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TFW Dark of the Moon Seekers Galleries

Posted on 06-13-2012 at 05:40 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Tonight I've got one final (for now) Transformers Dark of the Moon toy gallery update to share with you guys. This update is for Dark of the Moon Skywarp, a character I personally hold in a very high regard since the original Skywarp back in 1984 was one of my first Transformers toys. Dark of the Moon Skywarp was the third of the three Decepticon jets, the Seekers (or Jetrons as they are sometimes known in Japan). He was a Japanese market exclusive for the line, and it gives me great pride to share this gallery with you.

Of course, where's the fun in just sharing a gallery of Skywarp without the other two Seekers? So for the extra fun, we've got all three of the Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Seekers here for your viewing pleasure, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp! Enjoy the pics everyone!

Transformers Dark of the Moon Starscream Gallery
Transformers Dark of the Moon Thundercracker Gallery
Transformers Dark of the Moon Skywarp Gallery
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I didn't know they made a Skywarp!!!
Sol Fury
Yup, Japan only though so he never made it to US retail. Shame since that meant you had to import the last one to have the full set of three. But worth it for having all three together, like in that group shot.
Very nice, but prefer the G1 better...
FatalT 71
Very nice pic there! Though I wasn't really a fan of the movie design for Starscream, I picked up the DotM deluxe because I wanted the movie verion represented among all my Starscreams. I have to say I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would - and still do. I held off on buying Thundercracker until I heard Skywarp was coming - once my pre-order was in at BBTS, I promptly picked up Thundercracker and found him to be fantastic. When Skywarp arrived in October, I was very pleased with how he turned out. All in all, I'm very glad I have these three in my collection.
best galleries EVAH!!
This mould is a fantastic toy. I wish I could complete the seekers, too. Also Skywarp and Starscream's weapon(s) is one of the best Mech Tech IMO.
Been a a TFan since 8yo and the very first Autobot fist smacked Decepticon face way back in 1984 stunning the youth of America as these rad!!! robots in disguise (WTF??? cool!) transversed televisions coast to coast. I pretext this cause I absolutely love Bay's movie verse as much as I have G1 since episode 1 was first broadcast thousands of years ago, like unappologetically, God given as my right even. Like Americans used to have God given rights. WTF ever happened to those? Well anyway, it was the leaderclass fig that won me over to Screamer and the deluxe is actually a fun toy. Seeing all three is great. Thanks for sharing. Technically I'm 8 years older than any Transformer including Primus and Unicron and that's just fricken cool. Kay. Time to get out of the office and play with my Transformers with the new girlfriend!
Bahamut Prime
B;ast you, Sol! And here I was thinking of getting the larger Voyager versions when I saw your gallery...must resist the urge to buy the deluxe versions...the pictures are very nicely taken and I like the group shot!
Sol Fury

I find the Deluxes to be the better toys - the smaller size does not bother me, since the poseability is all there and Starscream looks great compared to how he does on the screen. The weapons really make the figures as well, I'm glad for the variety of different ways of plugging the weapons in so each one can be displayed slightly differently.

And if you like these, you'll love a couple of other bits I'm working on. Another Skywarp came out not too long ago...
Thanks for the galleries !

I think....this is possibly my most favourite mold ever. Fantastic representation of the design in both modes, yet full with playvalue thanks to great articulation.

Personally, I like the Thundercracker version best. The colourblocking on him is genius.
This would have been cooler if either Starscream was released with a G1 paintjob as well, or if the other two had a more realistic thing going on about them, less saturated colors maybe. The mold is great, especially if you [dis]play them with the Cyberverse cars.

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