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Beast Hunters Starscream Clear Images

Posted on 01-18-2013 at 01:33 AM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Prime
2005 boards member juise has posted official images and profile information for Transformers Beast Hunters Wave 2 Deluxe Figures. While we have seen some of the figures before, this is our 1st clear look at Beast Hunters Starscream! Images of the figure out of package are attached. Here is his profile info:

The scheming Decepticon second-in-command Starscream looks forward to the day both the Autobots and Megatron are out of his way!

Autobots beware, because this Starscream figure is just the Decepticon to take any of them on! Hes a super-sneaky operator who wants all the power for himself, and his clenching Thunder Talon gives him the edge he needs in battle! When he needs to do recon or make a speedy escape, convert him to fighter jet mode. Keep converting him back and forth so his Autobot enemies cant keep up!

Powerful Starscream robot-to-vehicle warrior figure!
Converts from robot to fighter jet mode and back!
Clenching Thunder Talon!

Read on to see new images of Starscream, and the rest of the wave 2 deluxe descriptions!
Views: 11,278 / Credit: juise of the 2005 Boards!

Images for Beast Hunters Starscream Clear Images

Sumner Sturgeon
Nice pics. Especially happy to see in-package ones for Smokescreen and Bulkhead that are clearer than the Chinese ones from last week.
SG Roadbuster
where did ye find this?
also, nothing on starscream yet?
Source please
Sumner Sturgeon
I'm a bit confused at the lack of Starscream so far too. Have we seen case ratios for this wave yet?
I guess Predaking didn't warrant "news"

(EDIT after thread merge: this refers only to Starscream)
Originally Posted by SG Roadbuster View Post
where did ye find this?
also, nothing on starscream yet?
"I know a guy"

Originally Posted by ORIO View Post
Source please
Direct from Hasbro

Originally Posted by Sumner Sturgeon View Post
I'm a bit confused at the lack of Starscream so far too. Have we seen case ratios for this wave yet?
Starscream and Predaking here.
The mold looks horrible as Starscream. Maybe it can be turned into Thundercracker or Sunstorm?

Predaking looks awesome.
Fort Max
Wtf did they do to starscream...
good lawd that starscream. Looks like megatron finally put him out on those corners.
Aside from Prime himself, Beast Hunters looks to be the worst Transformers line ever. Never thought I'd wish there were movie toys being released now.
They gave Starscream Blonde sideburns!!! But seriously I think Screamer's mistransformed
Originally Posted by soundwave142 View Post
good lawd that starscream. Looks like megatron finally put him out on those corners.
Sumner Sturgeon
And just like that, I think I just set the world record for the longest ignore list.

Anyhow, Starscream's robot mode looks awesome, but the jet mode is a little...busy. Not a dealbreaker, but definitely something that'll take some getting used to. Also, it seems like the recycled the working name for Soundwave's weapon for his.
Maverick Hunter Christian
Hm. Hoping that yellow isn't going to be uniform among all the BH Decepticons.
General Tekno
Honestly, Starscream is no worse in the kibble department than Smokescreen is.

Looks good enough to me.
SG Roadbuster
methinks screamer is mistransformed.. if one loks at the alt mode pics it seems his wings are mounted on a peg, probably one that can be swiveled
Agent Adam
I think the mold for Starscream is OK, but his color scheme is pretty terrible.
I dunno, I like Starscream. He's bulky as hell, yes, but at least it's bulky in a good way. Let's say that he never got over losing the Apex armour. Wish they gave him better colours, like maybe a G1 style paint job. Nevertheless, the Beast Hunter line looks awesome so far.
Starscream looks the worst of the line so far. His colorscheme is terrible.
What's up with Bulkhead's face? He looks like a smiley.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Transformers. Now I've seen it all.
They keep getting uglier! They look like the bastard child of Armada and G2
Say what you want but I am actually diggin the Beast Hunter Figures, espically since we could be getting Shockwave
Boy Blunder
Starscream. What the everloving hell did you do.

You joined the Predators, didn't you.

