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Transformers Age Of Extinction - Possible First Look At Grimlock's Robot Mode?

Posted on 11-21-2013 at 09:22 AM by StayingInTheBox under Transformers Movie
File this away in the rumors and speculation folders, but we have some potential exciting news for you this morning. Coming way via the Facebook page of Transformers Cars, we have some photos of a crew member's hoodie revealing what potentially could be our first look at Grimlock's robot mode!

At this time it is still speculation as we don't have a concrete source for this hoodie and if it does belong to crew members, but some characteristics of this image of "Grimlock" do seem to match up with promo art we've already seen.

What do you think of this possibility? Speculate after the jump!
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Images for Transformers Age Of Extinction - Possible First Look At Grimlock's Robot Mode?

Very barbarian looking. I like it.
Reminds me of BH Predaking. I approve.

Edit: Those look like parts of the dino mode jaw on the shoulders. Yup, Grimlock.
Yup just threw up in my mouth a little.
The T-rex head becomes the shoulder pads?

That is AWESOME!
The Bucket Kitten
Whoever that is, I like the design.
Jesus, that is fucking insane.
That is pretty wicked looking... Imagine how huge that'll look next to Optimus...
Wow...Prime looking like a knight then Grimlock looking like a's like they're going medieval!

Reminds me of something from Escaflowne.
Omega Charge
Damn, look at those weapons. It looks like he can bring the pain far worse than even Optimus. I'd be terrified if I was a Decepticon (or anyone that had to fight him).
I refuse to get excited for this movie, but that does look kinda neat.
Mister Gone
Um... I don't hate this.
I was around this faceboock page and look what I found!

What the hell.....
Looks a lot like the MORTAR-HEAD designs from the anime FIVE STAR STORIES
I'm imagining that in the colors seen on the t-rex mode and thinking it will look really cool. I'm sure my inner Geewunner will scream in my head for saying this, but I like it.
If this is legit, which I think it is, I dig the look of Grimlock.
spartan 3764
Gentleman change it to code brown,
Because i shit me pants!
Originally Posted by Transmetal View Post
Reminds me of something from Escaflowne.
yeah, totally. i was even gonna say the proportions are a little valvrave-y.

OH also totally Five Star Stories. yea, that's probably what it most reminds me of...
Of course it looks nothing like Grimlock, so yeah that's probably it.

On the plus side, at least they're attempting something akin to actual design this time around. Prior to this, all Bayformers have looked like

Sweet mother of primus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My boy Mr. Bay got Grimlock looking something like one of those alien warriors from that classic movie Predators. And Im digging it. He is going to beat some Decepticons down. Applause Applause.
Very COOL!! I Love it! It reminds me of the MSN-06S in Gundam Unicorn.
A ridiculous tangled mess of....things....yeah, that makes sense to me.
Originally Posted by edgs2099 View Post
I refuse to get excited for this movie, but that does look kinda neat.
Ha!! Agreed!!
I'll probably even see it in the theater but it's still Bayformers (although glad Shia is gone!!). I'm just hoping that all this Dinobot attention will result in Dinobot Reissues and Dinobot Generations figures, etc...
I hate the feet. Looks like he is wearing genie shoes.
That's the most intimidating Transformers robot mode I ever saw. Applause Applause.
Originally Posted by aptkane View Post
A ridiculous tangled mess of....things....yeah, that makes sense to me.
You can clearly make out the whole evil knight theme he has, tho. This picture isn't the most detailed so maybe the full design is worse but as presented it's perfectly comprehensible.

The problem is more that it's fairly generic-looking. I mean.. How do you know this print isn't meant to be a Warcraft guy?
Why do I get a DINO-ZAURS vice from that....

EDIT: Sorry, meant Dinozone, not dunno-zaurs.
That actually looks cool. Doesn't make me want to go see the movie anymore, but I do like this design. Does kind of make me worried to see how the toys of him look though...
Kinda looks like G1 Snarl to me.
My god. He looks like he is about to unleash everything! Can't freaking wait!!
Aw yis. This movie is making the Dinobots actually look interesting.
I think I'm already sad we'll never get a Grimlock with the wicked engineering we got for ROTF/HFTD.
Dinobot Snarl
As the Bayverse' biggest critic...

Good grief that's awesome
That's how The Fallen should have looked...

I have no idea how they would make a toy of this -he has the upper jaw on one shoulder and the lower jaw on the other.

See even G1 one fans can appreciate the movies if it doesn't give us 2 years of fugly toys.
Originally Posted by megatroptimus View Post
I think I'm already sad we'll never get a Grimlock with the wicked engineering we got for ROTF/HFTD.
Yep. AOE Leader Prime has killed ANY hope I have for this line. But at least we'll have some pretty alt modes for display, I suppose.
Me Grimlock, Me big and bad, Me get update from the Transformers franchise saviour Mr. Bay. Me like, me love.

Lord have mercey, good golly, omg. Can somebody get me a time machine so I can immediately transport to the future when the movie and that Grimlock will be available.
I like it. So far all of the robot modes we have seen from this movie kick ass.
Originally Posted by OMEGAPRIME1983 View Post
Why do I get a DinoZone vice from that....
fixd..we dont peak of the Saban bastardization . But yes i can see similarities as well. But I'm sure its purely cooncidental. I would actually be surprised if any of the Dinobots in the Movie had robot transformations. I think they would be more non-transformable like Scorponok or Ravage. Still if they do have bot modes, it will be awesome.

DO WANT!! This looks great and is another reason why it's sometimes awesome when the Bay designers get their hands on a tried and true 'oldie' like Grimlock here.
Please don't be Grimlock. That looks like CRAP. You people are all so accepting. How in the hell can you like that design?? It's like the Fallen (worst design) and a Genie mashed up.
seems right for the movie, looks nothing like grimlock

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