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Transformers 4 Script Leaked?, Update From Michael Bay

Posted on 12-17-2012 at 12:43 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Take this with a grain of salt. Entertainment news site Unleash The Fan Boy is claiming that they have obtained a copy of the Transformers 4 Script.

We cant prove the credibility of the news but its worth checking out if you are curious about Transformers 4 (and love to get spoiled).

Recently, Michael Bays Ninja Turtles script was also leaked and the Director himself confirmed it is legit but that script was abandoned long ago. Plot leaks happened for all three previous Transformers movies... it wouldn't be a surprise if it happens for the 4th movie as well.

Good thing about this news is that well probably hear a response from the director after awhile.

If you wish to read a summary of the supposedly leaked script, you can visit Unleash The Fan Boy.

Update - Director Michael Bay has updated his official website with the following message:

"Some Internet sites this morning reported that some document recovery guy has found a legitimate 120 page script of Transformers 4. I can absolutely 100 percent say this is completely false. The only two people in the world that have our unfinished script are Kruger and myself. Also we are only up to page 70 in our T4 script. Maybe this guy has a cartoon or something else but definitely not our movie!"

There you have it folks. We may not have gotten a script, but at the end of the day received an update from the Director regarding the progress of Transformers 4.
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General Tekno
Can't see this as being legit; there's way too much fanwank in here.

Never mind Circuit Breaker.
*clears throat, begins sarcasm*

Oh yea. That definitely is NOT a fan-made script. A cyborg girl? Dinobots? Megatron resurrection #2? Simply flawless..

*end sarcasm*

I'm assuming Unicron junkies refers to Cyclonus and Scourge as well. Why does this seem so...1986 to me? Oh, that's because it nearly is. Also, I'm sure Bay would have the common courtesy to make the government appear slightly more intelligent by having the remains of all dead Decepticons completely obliterated, rather than keeping them intact and stored in a facility. Because as we all know, the bottom of the ocean worked out so well.
"Hmm, let's see how legit this i-"
*Unicron vs Primus with Vector Prime in it.*

I stopped reading after that.
They leaked a false script for the other films as well. I don't buy it.
Not even gonna bother.
hell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BAY! you answer my prayers!!!!! i hope he does not die so soon! and we get a 3 parter! !!!!!!!!!!
Unicron is the MAIN VIllian.
Originally Posted by bumblebeeprime2 View Post
hell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BAY! you answer my prayers!!!!! i hope he does not die so soon! and we get a 3 parter! !!!!!!!!!!
Unicron is the MAIN VIllian.
duh fuq?

As Much I Like the Movies, This leak is Baloney.
OMG, I hope this is real... if it is, I'm going to be so fucking to track down the actual script...
pretty sure this is bullshit. Nice ideas in there though, but way too many for just one film
I can't believe anyone thinks this is real.
Fake, but I like the way they bring Megatron back.
Instead of speculating wether or not this is real, I'll wait to see what happens.
No reason to speculate. This is pure bullshit.
Unicron, Dinobots, Galvatron. I wish this was real.

I demand a fake script to go with this hoax. Y'know, like the last time.
haha no. a leaking script, would imply, that michael bay actually uses a script. we all know he just wings the whole thing based on what he gets to blow up that day!
There's a lot to like here, some of the ideas are nice especially the Megatron/Galvatron bit, that's an interesting deviation from the norm. Obviously can't tell if it's real or fake, but I'd be fine with it being real.
As full of bull as this is, I kinda wish that Galvatron part at the least is true to some extent. The idea of Megatron possessing Galvatron is actually something I could get behind, especially if there's a fight for control during the final battle with Optimus. But alas, that part is most likely fake. The rest of it even more so.

Put spoiler tags as a precaution more than anything. Almost no chance any of it is real, but crazier things have happened.
Originally Posted by Shadow25 View Post
Obviously can't tell if it's real or fake
I could see some elements being used. Megatron taking over Galvatron is one idea I really like. Stonehenge is possible. Vector Prime is another character I could see being used. Circuit Breaker in some capacity would be nice, although not likely. Unicron's minions would work possibly as well. Love some of the elements hate others. Dinobots would be freaking awesome. Too bad Bay hates them, so no there too.

