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New Revenge of the Fallen NEST Soundwave & Bumblebee Images

Posted on 10-09-2009 at 11:56 AM by TM2 D-bot under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
TFW2005 board member tfctoys has recently listed on Ebay (auction here & here) the new Revenge of the Fallen NEST Soundwave & Cannon Bumblebee repaints. This Soundwave is not a repackage of the previous Wonderfest Exclusive. Although he also homages Generation 1 Soundblaster, he differs from the previous exclusive in being a lighter shade of black, and has differing paint applications most notable on his chest blades and calves, and on his satellite alter mode. NEST Cannon Bumblebee is based on the Revenge of the Fallen Cannon Bumblebee mold but with a new battle mask head and red detailing on his launchers.

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Images for New Revenge of the Fallen NEST Soundwave & Bumblebee Images

VE Telus
So it is! Please delete then.
Very nice. This Soundwave is "superior" to the first release. (bad pun!)
TM2 D-bot
Originally Posted by VE Telus View Post
So it is! Please delete then.
Why? You posted up the thread just as I was finishing the FP newsbit I already credited you also.
I don't like those colors on Soundwave. I'd rather have had Hasbro do him in Soundblaster colors.
It's nice to see some non-photoshoped pictures of him. He's definitely got some black on him, but not enough to call him "Black" Soundwave. I like the shade of blue used. It's nice, somewhat dark, and more gray-ish. I'm planning on finding the first version and also getting this one. That way I can swap some parts, do some painting, and try and come up with a Soundwave that looks like the on-screen version. Though I'm still having a hard time figuring out if he's dark blue, gray, or black. Hopefully it'll be easier to tell once the DVD is out.

Bumblebee looks good. Looks like I'll have to edit my signature afterall, lol. It's nice to see that this version will have the transparent windows, instead of the one's with the flakes in them. I really like the battle-mode head (it's one of the main reasons I got Premium Bumblebee when I had the chance). The paintjob looks nice, though not all that different from the first release of this mold. I'm going to have my Premium Bumblebee represent Movie 1 Bumblebee, and have this one represent RotF Bumblebee.
Optimus Prime
That Soundwave looks pretty cool (though the alt mode pic reminds me of one of those "Fourth of July Firecracker" popsicles).
I've got one on the way, and will post comparison pics with Chara Hobby Black Soundwave as soon as I get it.
What's with the flame deco on his nipples? ... is he upset that Dirge is trying to upstage him?
I'm going to get this set. I love the black Soundwave, and I only have one Bumblebee from the first movie. Don't know how I did it.
Blue and Red? It's like a RIRFIB homage that couldn't make up it's mind.
Wow, like this color scheme a lot... wish the mold was a bit better.
Every Soundwave looks the same, now if Hasbro would come out with SOUNDBLASTER, NOW WE ARE TALKING!
This Soundwave looks pretty cool. I think with some parts swapping it will be even better.
Lock Cade
So want these two figures. They look awesome.
I really like the Soundwave repaint. Might have to pick this one up.
Why are people calling this "black Soundwave" when he's obviously blue?

Looks pretty cool, though I'm not so sure about all the red. Seems a bit overdone.
Why didnt they just call him "4th of July Soundwave"...
So far, I've managed to pass on Soundwave in any form from ROTF. I think his robot form is good, but the alt. mode just doesn't cut it for me in any color scheme. I think I'm going to have to wait till the next movie to hopefully get a Soundwave that's great in both modes.
I've been avoiding both RotF Soundwave and Cannon Bee. Depending on the price of this 2-pack, I may be suckered into picking this up.
Meh. I don't personally like the Cannon bumblebee mold. Its torso is too blocky for movie bumblebee. And they got totally lazy with the torso. They should have been able to give the torso pose able kibble >_>
Well now, that Soundblaster is AWESOME. I may leave the little plastic band across his chest like that, it looks awesome, gives him a more evil feel.

As for the red on his panels..? If you fold them up right in his Cybertronian Fighter mode, you can get him to look vaguely like a Reentry mode a Protoform uses, so maybe the red detailing there is supposed to be him heating up in the atmosphere? (Considering, he would have to come to Earth to fight BB..)

As for Bumblebee? The red on his guns looks very out of place, and what is up with him NOT having that NEST logo on his doors like he was already shown to have?

The lack of an accurate chest disappoints me, so maybe this one will be used as parts if I ever need to replace something.
uhhh... I would have prefered a Black and Purple, like the original Soundblaster, not... blue and red
Originally Posted by Ultrawave View Post
...and what is up with him NOT having that NEST logo on his doors like he was already shown to have?
This version of Bumblebee never did have N.E.S.T. logos on his doors. You're thinking of this version:

Bumblebee (NEST) - ROTF Main Line - Transformers Resources
(same one that's in my signature. which I need to edit)

Which was the Bumblebee that Tformers said would be in the 2-pack, but it appears that this repaint/retool of the Cannon Bumblebee mold, is the actual Bumblebee in the 2-pack.
So now they have Soundwave as part of NEST? Why?
Nice.... I like Soundwave in those colors (and since it's not true black I suddenly feel better about coughing up the dough for the Chara Hobby version). And I had previously passed on the Cannon BB too, so I'll gladly pick up this set.

