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Closer Look At Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Laserbeak Toy

Posted on 03-14-2011 at 12:01 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
ACToys has posted some up-close images of Transformers: Dark of the Moon Laserbeak; minion to Soundwave.

The toy comes with retractable wings and TFW2005 members speculate that from the looks, it is as if the toy has a vehicle form after all.

We’ve seen him thanks to the Superbowl spot and hopefully will have a role similar as Ravage (ROTF).
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Images for Closer Look At Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Laserbeak Toy

Well, the vehicle mode looks ok to me. I'll display him that way, since his beast face is one that only a mother decepticon could love. I wish that his feet were better hidden in vehicle mode. maybe when the guns are added under the wing the feet won't look so bad.
I actually sort of want this. I think it looks horrible in both modes, but thats why I want it.

I've never before seen a bird transformer that has such a resemblance to The Giant Claw, and that makes this guy fantastic.
Finally, a close-up of his head. Looks cool. Kinda expected something bizarre looking, after seeing Ravage. I might get this guy, if not to just sit next to Ravage and any DotM Soundwave that may come out(HA?).
Okay better. Still not sure on this guy I'll wait and see if a better version shows its self before buying.
3rd party head can save this....
Opticron Primal
He DOES look like The Giant Claw.....

Also, vehicle mode out of the 3 main beast-formers is the best of the bunch. Not saying much, but alteast when you look at it it looks like a gunship (I know that's probably not what it's called, but it's the only thing that popped into my head.)
I guess this blows away my assumption that Laserbeak's alt mode would be a all-terrain walker vehicle like Animated Spittor.

The photos (much more better that the previous ones of him) clearly show that is alt mode is some type of hovercraft.
...Erm...At least he has an actual altmode, unlike Ravage? I suppose?
It transforms from the Sigma Six Dragonhawk into The Giant Claw. Excellent.
Bought on sight, looks awesome.
I'm thinking this is one of those designs that just doesn't translate well into plastic.

I like the layout of eyes on the face, but the actual shape of the head is just way to spherical. It makes him look like a marshmallow Peep.
Anybody else think that Laserbeak looks like one big MechTech Accessory?
Looking good, I might actually be picking up some toys for this movie.
Interesting, but will probably wait for a legends toy, here's hoping we get one. The vehicle mode looks cool, some kind of miniature Cybertronian hover craft or helicopter or something. Don't quite like the paint apps though, mostly the wings that throw me off.

And that god awful head! It looks like a baby chick or something as opposed to a bird of prey. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me.
alfred p. sloan
So the altmode is a poorly rendered remote control heli-plane?

uhh yeah, sure....
i dont get the alt mode... and this dosent look liek the movie version ughh i dunno i liked it at first now after seeing this i dont like it.

wish it was more dragon esque. or somthing it looks like a flying chicken.
Rodimus Billionaire
How does it transform into a cassette?
the other pics made him look terrible I'm gonna get him, but I'm gonna paint the wings black and remove the legs to give him that dragon fly look he had in the game trailer
I'll get him, but the first thing I'll be doing is cutting off the googly eyes and sculpting some triangular eyes for him. Apart from that I think he's quite solid.
Rayzilla Prime
I like that vehicle mode. And maybe it's just the giant monster fan in me, but the bug-eyes actually look kinda cool. Looks like a great toy.

I wonder if they'll pull similar gimmicks they pulled with Blackout and Scorponok - Soundwave comes with a mini Laserbeak (which is more likely than anything), and Soundwave and this (i would assume) Deluxe Laserbeak combine somehow.

Originally Posted by Rodimus Billionaire View Post
How does it transform into a cassette?
He looks better in these pics, but i`ll wait until i see him in the shelves.
Originally Posted by exclusacon View Post
3rd party head can save this....
Ya The only way I will be buying this is if I can Mod the head or if a 3rd party head comes out.

So far I only want a small hand full of the figures from DOTM. I'm not too impressed with this line.

I'll just save my money for the Transformers Prime figures.
My wife very happy to see another TF movies, because she knows I would not buy most of the figures. She hates Generations and Reveal the Shield stuffs, she hopes that would end soon - her dream is about to come true.
Anti Spark
I love it!

I cant wait to see this in Radicons with paint!
Neilimus Prime
Yeah, definitely attaching to Soundwave. I see jet pack for sure.
MUCH better pictures. The toy actually looks kind of... decent! I'm still waiting for a Cyberverse Laserbeak though.
I hate his vehicle mode, but his bird mode looks decent. I still won't get him.
I don't like the robot mode head, looks like a dead chicken or something. Still buying it though.
I rather dig the crazy bird dragon (Giant Claw) design. Probably wont get him, though.

Interestign alt-mode, but from what we saw of this guy in the movie and game trailer, I'm willing to bet that alt-mode is toy only.
Getting better.
looks a lot better in those pics
Since i love dragon's and love the Phoenix and to me this thing represents both..., this thing is so mine.
Auto Morph
Seriously, what the crap is the alt mode supposed to be? The bird mode is hampered by the alt mode kibble under the chest. Not too impressed I gotta say.

I'm sure there will be an awesome legends version eventually.
Looks like the feet may be able to flip up into the pegs behind them and could be something on the other side of the feet like wheels.
The Giant Claw. My God, it's true.

So he appears to turn into some kind of VTOL jet thing.
Wait... the ugly mode is actualy his alternate mode.
And he has an more accurate form (except the paint (not suprised))
Great !!
Prowl 2009
Still on the fence with this one.


= Movie Laserbeak

He's even got the hawk marking on the cockpit area!
Originally Posted by Noideaforaname View Post
= Movie Laserbeak

He's even got the hawk marking on the cockpit area!
when ever theres trouble g.i.joe is there!
x BlackMagnus x
Flying battleship!
you can post the clearest pictures in the world of this toy and it still looks like ass lol. As someone said a 3rd party custom head MAY help it out but its got to be a kick ass head lol.. Well at least tunner skids will have someone to keep him company on the pegs lol
body doesnt look that bad its just the freakin head! man thats funny(the claw) the autobots are sending in gi joe to spy on the decepticons!
Loving this laserbeak!!!!
still nothing impressive. unintentionally goofy, if anything.
Yes! he transforms into a predator chopper, than means soundwave will be BIG!
That is the ugliest thing I have seen come from bayverse
Another pass from this line.

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