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Prime Arms Micron Darkest Megatron / Final Battle Megatron and Jet Vehicon General Official Pictures

Posted on 01-23-2013 at 02:37 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Prime
Official images of the Transformers Prime Arms Micron series Darkest Megatron aka Final Battle Megatron and Jet Vehicon General have been posted on Amazon Japan. The new images reveal that Jet Vehicon General is as speculated the white "elite" Jet Vehicon type who was under Starscream's command during the final battle of the episode Darkest Hour. Darkest / Final Battle Megatron is the Voyager as expected, primarily painted the same as the US mainline release, but with the grave-robbed right arm of a Prime incorporated as a series of paint apps (or a sticker...?) on the arm. He comes with the three Dark Matter Caliber Arms Microns redeone in darker plastics and with purple stickers to resemble the Dark Star Saber.
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Images for Prime Arms Micron Darkest Megatron / Final Battle Megatron and Jet Vehicon General Official Pictures

vehicon is cool, megs not so much, sucks its not a remolded forearm instead its paint apps and knew he would come with those microns.
Sumner Sturgeon
Well, Megatron's a bit anti-climactic, but I'm glad we got a toy of that "elite" Vehicon model from the season finale. Gotta see if I can afford a couple of those.
I dig the Vehicon. Another Megatron I'll pass on.
Wasn't a third party doing an addon for Meg's arm.
Agent Adam
Augh that Megatron is conflicting. I feel like the micron sword is worth having a second version of but the hand just being a repaint and being mostly similar (if not the same) as PRiD Megatron is a bummer. Shoulders seem like they may be chromed again though.
Thank god these are two moulds I do not require and my Prime collection is still technically complete.

I would like to see more of that `Prime`arm though.
Megatron is meh. I can't tell if he has a bit of silver paint or it's still the grey plastic the Hasbro one has.

Jet Vehicon General looks quite good, may get it .
My body is ready.

EDIT: Wait, is the "Prime" arm a paint app? Because the ports on it are also red.

And... eh. The vehicle mode looks pretty bad, honestly. I'm thankful it comes with JV's Minicon though, I assumed it would come with regular Vehicon's to change things up. They're both bad, but JV's is better.

I'm going to need to wait for clearer shots... if it's shiny enough, then maybe. As is... probably cancelling my PO.
Sucks that Final Battle Megatron's arm is just a repaint. Megatron can't hold the Dark Matter Caliber very well, since his open hands don't provide sufficient support for the weight of the sword, so if he's going to come with that as an accessory the hand on the new arm should really be a closed fist. Granted, it's hard to tell from that picture whether the hand is remolded our not, but it doesn't look like it.

Jet Vehicon General is just a straight repaint, but it still looks pretty good and it'll be nice to have a fourth 'unique' Vehicon for my army.
Meh on both ends. Megatron looks weak, just a repainted arm with quite possibly gold stickers for detail. Vehicon looks much weaker, looks like the only silver parts are his chest detailing, everything else appears bland white.
Galaxy Convoy
Agreed with the "Meh" sentiment on Megatron.

JVG looks great though. Not quite 100% show accurate though. I *think* the JVG show model had black thighs and arms. Still looks good though.
I was really hoping Megs would be a "better" version of the Dark Energon Voyager (bunch of clear purple plastic, throw in some chrome or something) and up the ante on the potential gaudiness of it. I was also hoping two of the three Dark Matter Calibur microns would also be in clear purple because the "Dark Star Saber" was, well, purple.

Instead it's that. Oh well.

I like the Jet Vehicon Generals though and I'm glad it is Igu as the micron, just because that one hasn't been reused yet. I love the Vehicon mold and this one looks solid so I'll be glad to add three more to my collection.
It's a bummer that Megs is just a repaint and not a good one at that. At least the Darkness version is a lot more eye catching.

The Jet Vehicon is what I expected. I may get him one day.
I'm expecting a new Megs figure as part of the Beast Hunters line, it's coming.
General Jeff!

Pretty much what I expected. Still no word whether or not the original or "General" version is being released stateside, huh?
Galaxy Convoy
Found the screen cap someone posted awhile back.

Yeah, definitely not show accurate. The thighs and head should be black instead of silver.
General Tekno
Megatron's sadly meh.

Vehicon General though, I will still get at least a couple of. If I pass on Megatron it makes it more likely I'll get more, too.
I'd buy Jet Vehicon General if it was chromed out.
Originally Posted by Galaxy Convoy View Post
Found the screen cap someone posted awhile back.