Funny, Soundwave almost feels like an inadvertant homage to Delata Seeker.... though not quite as green-tinged.
I have to get this set, unless Soundwave comes out on his own at some point. If that ever happens at around the smae time as the set I will get him on his own. To be honest I actually thought he would be coming with the NEST Bumblebee that will be a repaint of the preview figure which I also plan on getting. I will also call this Soundwave "Soundblaster" wether he's black or not. Will probably use the battle mask on my preview Bumblebee instead.

So now they have Soundwave as part of NEST? Why?
He isn part of NEST. Its more like NEST battles and rivalries, with certain Autobots against certain Decepticons, e.g. Armorhide and Dirge, Bludgeon and Recon Ironhide.
Originally Posted by DeceptiKreep View Post
So now they have Soundwave as part of NEST? Why?
He isn't affiliated with N.E.S.T., the figure itself is in a 2-pack called "N.E.S.T. Battles" (or something like that), and it's a part of the sub-line to RotF called N.E.S.T. Global Alliance. Kinda like the Allspark Power line from the first movie's toy line, but without the line-wide paint color.
Dinobot Nuva
Not feeling these two or the other Bee repaint. I'll stick with Preview Soundwave and Premium Bee.
That repaint makes the Soundwave mold look much cooler, but I'm not sure if I'll pick it up.
I really like the Soundwave repaint. I may pick up this set, even though I already have way too many movie style Bumblebees.
I'm liking those soundwave colors.
I'm digging the Soundwave repaint. Don't really want the BB though.
Maybe I'll give BB to my little brother.

I've been going back and forth on picking up Soundwave from the ROTF line, now I'm sold. I'm getting this one.
I hate to pass on toys but I could not take that toys r us soundwave set at its weak value when this is going to come out in the next 3-4 months.

Great Soundwave from the Nest line.The problem I had with the first version is its just to grey to fit in on a shelf of rotf decepticons, had to put it somewhere else so heavily shaded plastic is appreciated for this release.

I'll probably have to buy the bumblebee as well at retail. Though with the cloudy and clear varients of cannon bumblebee this is the third version to get for that mold to the completist.
soundwave looks ok looks like there trying to go with aemrican flag loko with soundwave though instead white they replace the white with grey he looks weird with red & his eyes look red or blue cant tell theough.

soundwave priceless bot mode pictures he still has the rubberband around his chest almost funny

bumblebee hes another one that looks little off red eyes red tips on his cannons it looks weird i guess hasbro finally gave up on allspark blue & decide to go with red either that or thee experimaneting which colors fans like more
yes more repaints lol. i do like this soundwave better then the first one but the toys r us is cooler i think. dont know what to think about bumblebee.
Wasn't there another "NEST Bumblebee" that we saw earlier that had NEST logos on it? I think it was a redeco of regular BB rather than cannon BB.
Wow, a new Bumblebee repaint! And he's yellow! Holy crap, that's awesome!

Optimus Vader
That's probably the best looking ROTF Soundwave out of the three, but he's not that cool of a mold to have numerous versions. And Bee is Bee. Same old.
I like the new Soundwave. Although, he looks more dark blue than black to me. Smokescreen colors on Soundwave = awesome!
Beastbot X
Gosh darnit, this is so awesome and so lame at the same time. That Soundwave repaint is incredible, but I really don't want to have to pick up a Bumblebee whose only change is the new head & red guns. Not to mention he has no N.E.S.T. imagery on him whatsoever, while the other Bumblebee that's apparently going to be released single-packed has lots. What's so hard about some more black stripes?
Whoa. Soundwave is smexy in those colors x]
Bumblebee's not looking so good though!
Soundwave actually looks really cool I might pick him up.
That Soundwave is awesome looking. First repaint in the ROTF line I'll actually buy.
Nice color scheme for sounwave.Looks very cool and bumblebee's head has the battle mask!
I like this Soundwave's color scheme, the red makes it a bit unique. Red is faster mmk.
Spiderus Prime
I like Soundwave's color alot!
Originally Posted by Ravenxl7 View Post
He isn't affiliated with N.E.S.T., the figure itself is in a 2-pack called "N.E.S.T. Battles" (or something like that), and it's a part of the sub-line to RotF called N.E.S.T. Global Alliance. Kinda like the Allspark Power line from the first movie's toy line, but without the line-wide paint color.
Thanks for clearing that up!
The more I look at it, the more I'm loving that Soundwave.
So... why exactly is he called "Black Soundwave?"

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