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Movie Wreckage Toy Repaint Planned for ROTF

Posted on 11-27-2008 at 08:51 AM by Super_Megatron under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
yizhi521 of has posted the first, although low resolution, look at a Transformers Movie Wreckage repaint. Looks like Wreckage is in his original concept colors and maybe an upcoming release in anticipation of Revenge of the Fallen.
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the top one is probably the repaint of the silverbolt from the energon. in fact it looks exactly like the energon version lol!

the other one, don't know, it is for sure a repaint, i wonder if it will be released in the tfu line?
If it's a genuine redeco and not a custom, any chance it might tie into the IDW prequel comic?
Looks like Wreckage in his original concept colors. Wouldn't be surprised if he was an early repaint in the new movie line, he was never repainted before.
Obvious Prime
I actually think I see some orange on that Wreckage. He's very Bludgeon-esque. Nice.
a person
Maybe Wreckage's original concept design is being used in ROTF after all?
we can only hope
Looks kinda interesting. Not sure if it's real or not, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Also not sure what line it'll be released in, but instinct tells me it'll appear in the RotF line. Looks like it could either be Bludgeon or Roadbuster, though it's still too hard to tell atm.
Hmmmm, I'd definately buy a repaint of the Wreckage mold, damn you Hasbro!!
Sweet Wreckage was one of my favorite molds from the movie. One of the few with a decent head sculpt IMO. Probably won't buy a reapint though. This could just be a fan made custom though so don't get your hopes up
Wow... I may actually break my "no movie repaint" rule for the Wreakage.
do want new wreckage.
Would be awesome if he gets released soon!

Haven't gotten 1 of the Wreckage mold yet....
Ash from Carolina
Could be a repaint of Wreckage since he's sort of a hybrid figure between the movie style and other styles enough that he'd fit into either the Universe line or the new movie line.
Still crossing my fingers for a Hoist repaint of the Longarm mold.
I hope Wreckage makes it into the new movie. That would be nice. The new repaint looks interesting, but I'll wait to see what his bot mode looks like before I decide to get him.
Brave Magnus
Hm...its not a bad repaint but i wouldnt buy it, the original still is my favourite.
it just looks like a custom too me. its even missing peices.
Now that's a repaint I'd buy.
Wreckage is the only movie figure I'm keeping in my collection. And seeing him in these colours is just peachy. Can't wait for hi-res pics.
0R10N P4X
So much better than the Energon-esque deco of the first one.
Eh, already have the original, not interested in this one.
If they're gonna do repaints of old movie figures for the new one (I think that's a dumb idea btw) why go with ones that were half broken half the tme? Really- I never had a working Wreckage: the stupid automorph was always really loose or really tight, not fun. As long as we don't see Deluxe Brawl repaints anytime soon... *knock on wood*
Autobot Burnout
Ooooh, I've heard that Wreckage was a really good toy, but I missed getting him. If he's in THAT color scheme for ROTF toys, I'll snag him this time!
Sound Blaster
Here's the pic:

HAHA..finally beat hasbro at something...these are pictures of a wreckage that i subjected to RIT dye( green and blue mixed)

ThinkTank Customs
woah awesome dye-job!
what if he's the new constructicon?
I like the color, awesome paint job... even though he's a repaint, surely i will pick him up
Okay wreckage is diffently gonna be in revenge of the fallen this confirms it he is in the prequal comic getting a repaint.
Autobot Burnout
Originally Posted by Ironhide2005 View Post
Okay wreckage is diffently gonna be in revenge of the fallen this confirms it he is in the prequal comic getting a repaint.
Wreckage was in the prequel comic for the first movie and he wasn't in it.
Wonder if he's part of a RoS ROTF preview set or something. Soundwave in cybby form, wreckage, and who else could fit for early release without potentially spoiling anything?

I'd love to see him in ROTF, but who knows honestly, right now I'd just chalk him up to a future set of some kind or movie filler stuff.
I wonder if Wreckage is going to have a significant part in the movie? He was one of the best figures from the Movie line that wasn't in the film. No surprise that they would repaint his mold.
Will definitely buy. The mold is great but the white/red happy fun time deco of the first release kinda held it back for me.
Darth Rodimus
so now its Soundwave, wreckage, and Bumblebee that will be possible previews.
BLARGH, awersome
Originally Posted by Autobot Burnout View Post
Wreckage was in the prequel comic for the first movie and he wasn't in it.
Hes also in the actual sequal comic and the reign of starscream too and in the prequal he has something to do with the fallen and military
Chaos Muffin
May make a little GI Joe ROCC out of him.
I missed Wreckage the first time around. Great to get a green second chance. =)
Bludgeon!??!!! The first Wreckage was the best non-character movie toy... and the swords were awesome and I had hoped they would make a green (or Orange and Brown... if done right...) version because those swords are worthy of Bludgeon.
I actually liked the original better, but it still looks good.

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