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Review and Images of Hunt for the Decepticons Voyager Highbrow

Posted on 08-10-2010 at 01:50 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
2005 Boards member Megatroptimus has also shared with us an extensive look at and review of the other upcoming release in the Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Voyager Class, Highbrow. Highbrow is based on a classic WWII style twin propeller jet, and comes equipped in robot mode with double gatling guns, arm mounted propellers and a flip down set of pilot goggles. Check out all the images by clicking on the title of this story for a look at both modes as well as a step by step sequence of photos taking you through the steps of the transformation from robot to plane mode.
Views: 9,149 / Credit: megatroptimus of the 2005 Boards!

Images for Review and Images of Hunt for the Decepticons Voyager Highbrow


Fairly easy but clever at times, especially the feet that require a bunch of twists and folds. Here's more or less the sequence from robot to plane.


Some très cool WW2 bomber plane with deployable landing gears (rolls on 4 wheels), a clear cockpit and twin propellers that can be activated by pushing on the engine blocks (each propeller is independant).

The toy has a good weight, plastic is of quality, minimal paint apps (some white tattoos on the rear fins, white "P+10" markings on the cockpit, titanium-ish engine blocks and silver nosecone - some red paint apps are also visible from the bottom front around the air intakes).

You also get 2 sets of 4 missiles (fixed) under the wings plus 2 gattling guns on top (can rotate and be removed). A very solid and exciting plane mode that hides pretty well the robot bits.

Great pics and review.

Welcome back.
I swear, that "pilot mask" screams "old school kamen rider" to me.
Pimpimus Prime
I just can't get myself to like this toy. I think its the over sized props and goofy face/battle mask.
Originally Posted by Pimpimus Prime View Post
I just can't get myself to like this toy. I think its the over sized props and goofy face/battle mask.
Sadly, I agree. I want to like it, but something just seems off.
It's an interesting design, but I don't think I like it as is. Maybe if the inevitable redeco is better, I'll go for that.
I'm loving this guy. The plane mode is really where it's won me over more than anything.
Love the figure and the option of the mask but the face underneath reminds me of SWTFs for some reason.

Either way it's a must buy for me.
Looks good, any size comparisons with currently released figures? The shots with him and Terradive we got made him seem kinda small I thought.
If/until there is one, I'm going to paint his face silver and consider him Movieverse Springer.
Does Highbrow have a faction symbol at all? I have yet to determine his allegiance based on the pics we've seen so far.
Originally Posted by slugslinger2004 View Post
Sadly, I agree. I want to like it, but something just seems off.
Yeah, I feel exactly the same. I'm thinking it's the size, or lack of there of, for a voyager figure like this. The comparisons we got with Blackout and Terradive made it seem a small voyager, and the vehicle mode alone doesn't sell it, let alone the skinnyness of the robot mode.
Ever since I saw it in the display case at Botcon, I've been enthralled by all the sculpted rivets. D:
Originally Posted by ChrisW View Post
Does Highbrow have a faction symbol at all?
None! I was assuming he was an Autobot, but I could be wrong.
This guy is a thing of beauty.

Bring on a G2 Ransack redeco (w/ new head mold), please!
Originally Posted by Valkysas View Post
I swear, that "pilot mask" screams "old school kamen rider" to me.
I think this everytime I see it as well, which I like, but I think I'll probably skip him for the same reasons others are listing. The face under the mask, the lower arms and his small stature. Who knows though his design may grow on me and I may change my mind.
I'm actually glad the Gatling guns can be removed from plane mode. It helps the look. Espewcially since the rockets make it look heavily armed anyway.

So yeah, it's an (inexact) P-38 Lightning Transformer. One for me and maybe one for my dad!
Thanks for the reviews as usual Pascal.

Welcome back
Merci mec!

Some size comparisons...

Oh yay! He's taller than I thought. That's a plus.
Sold!! The plane mode alone is amazing. The transformation seems pretty clever. I'm buying this on sight.
That alt mode is AWESOME looking. That is enough for me to buy it based on that alone.
Man, that altmode is badass! But I hate the robot mode

Will buy if a remold comes out with a better paint job. I like Jarodimus' idea
So cool, can't wait for this guy. He looked awesome in person at Botcon. Great reuse of the "Highbrow" name too.
If only his wingstubbins were a little bigger, he's kind of a "super deformed" plane otherwise.

That doesn't mean I wont buy him as soon as I see him. I've been in love with twin fuselage fighters for as long as I can remember
Looks awesome. Love the battle mask. Just wish his arms were a little better.
I thinks its bad-ass.. I will own .. Love the gaitling guns DUAL WEILD
This figure is bought on sight. I just love the fact that we're getting more throwbacks to original WWI and II vehicles because we never really got a lot of that back in the day. It was always jets jets jets.

