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Official Images of Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime

Posted on 06-24-2011 at 01:03 AM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Revoltech has updated their catalog pages with new pictures of Transformers Movie Convoy (Optimus Prime) figure images. These are clearer versions of what was seen in the recent magazine scans.

Check out the pictures after the break, or the catalog site (in Japanese) here.
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Images for Official Images of Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime

Love the poses
This is the poor man's Dual Model kit. I'm getting it.
Does it say how tall he is?
Hawt. He will be mine.
I'm digging this, and the dual mode kit for some reason. Might have to get one or the other so I have some representation of movie Prime tucked into the shelves somewhere.
DAMN that looks good. I still need to get used to Revoltech joints. The only Revoltech I ever had was the Alien, and although I loved it, I ended up selling it because I could never get the hang of working the joints. He just stayed in his box for most of the time.
Still, looking forward to getting this.
Star Saber
wow he's pretty detailed for a revoltech
It looks like he only comes with one sword. That's kinda lame. Still, awesome looking. I hope they end up making more, a Megatron would be great. So would an Ironhide.
i'm thinkin of gettin Revoltech Optimus Prime cuz of the guns but i already pre-ordered my Optimus Prime Dual Model Kit n he's the same size as the leader class can't wait.
Originally Posted by Hiraga View Post
DAMN that looks good. I still need to get used to Revoltech joints. The only Revoltech I ever had was the Alien, and although I loved it, I ended up selling it because I could never get the hang of working the joints. He just stayed in his box for most of the time.
Still, looking forward to getting this.
I have the Alien Queen. Revoltech is pretty awesome. Her joints are a little loose so her hands fall out if you're not careful, but the poseability is to die for.
I want him and will stick him on my desk.
*drools uncontrollably*
I love it! though the joints seem to be a bit annoying. it looks like his arms are far off from his body. nonetheless, it's beautiful!
god I hope some one makes a side by side review of both brands, I really cant see a difference of which is better
How much will it cost?
Evelyn K.
Toe joints!!! I need that pic of Fye with the fist full of cash right about now.
Definite buy. I have the original Revoltech Convoy, Megatron, Starscream, and custom painted Skywarp, and really love those little guys. Movie Prime looks to be much bigger and detailed, given he's part of the pricier Sci-Fi line of Revoltechs. Really hope they make Megatron and Starscream too (or Shockwave), but Bumblebee (unfortunately for me since I'm not a BB fan) is the most likely candidate for a future Revoltech figure.
how can 1 get this prime n how much
how can i get this n the price..tq
do want
Yes. Beyond awesome. Bought!
might have to pick this one up
I need to own
I don't have any Revoltechs, but the detail on this makes me think this may be my first.
lord ginrai
That looks amazing!
Definitely wouldn't mind picking this up.
Think we might eventually see Jetfire or Jetprime parts for this?
if this one came with extra head without faceplate i preorder it now im not so sure if i should get this or model has more detail with faceplate on & off little dissapointed with extra parts they gave this toy so much they could have included but decide to leave out hooks, new head, armor if it was possible
Oh, that's nice. He may be worth the 54.99 price tag at BBTS.
Very awesome. This went from a maybe to a MUST BUY. He's pricey at BBTS ($55 plus shipping), but you can probably get him a little cheaper at HLJ if you catch the early bird preorder (or, honestly, even their regular preorder as BBTS overcharges IMPO when it comes to most Revoltech).

My only complaint about this (and it's a minor one) is that he only comes with one sword... and part of me is contemplating picking up a second just to have the extra accessories...
dang, those are some nice shots! .. thats a interesting looking gun too..
I may have to get this.... didn't the first movie line Robot Replicas use these joints?
Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Sorry missed it dude. Credited after the fact though.
I haven't bought a Revoltech in what seems like years. This is a definite purchase.
I may just pick this up at some point down the road, if I end up seeing it on sale.

ROTF may have ruined the character for me, but I can't help the fact that I still love this visual design.
Ive been staring at both of these for ever.

The revolts feet look way cooler. and it has better colors.

I actually want to do a stopmotion with one of these two.. I wonder which has better joints.
Do want!
I'm thinking about this one as well. Looks awesome. Seems a bit more stocky than the movie Prime, but also seems more solid than the Dual Model Kit version. Of course, I would love to own both.

Find myself under similar dilemma with the Revoltech Iron Man figures...the Hot Toys 1/6 scale are just really expensive.

Had zero interest in G1 Revoltech toys, but these have definitely changed that. Like someone else said, this may be my first Revoltech purchase. If he is bigger than the standard Revoltech, that'd be even better
Never bought one, this one might be the first. Would look very awesome on my desk making sure I do my work.
very nice...revoltechs are awesome!

wish they would have stayed with the prime theme from the G1 vesion and gave him a Matrix of Leadership as well....welll whatever you wanna call that weird spikey thing from Reveng Of the Fallen that sam had to find.

Brave Magnus
OMG!!! O//////////////////O So getting one! I think this will be the only DOTM figure i will get!
My only Revoltech is Mazinkaiser and I am very disappointed with him but the OP looks fantastic! wonder how tall is it?
Where can I buy this and how much? How big is he?
Gorgeous. I'm not sure if I should get this or wait until the model kit goes on sale. The only thing I don't like about it is how it seems that it doesn't come with an extra unmasked face, which the model kit has. Also the model kit will be more fun to build and put together myself.
Yes please.

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