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Age Of Extinction Junkheap Revealed

Posted on 04-22-2014 at 02:14 PM by StayingInTheBox under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Coming via the official Transformers Facebook page, we have a really fun and downright cool reveal by Hasbro. In celebration of Earth Day, Hasbro has partnered with Waste Management to release the exclusive Decepticon Junkheap.

Fans might recognize this figure from the background of the third live action film Dark of the Moon when the Decepticons space-bridged to Earth for their final attack. Many collectors have often said how cool it would be to have a design of the garbage truck character and now we'll have it!

Junkheap will be a part of the Power Battler toy line and will be released this fall.

Let us know what you think after the jump!

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve partnered with Waste Management to bring you an exclusive reveal of a new toy based on a character from Transformers: Age of Extinction — Junkheap. Power Battler Junkheap features a crushing attack claw that when activated can turn Autobots into scrap! Look for this figure on shelves this fall.
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Originally Posted by The Swordsman View Post
Sorry if this has been posted before, but Hasbro has updated the Transformers Facebook page with an image of a toy from the Age of Extinction line called "Junkheap", who appears to be based on the garbage truck background Decepticon from Dark of the Moon:

EDIT: Crap, been ninja'd by Megatronus209...
We posted the same minute XD
YES! This is so awesome!
I've work at wastemanagement for the last 3 going on 4 years...I'm cool with this.
Holy devastator-balls, TAKE MY MONEY!
I love the concept and can't wait to (hopefully) see a Wreck Gar repaint, but...

His head.
It's just there.
Upside down.
I wish the ol' fellow had netted something better than a Power Battler.....but he's beat out Dispensor for new-tooling.

Hopefully the over all robot mode will be nicely proportioned and decently sculpted.
I wonder what the power battler line will be.
Oh good it's one of those random ones that scanned a form in the DOTM beam in.

I'm not too wow'ed by alt mode. I expect robo mode to be movie-hideous.

So he's deluxe scale, right? Would it kill Hasbro to consider making him compatible with the legions toys? I'd love to be able to "recycle" a legion Autobot.

I just hope he's ridiculously tiny, for an expensive price!
I would be way more excited if he was even a deluxe. Hopefully the robot mode does not suffer too badly from being a Power Battler. Wonder when pics of that will hit.
Might have to dip and get this one... because I can get behind it. Bravo Earth Day reveal.
Please make a Generations Figure!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems mistransformed and the front feels unpainted. The visible head ruins the possibility of having a good looking alt-mode, inner wheels don't look good either. Need to see robot mode...
I hope they make a Voyager figure of this guy! Please do!
Hasbro, come on, throw me a Voyager of this bad boy to slip right in with Galvatron and--


Maybe a Junkheap toy is the Voyager Slog we keep seeing? Slog, waste, it seems apt enough, and would throw people off the scent for a good long while, too. After all, Voyager "Slog" doesn't sound like Drift, either, despite Drift supposedly having a Voyager. Plus, we still don't know about some of the other leaked toy list guys, so... Hrm.
Lets hope we get a generations of him. Even if an exclusive.
Originally Posted by Hasbro PR
In celebration of Earth Day...

Because NOTHING says 'Earth Day' like mass-produced commodity consumer products made out of petroleum derivatives.
This is a AOE exclusive toy. And he will be in AOE. Hey Tuna, you have another Con to add to your scale chart
Not a bad looking truck. I'm curious to see what bot mode looks like.
Yes!We finally get minor character toys and now we have an official word about that garbage truck being a Con even if we knew that lol.Recycling is bad,people!
Awesome! Regardless if he gets the Generations treatment or not, I think it is awesome that the garbage truck Con gets a toy and a name. It's about time that there is another named Con in this movie.
Red Goblin
Originally Posted by tonyformer View Post
This is a AOE exclusive toy. And he will be in AOE. Hey Tuna, you have another Con to add to your scale chart
Sadly, I can't find a decent side shot of the vehicle.
We saw this guy rolling out with Galvatron and the vehicons in filming. Confirmation that he is an actual character in the movie is awesome.
I guess it would kill Hasbro designers to make Junkheap into a Voyager Figure eh?

I hate 1-step transformations. :/
Bhaha, Junkheap will collect Transformers 4 Junk Toys, haha, .
Pretty cool novelty, but why'd they have to use one of the gimmicky lines? Bah...
Testing the waters, maybe? Seems to have the actual Waste Management logo, too, nice. Buying!
The post says it's a character from AOE

A Generations version would be cool. Time will tell...
i'm pretty sure more people would've liked this had it been a deluxe or a voyager and actually came out when it should have in the dotm line.. oh well.. that's hasbro for you.
Definately want this one
While it is cool they are doing this, a Voyager version would be even better! I know I was among the many hoping to see a toy for the Garbage Truck 'Con briefly seen in DOTM.
This is the best news ever. Looks like the higher ups in Mack didn't lie to me awhile back.
The Decepticons may be horrible, brutal mass-murderers, but at least they're pro-green.
I've never wanted a toy garbage truck so much in my entire life.
Looks awesome! Can't wait to see his robot mode.
It took this long to make a toy of a DOTM character?

But at least he's out!
Originally Posted by shibamura_prime View Post
I've never wanted a toy garbage truck so much in my entire life.
This mean we'll likely see a Juliaheap once you get the toy?

I REALLY like this idea, because Garbage trucks have a lot of potential to be used.
Originally Posted by TunaKaan View Post
Sadly, I can't find a decent side shot of the vehicle.
If anyone can find you a good side profile of this particular Mac Garbage truck, our Evac can get it for you. EVAC! CALLING EVAC!!!
Originally Posted by BWfan86 View Post
Not a bad looking truck. I'm curious to see what bot mode looks like.
Long Haul minus the dump truck parts, add garbage truck parts lol
A must have.
Composite Ghost
Send Junkheap and his giant Power Battler claw on over to my house so he can pick up that big ass tv the real Waste Management truck left behind because they're too pussy too lift it.
I'll take a voyager of this character.
Correct me if im misquoting, but didnt hasbro say all movie characyers would get the generations treatment?

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