all of the Terrorcons), and Predaking is pretty cool but I think the Leader version is the best. I really like Omega Supreme; hopefully it'll be affordable.

Cyberverse Bulkhead is the standout, though. Considering his colors, he can just be Prime Roadbuster. Who can say no to the fashionable Viking helmet? Plus, he's wielding the Gravity Hammer from the Halo games:
I say bring it on if this is the next direction for the toys and show. The brand hasn't gone off the traditional path in years.

I wonder who else has a "Jungle Upgrade" (or whatever else they'll call it)? Imagine Megatron and Optimus in this style.
I've never wanted an omega supreme figure more then I do now!
Begrudgingly going to get Soundwave for Ravage.

The rest... mreh. Legion Smokescreen looks great, and Legion Airachnid legitimately looks better than her Deluxe figure... only other one I might get is Commander Predaking. Really need to see the robot mode.
The Ramjet
Nothing of interest there for me. Wallet is pleased.
So at the rate we are at I should be looking for PRIME R.I.D. stuff in Ross , Marshalls and TJ Maxx around February.

I will load up on Vehicons then!
I'm really liking the actual beasts, but I not really liking the "cars with a bunch of crap poking out of them."

What does "Year of the Snake" have to do with the Classics Platinum?
Wheeljack and soundwave look awesome!!

We need a DELUXE Smokescreen, though the cyberverse version looks pretty good..
The only one out of all of these is Omega Supreme, and that's only because of the awesome bot mode.

Edit: Oh, and the weapons. Hammers, axes, crossbows...absolutely LOVE the weapons.
Hopefully we see more Predacon homages:

Twinstrike - Sinnertwin
Predaking - Cybertron Scourge
Lazerback - RID Bruticus or a mishmash of Monster Pretenders.
Omega Supreme doesn't work for me... Slapping a G1 paint job on that figure doesnt really make it look like Omega, and i find it Odd that they remolded the head into something that actually seems less accurate than what the start with, and actually, same goes for the claw.

Not to mention that claw makes the train 1/2 of his vehicle mold even sillier than it was in the first place. nice paint apps though.

And 'dat Prime. I always said that Fatimus was the worst large-scale wide-Release Convoy mold of the modern era (and possibly ever, although PM prime is pretty terrible - Armada super pants is pretty close to the bottom as well, but at least his truck mode more or less looked like a truck and his bot mode doesn't look like he's been living on Mt. dew, Cheetos and donuts for 15 years) and slapping a new paint scheme on him does t really change that. Plus, coloring the drones too match omega rather than one pair red for his fore arms and one pair blue for his legs seems strange...
dj_convoy II
I don't need another E. Omega, but, man, the uniform colors make it really look nice.
Laserback reminds me of one of the Firecons, really.

Looks pretty definite that Omega Supreme isn't a Headmaster anymore... which is weird since completely removing that feature would require some pretty extensive retooling. I wonder if he's just got a removable, non-transforming head stuck on the body?
Flexx Ark
Originally Posted by jetfire64 View Post
I like some of the toys but I'm not sure if I really like where the prime series is going with this.
Pretty much this
Out of all these I think I'll just be getting sinnertwin and smokescreen.

I was really curious about the omega supreme, but the head size and re-design just doesn't make sens to me. Glad I did my custom years ago b/c I figured that hasbro just couldn't do him justice in the classics line. They've proved that with this half-attempt in my opinion.

The bulkhead/roadbuster deco is kind of cool but I just don't see the prime stuff fitting in that well with classics/generations stuff.
Uncle Madness
Well if they were going to do that Beast Wars stuff at least there consolidating it with TF Prime.

One annoying line is better than having to weed through two.

Still bummed that that Prime stuff took up most of the panel though.

Happy about Omega but when are they going to realize that giving us yet another Optimus figure is not real "news"???

Did you hear how quiet the crowd got after once they showed that Optimus prime figure?
Everyone clapped at the Omega remold once it appeared. Yet ironically that Energon Prime sucked the energy out of the crowd soon after.

In all I find the Omega Supreme figure quite promising but that's about all we Generations fans get. The rest was to please only the TF Prime fans.
Yeah, I'm in for Omega and Prime... but oook. It's like someone came into the designers' room over lunch and scribbled spikes on everyone. (I'm thinking maybe it was Gwar or Gene Simmons).

I'm sure the kids will love it, but to me it looks like a complete afterthought. Like they ran out of ideas for the next line and just added spikes to it in a pinch. Glad there are a handful of Classics toys coming, because this is definitely a jumping off point for me, being kinda-grown like I am.
Chris Campbell
I'm new to collecting, so I'll have to research these "Energon" toys. Just started collecting in the last 2 years.
Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post
Hopefully we see more Predacon homages:

Twinstrike - Sinnertwin
Predaking - Cybertron Scourge
Lazerback - RID Bruticus
I would love to see a homage to Energon Divebomb, BW Spittor, Waspinator, and G1 Headstrong from the line. Perhaps have Sharkticons be the Predacon's Vehicons.

Now, Lazerbeak, Twinstrike, and Predaking shall be in my collection as soon as I see them.
This gives hope for "Year of the Horse" Fortress Maximus retool out of Cybertron Metroplex.
Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post
This gives hope for "Year of the Horse" Fortress Maximus retool out of Cybertron Metroplex.
hell yes.
Beast Hunters stuff looks cool. But man Omega Supreme looks great, Optimus...well so-so.
SWEET, ugly Beast Formers...... And now it looks like aborted fetus' of Bumblebee and Wheeljack Crossed with a Xenomorph..... great job hasbro, ya lost me with this line....

I'll be buying OMEGA SUPREME, ya know being he has a vehicle mode that isnt screwed up.
I really am tickled at the idea of incorporating a Beast Wars aesthetic into Prime, but the 'Road Warrior' vibe to the accutrement for most of the regular cast characters is somewhat off-putting. Not sure why battle armor and spikes is a more appropriate way to fend off something on the scale of Predaking, and it makes even less sense for the Decepticons who are, in essence, the handlers for such a creature. Are they similarly fighting off his advances and thus need battle spikes and such? In other words the concept seems somewhat half-baked and a knee jerk way to appeal to kids who may be in the thrall of Pokemon, How to Train Your Dragon and such.

Similarly, I'm still lost as to why Hasbro isn't capitalizing on the re-introduction of Dinobots to they lore, via the recent FOC game. Supposedly they'll be in a spinoff IDW comic, but no toys beyond Grimlock planned... and Grimlock is in the Generations line instead of Prime?? Someone at Hasbro needs to be fired over that one. And the Dinobots would make an excellent foil to use against the Predacon dinos supposedly from Cybertrons pre-history. And why no Predacon-like dinos on the side of the Autobots? If some are willing to work alongside the Decepticons then surely there are others willing to work with Optimus and his motley band.

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