Yeah, definitely not show accurate. The thighs and head should be black instead of silver.
There still a possibility that the release would actually be spot on accurate, as what we are seeing here is probably a mock-up.
Can't decide if I care about JVC or not. It is quite possibly the best mold from Prime, but I've already got 2 versions. Do I really need a 3rd?
I might use him as an auto tropper
I need that purple BFS from megatron for my DE megatron,
RedAlert Rescue
It's quite possible the Elite-Vehicon might use pearlish Plastic or a white with silver flake in it.

Hopefully Megatron isn't the same shade as the default Hasbro version.

I wonder if the Beast Hunters Megatron is Purple and Orange like the Botshot version ?
Prime Jetscream
Now that I already have the normal Jet Vehicon, I'm going to have a hard time resisting ordering this guy...
Kind of disappointed that Jet Vehicon General looks like an unpainted proto there. Was hoping for a more silver color. But will I still get it? YES!
I've been down for the general ever since I saw the finale of season 2.

As for Megs, I went with BBTS' DE version with a custom weapon and a few sharpie touch ups, that's good enough for me

Just got 2 jet vehicon generals from AmiAmi
So no remolding and no new Arm Microns? Excellent, money saved.
Interested in the Arms Microns, the figures I have to see in person if I really want them, but at the onset, they don't really appeal to me...
i want that vehicon!
Was just about to post that. Ordered mine from Amazon Japan

Sadly, no hand remold... But it looks like the arm might be fully-painted. That's a major plus. I kind of feel like I have to have that repaint of the Dark Matter Caliber... But I figure we'll see some sort of exclusive micron pack-in or campaign, so I might wind up buying it elsewhere to maximize the value of the buy. I don't really want ANOTHER voyager Megatron...
jet vehicon general needs a top hat.
General Tekno
Have to say - Megatron looks SO MUCH BETTER than the magazine pics, which makes me think that those are just a mockup using the PRiD toy (the colors match).

It looks too that his chest/shoulders are painted, like how Darkness Megatron was chromed in those spots.

Best part though is the painted pupils. That's gonna look great in a display.
Megs does look better in those pics. I still wish it would've been gaudier for some reason, but still cool.
Vehicon is amazing!
ShadowDarknos from here made a much more convincing megs custom that was on radicons. If I couldn't get his this megs would be acceptable.
Anyone want a MISB Takara Darkness Megatron?
Vehicon General is just about as underwhelming as Darkness Megatron.

I know, it was never going to be chrome, it was probably never going to properly painted silver either, but all i can see here is 'Meh, line is over, can't be bothered.'
Wow, kinda surprised with the Vehicon General. Looks nothing like the show, no silver paint, no red Decepticon badge or red Cylon eye. Gonna be canceling my preorder.
Takara have kinda over killed their attempt at TFP.

They just keep rehashing the same figures over and over, this Voyager Megatron is a very average one certainly not as good as RID Prime or FE Prime.

Cyberverse still leads the way for TFP Megatron (pound for pound).
Is the Vehicon so chrome it looks like an off white colour or is that the colour he really is?

He doesn't have that good black sploch that made me like that design a lot, his colours are far from stellar...

I don't know, I may pass on this one.

And I think Takara is starting to be like Hasbro with all these Megatrons!
looks like the forearem is only painted on one side and not even the whole forearm, thats kind of sad.
Seems like that JVG is a painted version of the normal AM one, soe of the paint on the elbow joint has come off...

...Revealing the purple used on the Hasbro version of the Vehicons.
As an earlier poster mentioned, it will be fantastic to grow the Vehicon hoard with another variant.

I was hoping JVG would be chromed or in silver paint, but I am glad I pre-ordered as I love the Vehicon molds.

Soon I will be able to complete my Life of Brian "We are all different. We are all individuals" spoof with Vehicons
Megatron's weapon is the combined form of multiple Arms Microns, kind of like the Armada Star Saber. I'm all for a repaint of Jet Vehicon.
Thankfully I was quick enough to get a preorder for Jet Vehicon in at Amiami.

Show accurate or not, I don't have a version of the jet Vehicon mold, and the color scheme is striking enough to warrant a purchase, imho. I'm a sucker for all white mechs, so I am really excited for this one.

As Megatron, eh. Good for the Japanese fans that want a version of the Voyager with a more show-accurate color scheme, I guess. I'm interested in seeing just how different it is than the PRID toy (other than the obvious arm).

EDIT: Oh, I didn't notice that this seems to forgo the weird light brown on the PRID and uses grey instead. That alone give it a few points, but probably not enough for an import. aha
I want that Vehicon, awesome in white.

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