Jesus tapdancing christ.
Shin Densetsu
What the hell happened to Starscream? As usual, Hasbro's airbrushed to hell photoshopped stock images on the box make it look cool but WOW the toy itself looked like it dipped itself into a vat of ugly and just walked out.

The weapon looks too big and might weigh the joints down too.
im buying all the new figures!! and that deluxe bulkhead i will call him Brawn!! loveing these Beast hunters line!!!!
He at least looks poseworthy. Hopefully it's mistransformed slightly. Also, Sunstorm plz.
I am so glad that Hasbro decided to collectively drop acid (both with Transformers and with GI Joe) while I am unemployed. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to not want to get anything.
Not certain what to think of BH Scream. Not one of the better looking figures but not terrible. If you can rotate his wings so the top faces forwards in robot mode so they point up, I'll get it. However it doesn't look like they can.
Starscream looks like a bit of a mess. At first glance no reason to pick him up over the FE. But still, curious to actually see a movie review of it. Hard to tell just from picks.

Smokescreen looks decent enough.

I really hope the dragon head transformation for ripclaw will be more interesting than "hang it of the back". Though I don't immediately see how it would be anything else. Still, heres hoping it folds into the torso somehow.

Turtle bulkhead looks like a really fun toy
Definitely one of the worst figures I've ever seen. Gotta love Hasbro for saving me money so I can buy other things.
I'd love to see that Starscream repainted and given a new head sculpt as Tarantulas
I can't wait to repaint this
figure into Slipstream!
i dont care about the color scheme starscream looks great
and yeah he is mistranformed, if you compare him to the previews images, the wings pointed up
and yeah many other parts were transformerd differently
i hope he is taller than other deluxes XP, would look great next to my first edition

and here with the wings correctly positioned

Shark Jumper
I wonder what the actual product will look like. Is he cosplaying as a turkey?
Shin Densetsu
Wonder if Hasbro will retool this as SWOOP!
ok now this confirms it... for some reason, both Screamer AND Soundwave somehow got Megtron's wings staples onto theirs?... is this what they call Cybertronian in this line? I mean if the (show) story line is the explanation for these (aka now that the Cons have a huge F*$%ing cathedral!) ... they don't need to hide?!

..."Say what?! Giant robot Dragons are running around?!... well to slag with hiding now! Gimmy some funky wings, not like we need them to stay aloft anyway?!"

Weirdness aside, what is with the "Swirly" plastic in this line? I mean is it supposed to be some drug trip or something? Now that the Autobot's are on their "enriched energon" (isn't that why Op is all green eyed?) Everyone looks all tyedyed?

Also why does 'Scream HAVE to carry plane features over into bot mode? I mean his muttonchops? His plane mode gets some "Space stabilizers" so since they are of course harsh yellow his face needs them too?!

Don't get me wrong I'll still buy him... my wallet will just question my sanity for doing it...?
... boy I hope the show gives the reasoning for this a REALLY good back story!
Well, Starscream looks like ass. It looks almost like a heavily-retooled FE Starscream, with an extra piece that makes the chest and back of the fuselage that swings around underneath his crotch (yes, I know, hilarious). It's hard to tell from these photos, though. If it's an entirely new mould, then they really haven't done a very good job. If it IS a heavily-remoulded FE Starscream, then..... well, it is what it is. Impressive if it's a remould, but still ass either way.
That Starscream is so ewwwww. But hell, I'm probably gonna grab 'em anyway.
Starscream is a brand new figure by the looks of it. Colors are questionable and probably mis-transformed but interesting.
Llama G0d
Clench it, baby!

That should keep the slash crowd happy for a long, long time...
i have the first edition and this figure is anything near a retool/remold of it
is a completely new mold
Arggghh, Starscream has too many colors, my eyes hurt.
well, that starscream certainly looks... different... thunderwing retool coming? or some other non seeker?
Flexx Ark
Dirge + ugly = Dirgly
Originally Posted by Fort Max View Post
Wtf did they do to starscream...
Give him awesome blade wings, that's what.
Lamest Starscream yet. What an unattractive sculpt. I'll be buying it, but I'll be mad the whole time.

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