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Concept Camaro Wireless Mouse

Posted on 10-17-2008 at 12:55 PM by Foster under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Here's a bit of swag our own Tony Bacala found on today. It's a wireless optical mouse shaped like the Concept Camaro made famous by Bumblebee in the Transformers movie. If you want to trick out your PC or Mac with a Transformers theme, this mouse by Four Door Media and an Autobot symbol from Reprolabels would fit the bill!
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Heh. That's pretty amusing. I could even be tempted to go for it, but I prefer corded mice generally.
It has better paint apps than we've seen on any of the toys
A cute little mouse. But is it ergonomic enough for daily use, or is it just a novelty item?
Wait so i'm confused? Bumblbee was orange..... "STOP THE BOAT" best said by gene wilder "Willy wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
Is there a way to just order one? All of their items seem to be sold by the case.

I actually wouldn't mind having a Mustang one - get some labels to make him look like BT Grimlock.
sweet a bumblebee mouse
I want one!
i would get one if $25 or less!
Heh, it'd be pretty cool if forty people combined funds and split a case among themselves.

Makes me wonder how well/if they'll be available in retail locations.
Maximo Prime
how much is it?
General Magnus
Where can I get one?
I'll take a Barricade.
I saw this at Borders, check there (not the camaro though)
Originally Posted by Darkwing48 View Post
I saw this at Borders, check there (not the camaro though)
um ... what does that mean exactly? if you saw this at Borders, but it was not the camaro and what they are showing in the pics, how did you see it?

I want one of these. I think it's pretty cool!
So cool !!! Where can we get one ? Did anybody find a way ? I'm in if someone finds a way to get these !
yeahd i even get one but the hell is this 40 per case stuff?

edit: yes i know its for resellers but, blah, still doesnt help US get any at the mo.
Does it really look like a car?
halfblood robot
on the website it says log in to see price/perchess. no idea what that means but its something to go off of.
I thought maybe they had announced a Mickey Mouse Bumblebee to go with the the Micky Prime. Oh well...

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