Basically a complete load of BS.... I just hope this movie isn't a complete turd...
guard convoy

this is so obviously fake its insulting
Ah ha ha ha ha, hahaha, ha, ha, ha, oh, a-hee-hee, ha ha, oh, hee ha, ahaha. And I thought my jokes were bad!
Yeah, no. I can wait 'til June 2014.
this would be cool if real...but doubt it is... just want to see dinobots done right in the movie.
I'm not gonna read it. I'm taking your guy's word for and on the off chance it's true, I won't have spoiled the movie for myself.
Micheal Bay will tell everybody sooner or later if it's fake, real, or outdated. I remember some of the other leaks being pretty accurate to the final film. Either way, as long as I see some Badass Transformers Action, I'll be happy. Fans really shouldn't expect that much. It's hard for any movie franchise, Transformers or otherwise to make a sequel as good as the original or whatever people considers a good movie.
I was sent this a few weeks ago to some file sharing sites and you can tell it's fake by scanning through the pages as it just doesn't match with what is known about the film. Here is the "email / submission" they would have received.

A friend of mine is in the document disposal business, he works for a company similar to this:

Secure Document Shredding, Secure Shredding Services & Mobile Shredding Services - Iron Mountain

The actual company I will not disclose since doing so could easily cost him his job, based on what follows...
The other day he was going about his business, when he came upon the document that is linked below.
Needless to say he was torn given the implications, but took a risk and saved it from destruction.
He passed it along to me to let me weigh in on it, and I do believe this is worthy.
What is has going for it:

It pretty much meshes with everything that has been revealed so far, and promises to be an epic story.

What it doesn't have going for it:

It was in a disposal bin awaiting destruction.

So it could be one of two things, an early draft, which is being revised, or there were one to many copies floating around so they decided to elminate the excess.
Either way I think it's significant since it lets us know what they are thinking...

These links will likely expire quickly, that's why I have provided two different sites.


Download 4.pdf from - send big files the easy way

Merry Christmas
Darth Chaleo

P.S. I did some checking, and since it was considered refuse, there shouldn't any issue with posting it. But the main thing is you don't actually poesses it, nor did you upload it, but I've covered my tracks just in case.
Like all previous 'script leaks', the more shit it sounds, the more real it is.

The more awesome it sounds, the more fake it is.
So fake.
its fake because there is no dog humping scene mentioned.
Even if the script is fake, I'm still going to read it. I really enjoyed reading that last fake script.
So there IS a script. The beginning reminds me of the other script, though. If it's one thing I like about this, it's the lack of spelling errors.

I'll have to read the rest of it later. This is gonna be good.
Far too fan wanky to be taken seriously at this stage, though I'd like at least some parts of it to be true, seeing as stonehenge is just down the road from me. However, I highly doubt English Heritage would let Michael Bay anywhere near it!!!
Even by Bay standards this is awfully incoherent. I don't see this being real.

Unicron does NOTHING other than transform then transform back. The process of Transforming Earth into 'new cybertron' was handled in DOTM and the Cyber-forming process has been used recently in Transformers Prime.

Once again the script resorts to time travel and the Mount St. Helen battle is almost directly ripped from "Transformers Cybertron Battle On The Volcanic Island"

Lets not forget that some aspects, including Unicron are ripped directly from comics with Circuit Breaker;

This is worrying as it means circuit smasher could also turn up in future films - if circuit breaker is included hten circuit smasher is the only logical love interest.

The Mind-Meld is taken from Transformers Prime

The Cyberforming is pointless as Unicron has no reason to Cyberform a world he is going to destroy.

The "Red Eye`s" at the end are way too vague and killing Megatron/Galvatron is utterly pointless as Megatron will simply return for the next film.

At the end, once again all the Decepticons are dead and the Autobots have a massive army that dwarfed them completely.

"plugs into the Decepticon bodies in order to download their memories" This is pure Transformers Prime.

Quick summary;

This script is lacking in many things. The only good parts are ripped directly from other Transformers series including games and recent tv shows. While inspiration from the comics would be nice, this is just directly stealing plot devices and muddling them together to try to make a plot and in this case it fails.

The Dinobots seem purely pushed into the script in order to include them and does not include the full original line-up of Paddles. Circuit Breaker is simply an invincible human who acts similar to Sam (DOTM) when Circuit Breaker murder's Cyclonus and many other Autobots and Decepticons.

