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Fifth Revenge of the Fallen Leader-Class Mold Revealed to be Bumblebee

Posted on 01-04-2010 at 09:31 AM by Tim Formas under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Thanks to S250, a fifth Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Leader-class mold has been revealed. Following the release of Leader-class Starscream will be Bumblebee. This version of Bumblebee features the Autobot with the battle mask, his blaster, and shoulder mounted cannons. No other details, such as a release date, have been provided for this figure. Check out the new image by clicking on the thumbnail to the left.
Views: 46,032 / Credit: S250 of the 2005 Boards!
eeehhh??? another one/
I would have liked it to be someone else, but you can't blame hasbro for wanting to make money.
Are those tentacles coming out of his blaster...?
Octavius Prime
Originally Posted by shibamura_prime View Post
Are those tentacles coming out of his blaster...?
I'm guessing fingers so he can have both hands, unlike the HA version.

my post from allspark:

Wow. And now I kind of feel stupid for getting HA BB. Not really, of course, that thing is still awesome for the driver gimmick alone. But damn, this looks like a nice BB. All the bot mode kibble finally looks right, rather than half-assed (see the deluxe's forearm panels or HA's shins). Are those fingers in the cannons that so slide out, so as to give him both hands? Does the mask slide back, a la HA BB? Well, it looks like he still has the same sort of back kibble as HA BB, and maybe an immobile left wrist as well. Overall, though, this looks like a winner, even if it is a bit surprising. Goes even further than HA to make the Ultimate version obsolete.
I really don't care for movie Bumblebee, or Bumblebee in general, but hot damn.

I wonder what his voice chip will be.
Interesting. Certainly looks far, far better than any of the existing movie BB toys. Looks to have plenty of detail and articulation, be interesting to see if the mask and weapon arm are moving parts, or add-on pieces.
Idiocy; it's not like there's the Supreme Bumblebee, the Human Alliance one and any number of other options for a movie Bumblebee figure. Now we're getting another gigantic one, evidently. It's nice that they've nailed down the movie look tighter than they have before (if that's your thing) but I'm definitely passing on this one.
Tim Formas
I think the release of this figure will finally dash the hopes of those who believe a Leader-class Blackout or Grindor is in the works. The fact that HasTak chose the 100th version of movie Bumblebee over Blackout/Grindor shows how uninterested those parties are in creating a larger version for that character.
Silk Spectre
I was hoping for a Leader Class Ironhide, but I love Bumblebee, so this makes me happy. Another 'Bee for my (already large) BB collection.
Another Bee? Gesh. The battle mask better be movable, especially since it is on Ultimate and HA Bee. I'm not sure if I will get this one though. Maybe.
I am happy with HA 'Bee myself, but he does look really nice!
I dont have any problems with rotf and movie BB toys but come on
well, if there's a 5th, then there's gonna be a sixth? (GRINDOR/Long haul)
But seeing how my movie 1 BB's gears broke and i have not got a ROTF gonna get this mean lookin BB!
what?? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
soooo instead of the fallen who is about leader class size, we get bumble bee who is a sports car....... Why? because kids love bumble bee...... *face palm* let's just hope this isn't a supreme cheetor....
Oh look, another Bumblebee to warm the shelves next to the HA version.

Yeah, I don't see this guy being nearly as popular as Starscream will be, such a shame.
I wonder how that's going to be in scale
Sage o' G-fruit
Wow, Hasbro. HA BB wasn't enough? You had to make another BB toy about 5 bucks higher in price?

And do you honestly think parents are going to pick this monster over a deluxe toy, or the HA version?

Why not make someone who hasn't had a good toy yet, like The Fallen? Because as of right now, it's pretty easy for Leader Prime to take his face. Or why not use that money to make some more Deluxes or some Scouts? They're the best parts of the ROTF toyline right now IMO.
Looks great and I'm sure the kids will love it, but from a (or "this") collector's POV this is a complete waste of a leader class mold. Damn shame.
I wonder if this will be in scale with 3 and 3/4 inch figures?
Hasbro just can't get enough of BB.
I agree with some posts that The Fallen should've had a Leader Class toy.
Putting a regular car as a Leader class figure just seems weird. That's what (in my mind) Deluxe and the HA pricepoints are for. This thing is going to be gargantuan and silly looking next to a truck, alien tank, F-22, and SR-71, and I'm the last person to give a crap about scale.

Oh well. If I can see that it's worth it, I might go for it, but chances are I'll enjoy my leader Starscream instead.

EDIT: I forgot, I already own the perfect movie Bumblebee anyway.
Not really a shock in retrospect.

