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Cleveland Family Builds Transformers Halloween Display

Posted on 10-17-2009 at 08:14 AM by TM2 D-bot under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
A Cleveland family really wants to win a KIA Soul, and has built a Halloween decor for their lawn that really stands out and appeals to us. Do a 12 foot Bumblebee and 17 foot Optimus Prime statues fancy any other fans out there? In their own words:

This year for our Halloween display, we built two Transformers for our front yard. One is Optimus Prime, 17ft tall and the other is Bumblebee, 12ft tall. We live in Cleveland, ohio and there are always a ton of people coming over taking pictures and asking about how they were made. They are made from wood and foam and it took 6 months to build Optimus and 2 months to build Bumblebee. This is a display you won't want to miss!

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Now that is fan dedication
Very cool...but needs more Halloween!
Wow, that's amazing! I want those on my lawn!
There a little to small...great detail though!
Very nicely done. It looks like they selected a winner earlier this month and I don't think this display won, though I can't find the info for sure here.

However, this does beg the question -- does a Kia really qualify as a "prize"? And can you win one using a display featuring one of GM's premiere vehicles?

Worse yet, it was a lease for a Kia...

Still, these guys are the winners in my book.
That Optimus kicks ass.
that's not CNN
They're... quaint i guess-
But these people clearly doesn't understand how this whole Halloween thing is supposed to work.
that is awesome! does this guy have a 'how to' site? id be interested in building myself an optimus.
hmmm.... maybe i should put up a megan fox halloween display.
The Optimus is freakin' amazing. The Bumblebee isn't that bad either.
These are really incredible...but I can easily see why they didn't win. There's nothing "Halloweeny" about their display.
Amazing work on the sculptures. Not much Halloweeny about them, that is why they didn't win the contest, but amazing work and dedication was put into them, I can see!

But did they have to use that crappy, overused song for the video! >.<
When Halloween is over they should sell them on Ebay. Probably make some good money.
this is news?
Optimus Scourge
Pretty cool, must have taken a lot of work.
Originally Posted by longhaulfan View Post
There a little to small.
Oh darn. Guess he should scrap them and try again.

Seriously though, these are some pretty cool home made models.
I look forward to seeing how his Barricade and Megatron for 2010 turn out.
Very nice. He should have installed lights on them, it would've added even more detail-especially to Prime
Holy shit. Thats impressive. That is fan dedication. How long did they make them?
I have actually stopped and saw these a week or so ago. The guy does this as a hobby and wasn't just hoping to win the prize, but also get some attention and possibly find a position in a job that would do some similar work. From what he said when I stopped and talked to him, he had working lights(eyes and headlights), and was going to use sound bytes from the two movies so they would seem to talk to each other. I haven't been able to go up at night and see them then, but these are truly amazing, even though they are not full scale. By the way, he had the Bumblebee up last year, and decided to add Optimus for this year. He actually set them up in his back yard a few months ago to test the balanceing and to make sure they did not fall over, the day I saw them was pretty windy, and he seemd to do his homework because they are very stable.

I've gotta respect someone THAT dedicated to holiday decorating, even if it isn't particularly Halloween related. I'd have done a Jack Skellington or something m'self, if I wasn't too lazy to make stuff like that.
that display so cool that's a hardcore fan!
Ugh... that song is so overused.
Nice robots though.
that is awesome!...!...!

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