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Walmart Website Posts New Movie Videos

Posted on 09-16-2008 at 11:21 PM by XJunky under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Walmart has put up some new videos on it's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen promotional page. Using the code: "AllSpark62609" will unlock the new content. The first new video features Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox on the set during Day 28 of filming. The video, which takes place in the Witwicky family's backyard, features the two goofing around during a downtime in filming. The second video features the original audition tape of Megan Fox for Transformers.
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Dang Megan is high maintenance.
General Tekno
I love how Shia and his assistant are mocking her there. But not before they get to a safe distance
Spartan Prime
Lol, Shia is a hoot.
Not as cool as the first videos. Fun still kinda funny.
Moroni Prime
I loved when the guy went to shia to shade him with the ballcap and fan him with his hand, and kept a straight face the whole time.
just loved Shia's little look he gives the camera about her high maintenance. priceless!
Awesome. xD She's an oddball honestly, but a lovable one. xD Gotta love some of her other magazine Q & As.

Guess this also solves who's riding arcee the most often.

Oh and just so it's known.

Megan Fox and Mikaela both share that Hot Guy weakness. But Fox also tends to be hypnotized by hot women too.
Between this article, and her other statements of sex obsessions in articles, gotta love how brutally honest this girl is, and comfort with who she is.
Wouldn't call her a role-model, but damn, Bay sure as hell picked a winner for the movie series, at least for guy's fantasies. xD
awesome videos!
haha thats great! moking her from a safe distance! with a straight face. notice when the cameras on her the first time she asks Shia the question he just stays silent. haha. yea i do agree though, not as cool as the first one, but still good.
I typed in the code. It said access denied.
that was pretty cute
Originally Posted by Doug View Post
I typed in the code. It said access denied.
Did you type it in correcly? The code is case-sensitive. It's "AllSpark62609", not "Allspark62609" or "allspark62609". Just copy-paste the code.
wow her audition tapes were better than the final edit for her character. In the movie she seems devoid of a soul but the auditions make her seem like the nice girl from next door.

Makes me kinda wish that they didnt go over the top to try and make her hot and just stuck with what normal people where and look like. Its not like she wouldnt still be hot.

Well this was a nice little video treat though pretty fun. But honestly WTF is up with the full leather jump suit.
Tim Formas
While the video was a hoot, it's also nice to know that we're returning to the Witwicky home.

And for those who don't believe some details released/confirmed/rumored just because we didn't see pictures or video immediately following the day of shooting, I don't believe we knew they filmed at that house again. So, we're not seeing everything that they're filimng necessarily.

Edit: Haha. There's a firefighter in the scene too. Considering Sam doesn't seem too worked up, is there more Autobot humor (ala the birdbath) coming at the Witwicky household?
I agree that the audition video makes Megan not seem *quite* as much a "bimbo".

As for the "high maintenance" - as Megan said, she was in a full leather jumpsuit. As a MC rider, wearing leather chaps & a medium-wt leather jacket - it can get pretty damn hot - in VA. Can't imagine what it would be like in LA/NV/wherever they're filming. Heat exhaustion would be a very real concern - but also great fun to rag her about.

And Yay! for the "confirmation" that Megan will be "paired" with Arcee. Explains why they went w/ brunettes for the stunt-drivers.
chould micla be driving arcee
Is that Arcee Mikaela is riging? I thought that was an Aprilia R50.
Transformers Live Action Movie Blog: New Vehicle Spotted

Which, as far as I can tell, is a different model than the three bikes that presumably comprise Arcee.
the unacronner
when megans character says whats going on he says here take this sliver.....did anyone else catch that he gave here the allspark fragment
Shia is a funny guy. That video was cool. And I think I did see the AllSpark peice.
That was interesting. Shia stirring Megan while keeping a dead pan straight face was hilarious. I know full body leathers can get real hot real fast, a friend has a large motorbike he wears full leathers for as protection. He's always complaining about being real hot when he's out riding in the sun for any lenght of time, even if its a cold day.
this the most entertaing video of the human cast so far it shouls be part of the dvd release ending was the best part.

megan fox looks better in leather than pamela anderson did in barbwire
Ok, so looking at the day one shooting, we get 3 of the Arcee bikes.
Pink, purple and blue.

Originally when I saw the 3 riders (stuntmen) I assumed combiner, although after some discussion figured that was just stunt doubles and didn't mean that Arcee would be a combiner. Especially with only one small shot of the bike in the bed of Ironhide.

After seeing this I'm going back to my initial assumption that Arcee will be a combiner. Size wise it makes more sense to keep her in proportion to the other bots.

The only other thing I can see is that they were trying to do some kind of effects shot to be edited in Post production digitally. Of course we could get a fembot team of 3, which would also be kinda neat.

Look forward to seeing more leaks as we get closer to release. I thinks all the designs will be different, but excelent.
It makes sense that there's all those people around her on the shoot. It does look like she's being pampered but it's all being done for the movie.

Like was said, motorcycle leathers are hot and they don't want her sweating at all. On a shoot any sweating or messed up hair means they'd probably have to do touch ups on her hair or make up. They want to do that as little as possible for fear something gets changed and could mess with the continuity of the shots.
That was really funny and Mega Fox is a diva on the set LOL!!!
Awesome stuff! Megan in an all leather outfit = pure win.

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