Bumblebee is essentially the "mascot" of the live-action film franchise; it makes sense to have him on the store shelves in as much capacity as possible.

If he is really significantly different from the HA mold I might consider it.
this just takes the piss

i'll get him but they should have made it GRINDOR
This was uncalled for. SO many better options. And besides, isnt this going to now compete with the Supreme version?
not another bb.... sheesh.. i already have like 5 of him.. HA included..

what a waisted slot! they could have used that on someone who dosnt already have like 5 toys in the line. like grindor.. or soundwave..
A Leader Bumblebee? Really? Yeah, ok sure.
That they keep depriving Bee of 2 hands is, to me, very bad decision-making. That's like if the Leader Primes didn't have 2 hands, and instead he was stuck with a permanent sword coming out of his wrist.

Who would I have liked to see in Leader class instead of Bee? Ironhide. Definitely has to be Ironhide. His Voyager class is really too small. Ironhide is supposed to be the bulkiest Autobot next to Prime.
Rob Almighty
I don't really think they can give the Fallen a leader mold simply because he doesn't transform (at least in the film. I'm not sure about the non-canonical sources. And I don't count the Voyager class mold jet). However, I do agree that the Fallen should get a Leader mold.

And for a leader mold, they definitely dropped the ball on transforming the front grill/headlights. What they did with the Ultimate version was probably the best I've seen from his chest being as close to movie accurate as possible. I'll reserve final judgement until I see officially confirmed images, but if the front is "as is," they dropped the ball.

Silk Spectre
Ironhide is my most wanted in Leader Class. He would fit LC size more than Bumblebee.

I may be in the minority, but I have no desire to see The Fallen in Leader Class. I was just so uninmpressed with him in RotF that I wouldn't make it a priority to buy him.
OMG!!!!! I never say that but this could be serious! HA BB was already a MP. It more than made up for ultimate BB. I expected this leader class BB to be better than HA BB and that's say something. Are those shoulder cannons/guns? I'm a prime collector but this may be better than ROTF Leader Prime
Good news. Bumblebee is a character who hasn't gotten nearly enough exposure in toy form for the movie. Nice to see this fairly obscure character get another shot at toyhood.

Anybody else think this is just Hasbro epic trolling all the fans who keep bitching for Leader Blackout?
Originally Posted by takua View Post
I wonder if this will be in scale with 3 and 3/4 inch figures?
There's a way to make an educated guess about that. Take the average length of a Leader; add to that the proportional width of a Camaro, and you have the 2 basic dimensions necessary to figure it out.
ThinkTank Customs
a slight remold of ha bumblebee, transfomation is nearly the same, look at the hands, chest and shouldest, these are definatly from ha bee!
If only this BB toy was the Ultimate BB.
Gaah! We don't need a leader class Bumblebee! We have too many of him as it is! Human Alliance is the end all be all 'Bee figure. Come on! There's plenty of other worthy characters to choose from. *nerd rage subsides*

Cant wait for this! It looks like a masterpiece.
And there goes all hopes for Leader Blackout/Grindor.

Ah well, can't blame Hasbro for thinking this might make them moar moneyz.
Well this is kind of...Unnecessary, though I guess that it will be nice that he will be in scale with the Bike Triplets and GI Joe figures. It also looks like quite an improvement on the HA figure, at least accuracy wise. But I fear that it won't have the dynamic appearance and poseability of the HA one. Definately a case of "wait and see".
Octavius Prime
Originally Posted by LimeWire View Post
a slight remold of ha bumblebee, transfomation is nearly the same, look at the hands, chest and shouldest, these are definatly from ha bee!
Nope, definitely not. I'll grant you that the chest/torso transformation looks to be pretty similar, but this is certainly not a remold. And even if it somehow is, it's in no way "slight."
I think the Human Alliance BB was enough but ok hopefully its even better. I would have much preferred a different character like long haul or something that deserves the size
Lame lame lame
Well, it looks nice, but I still don't want it. One (deluxe) Bumblebee is enough for me.
Wow another BB toy. not sure if I'll b getting this one. looking forward to LC SS. Would rather of seen them use that money for a LC Soundwave or something else other than another BB figure. Not that I have anything against B, But seriously another one!!
Man I just yesterday finally got around to buying HA Bee. Had I known this then I would have passed and waited for the leader. Now I'm probably passing on the Leader.

Way to lose my $5-10 extra dollars Hasbro
Pass. Not interested. Too much Bee stuff out there as it is.
If this is really a Leader Class, it looks rushed just like Megatron, Jetfire and Starscream. Optimus Prime is the only Leader Class toy that actually deserves the status.

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