I think what turns people off is the same thing that people disliked about Stratosphere. It wasn't quite movie, wasn't quite Classics or G1. But that's the same reason why I like this figure, because it has a different appeal. And he will look excellent next to Stratosphere.
I TOLD you guys that Terradive was a big boy!
Said it before when the pics came from the convention....this Crimson Skies player is quite pleased!
I'm not feeling this at all.
If only his wingstubbins were a little bigger, he's kind of a "super deformed" plane otherwise.

That doesn't mean I wont buy him as soon as I see him. I've been in love with twin fuselage fighters for as long as I can remember
Same for me. I blame the old tailspin cartoon. lol
Sol Fury
I love this toy! The vintage propeller plane mode gets a big two thumbs up from me, I love authentic looking vehicle modes like those. I'd be extremely happy if we could get more classic cars and vintage planes like this guy, Lugnut, Ransack and Hubcap. Thinking about it the fact I can name four from recent memory is awesome in itself!

The robot mode looks great as well, but the one thing I really would love to see is kind of silly - I'd love to see him with a scarf, Biggles style. Digging the double chainguns and the arm mounted rotors. He looks like a proper veteran soldier 'bot.
I'm losing my interest in this guy fairly quickly. I mean when I saw him in the Botcon pics he was awesome! But here he's just kinda, meh. I think it's his arms that are killing it with the wierd hand placement and super limited looking articulation. I'll just get Tomahawk.
this guys an autobot? Definite pass.
Originally Posted by SwindlesShop View Post
this guys an autobot? Definite pass.
We don't know yet.
I am less excited for this guy, his arms just don't look that great. I love the goggles gimmick though.
I've always wanted to see a mold of an older plane like this, repainted with new head and made into seekers.
I believe there was a comic that had them during the steam age. always wanted toys to go with it.

also I'm getting a Abe Sapien from his masked mode.
I like the plane mode,but robot mode looks kinda goofy to me,and that mask makes him look like some kind of a bug.
ThinkTank Customs

Hello Girls 'n Guys - This is my first pictorial review in english, so i really hope it's good enough for you. Let's get started:

At my first look on this guy on a botcon-photo earlier this year i promised me: Bought on sight! So I did it!

Alternate Mode:

Highbrow has a lot likeness with the WorldWar II-Bomber Lockheed P38-Bomber. So his could be another Seeker in my own Movie-Continuity. The Paintapps are really particular and very natural with a very good taste of reality. Much better than a lot of other Movietoys with cheap Paintjobs.Another likeness is with a Star wars Pod-Racer, so there could be a simple Custom to let him switch to the Lucas-Universe! You can exending and retracting the landing gear.
The two Turboprob-Gears on each side are very huge and looking very powerful. The gears on the top of each are buttons to autorotate the Probs - Very cool detail, copied from Movie Blackout and Incinerator, which could auto-twist they rotors too. On his Wing she has too bis Miniguns and beyond them a lot of Rockets or Bombs

Robot Mode:

First look to the head! When you pull down his mask, he looks very similar too Abe Sapiens from the Hellboy-Movies, supercool and Alienlike. Without the Mask he looks more Human. Like all Voyager-Class-Toys with Rotors (e.g. Blackout & Incinerator and their Repaints) he's only tall as a Huge Deluxe Toy, very sad.

The Arms are very short and have two modes: Rotor-Mode vor chopping down his enemys, and normal mode for fighting with his fists or Miniguns which could be hold in any hand or on the upper legs.
His legs are Chickenlike with big claws on his feet, i really love the asthetics of them. Some people only fold them down to get normal legs, but a WarBird is also a bird, so he could have chickenlegs :-)

Highbrow is not very posable, cause his hip hase no hinge. i love this really tough guy!

Pics: - The SciFi-Resource - [Review] HFTD Voyager Class Highbrow
I hate its arms for now; but maybe some better color combination would help... ... hasbro still have to invest a lot of R&D on TF with propeller(s) this one I 'd pass; next one please...

I have regretted getting the redeco of Blackout (whatever it is called..) & I did not get Incinerator as well...
So will Peaugh's review be merged with this thread, since his review came later?

I would think it's only fair, seeing as how my review of HA Jazz, got merged with the current HA Jazz thread.
ThinkTank Customs
The only thing is: for what in the hell is the thin under the cockpit?
sweeeet.....thanks for sharing.

cant wait to get mine.
The planeformers have really been a big hit with me from this current movie line. When I saw this at Botcon along with Terradive, I was so tempted to lick the case.
ThinkTank Customs
Abtoher thing i realized yet: He ha sno factionsymbol! So I think he's really a seeker!

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