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Revenge of the Fallen Voyager-Class Nebular Starscream Revealed

Posted on 10-26-2009 at 10:40 AM by Tim Formas under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Thanks to and 2005 Boards member S250, a previously unknown, upcoming release has been revealed. The Voyager-class Starscream figure from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen line will receive a repaint called Nebular Starscream. The image of the figure in-package, as can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail to the left, shows packaging that is typical of Movie Voyagers that are exclusives. Therefore, it appears that Nebular Starscream will be exclusive to some unknown store.
Views: 14,218 / Credit:, S250 of the 2005 Boards!
return of allspark blue?
Interesting....looks minty clean, lol. It doesn't have a sticker, yet, but I'm willing to guess that this will be a Walmart exclusive (similar packaging to past Walshit exclusives). If it turns out to be either a wide release, or a Target exclusive, I might actually get it. It's odd looking, but it would make for one interesting display piece. Still, something along the lines of a Skywarp themed repaint would be more interesting.
Bleh. Would have preferred a return of the g1 inspired repaint with the head from TF1, Skywarp, or Thundercracker. But who am I kidding? I'll buy one on sight.
I would totally get this if he were a mail-away exclusive for Andes mints.
That's...strangely appealing. Why can't I compel my body not to purchase it? WHY!?
Omega Charge
I think that looks pretty cool. Already having the original, I probably won't be getting it on account of waiting for Leader SS. But I like it.
Huh, that is pretty cool, that's probably how I'll get that mold considering the Leader gonna be THE main toy.
Pavol Palat
It's.... different. I kinda like it. If there's no better ROTF voy Screamer repaint, I will buy it.
Lock Cade
Hmm... I might get it, since the paint job looks pretty cool. But it would be even better if they come out with ROTF Starscream repaints into the other Seekers instead of repainting the 07 Movie Starscream mold.
Fit For natalie
Originally Posted by Orion_Prime48 View Post
return of allspark blue?
It looks like it's actually teal, the colour used in all of those Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime type black repaints we've seen since 1998.
Hmm... This repaint may actually warrant a purchase of this mold...

I'll have to hold it in my hands and looksee for myself, though.
I'm with Shibamura Prime. This thing is Minty Freshness!
It'll look pretty sweat under a black light.

Probably a Best Buy exclusive or something strange.

The G2 color salute is just too strong in this one.

Big pass.
I like it. It has that 'looks like it should glow in the dark but probably doesn't' feel to it.
It would be neat if the green glows in the dark.

Either way I like the colors.
I'm a sucker for repaints of Starscream from Movie 1 or 2. That said I'm really trying not to get any more movie toys. That said, I still want anything Human Alliance, Leader Starscream, Lockdown, Bludgeon (which I still consider Classics) and, maybe, Dirge (I think his wing legs look a little funny).
Ugh. I'd much rather have the repaints be of other seekers with this infinitely better RotF Screamer mold than the stupid first movie repaints that are overpriced at Walmart.
Look at is sticker...
He's "Powered up" Starscream.
Will we see more Powered up decos?
I wanna see a powered up Megatron with Starcream "parts" deco.
biggggggggggggggggg passssss. waiting for leader ss
I actually like that, minty freshness FTW!!!
So is this what the Girlscouts are selling this year?Will we also get Peanut Butter Soundwave?
Pass, just looks weird to me.
Mr knightmare
They should re-name this into deep space junk collision starscream

It look fugly as hell! I'm saving my cash for the badass leader one!
Opticron Primal
Wow. That's surprisingly eye-pleasing.
Thundercracker and Skywarp will happen eventually, buy by making this first they squeeze a little extra cash out of the mold.
This is a maybe. I passed up on the original ROTF voyager mold because I wanted to wait for a repaint. If no other option turns up, I'll get this.

Possible Acid Storm repurposing?
Definite pass. I don't like the RotF Voyager Starscream mold as much as the 07 Voyager mold and this just isn't a very good repaint anyway. Make Thrust and Dirge redecoes of the 07 Voyager Starscream mold and I'd be all over them.
Easy pass on this Starscream.
Awesome. Bought, and I'm so getting Ramjet now.
Looks cool and powered up with possibly Animated Soundwave. Great mold! Cool repaint for the many SS fans!
Eeewwww... Hell, I went to the trouble of removing the tattoo's from the original ROTF SS. DEFINITELY don't want this!
I like the *idea* of green and black, but the deco is kind of tacky and I don't like the mold anyway.
Oddly enough, I kinda like it. Maybe I could pick him up and just call him Acid Storm?
Shin Densetsu
Looks decent
Looks....interesting. I'll probably pass on it, though. I'd rather save up for Leader Starscream.
I won't get it, probably because of my Leader Starscream tunnel-vision.
Looks kinda cool with those colors.
Next ROTF Starscream Zebra Repaint along with ROTF Starscream Clown Repaint and What the Hell ROTF Starscream Rainbow Brite Repaint. Its never ending on these.
I really like that alot, but pass. I dont need another ROTF since I'll be getting the leader.
im a fan
It feels like a reference to Energon Starscream. Just sayin'.
I like this paint job, wonder if there's gonna be other repaints like this?
Love the mold, love the creative deco... a definite buy.

Would still like to see this mold or the ROTF one in traditional Thrust colors.
His paint scheme looks like Animated Lugnut or Animated Soundwave.
I'd been waiting for them to come out with a repaint for this mold. Not sure how I feel about it yet, though. Need to see more detailed photos of this first.
OMG.. Why green again !???
Looks pretty ok. Not superwow, but not bad either.

They change the plastic colour to all one colour.

Changed the tats to teal, but not the layout.

And that packaging. I hope it's not final. They didn't even recolour the render.
nah. i think i should pass on this.

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