A terrible script with characters who have not grown after their experiences from the previous films. The increased number of robot cast given even shorter screen time - by the inclusion of a massive scene introducing Josie. After 4 years of 'peace' the Autobots are only now sending a message into space complaining about the humans not accepting them? Also, what happened to the whole "High school girl dating Jock/chav race driver"

The list of Robots introduced is also way too high (Note - did not have time to check everyone was included, probably missed some other Autobots);

Autobots; (Minimum of 18 main cast)
  • Hot Spot
  • Blades
  • Streetwise
  • Groove
  • First Aid
  • Grimlock
  • Slag
  • Snarl
  • Sludge
  • Swoop
Optimus Prime
Vector Prime
Ultra Magnus

Decepticons; (Minimum of 5 main cast + atleast 4 generic cons + multiple sweeps)
Four generic cons who look like Rumble
Sweeps (Described as Waves - assuming multiple generic robots looking the same)
Originally Posted by Brooticus View Post
Far too fan wanky to be taken seriously at this stage, though I'd like at least some parts of it to be true, seeing as stonehenge is just down the road from me. However, I highly doubt English Heritage would let Michael Bay anywhere near it!!!
Indeed, i think they actually made it illegal to film or even go near the monument due to errosion of the stones and people stealing rocks... though it does sound like Bay's work to go after something he is not supposed to be allowed to use and then complain when he cant use it.
This happened to both TF2 and 3 and neither of them were real. This won't be either. I expect this is actually just part of the usual Bayshit campaign.
I guess each of the movies is gonna have a character who is a descandant of the Primes.

TF1: Optimus
TF2: Fallen
TF3: Sentinel

TF4: Vector Prime........ (Though it might not be true)
Far too much fan wank in that. The Dinobots just sound shoehorned in. Unicron does nothing and get defeated far too easily. Circuit Breaker will never be in a movie, she is owned by Marvel, right? All that being said, I do like the way they bring Megatron back. I would buy that if it happened. Make Galvatron go crazy as he fights Megatron's mind too.

But yeah, FAKE!!!! It reminds me so much of the leaked script for Dark of the Moon which was basically More Than Meets the Eye retold including 80's alt modes.
If this was leaked from a guy with a job at a sensitive document containment/destruction facility then he DESERVES to lose his job and be really ashamed of himself. Imagine what other documents (ie.- medical/financial) this guy could leak. Just my 2 cents.
Originally Posted by Trikeboy View Post
But yeah, FAKE!!!! It reminds me so much of the leaked script for Dark of the Moon which was basically More Than Meets the Eye retold including 80's alt modes.
Oh yeah, that one was horrible. Absolutely horrible. Mind you, I didn't like the real movie, but it was nowhere near as bad as the fake script.

Didn't stop a lot of people from claiming it was the best evar, though. Another fine example of Transformers fans being totally clueless about quality.
Hot Shot.
Fakest fake to ever fake. Fanwank aside, Circuit Breaker is owned by Marvel. That's enough to disprove it.

I know people want Bayformers news, but this is just front-paged fanfiction.
Yeah, Bay made it abundantly clear that he hates the Dinobots, so I'd wave the bullshit flag for that alone. Then we get to the licensing issues, and it all falls apart there. I'm disappointed there wasn't a young female Autobot named Mary Sue who was only recently created, yet was faster/smarter/stronger than every other Autobot, singlehandedly beats the entire Decepticon army and marries Optimus. Seriously, if you're gonna troll, at least have a big reveal at the end.
On a related note, I can put 'Unleash The Fan Boy' in touch with some Nigerian Princes who need someone to help them transfer their funds overseas.

Seriously, I remember reading a better fake 'Matrix 2' script back in the day, and it had Agent Smith growing a ponytail.
I'll wait for the trailer.
Fake or not, my take away is that those bullet points made me feel the same way as things that actually have happened in the Bay-verse..
Originally Posted by bumblebeeprime2 View Post
hell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BAY! you answer my prayers!!!!! i hope he does not die so soon! and we get a 3 parter! !!!!!!!!!!
Unicron is the MAIN VIllian.
awww, bless - 1 post in 10 that doesn't think it's fake.

I almost don't have the heart to point out that it is most likely fake when he shows this kind of enthusiasm for it.

Oh well, once the movie has premiered you are more than welcome to join me in the disapointed-with-Bay-corner.
thank god this time around my interest in the movie is Zero so I'm ignoring anything related to TF4 til it comes to theater.

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