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TFW Transformers Prime Thundercracker Gallery

Posted on 12-26-2012 at 10:55 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Prime
We're pleased to share with you this much-delayed gallery (thank the complication with photographing chrome and a chromed Arms Micron for that one). Here for your enjoyment as we wind down 2012 is the Japanese store exclusive Transformers Prime Thundercracker.

Thundercracker is the second outing of this particular tooling of the Transformers Prime First Edition Starscream, as he features the additional underwing boosters from Skywarp. Thundercracker is otherwise the same as First Edition Starscream, Skywarp, or any of the other releases of this mold - a tall and slender, yet sinister, winged Decepticon with a clever transformation and surprisingly good balance for feet with such small footprints. Baro "Silver Metal Version" is the Arms Micron, the chroming process unfortunately makes the Micron harder to put together smoothly and the finish chips easily, but it is very shiny.

All in all, Thundercracker is worthwhile if you're a Seeker fan, because he completes the trio of Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker for Transformers Prime. He's got perhaps the most vivid deco to be seen on this mold so far, with the blue and silver base and red details added with stickers really looking sharp.

Check out our gallery for over 100 photos of Thundercracker and his Arms Micron by opening the link below:

Transformers Prime Thundercracker with Baro Silver Metal Version Gallery
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Flexx Ark
I want to pull the trigger on this, but i wish it was the same price as Sky warp on BBTS.
Autovolt 127
One thing they should changed is that his eye brows should be red, he'd look better.
moreprimeland's okay, just think there's been too many all blue Prime bots, which makes me like the Skywarp better...the weapons version is loaded to the max tho..
still want this guy and seeing him with skywarp and fe starscream makes me want him more. looking at them tho it makes me feel like i want a g-1 fe starscream.........
lets not start the winging about "why does thundercracker costs more than skywarp" AGAIN!!!
Vladius Prime
idk but looking at these they all look the same just colored differently

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