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Transformers Movie

This is a grouped category for both the Transformers movie toys and products plus news related to the actual movies like set updates and new trailers. You can break it down further by following the links to either Transformers Movie (Just Movie) or Transformers Movie Toys & Products under each story.

Prime 1 Studio Grimlock and Optimus Prime Statue New Images and Details

Posted on 10-01-2014 at 04:43 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
10672201_776287472417897_6644084136906850375_n Prime 1 Studios have updated their Facebook page with new details of their Age of Extinction Grimlock statue. Clocking in at nearly three feet long, this massive statue does the Dinobot justice!

There are two versions of the statue in the works. The first one is the Grimlock-only option, and features LED light up features in the base, eyes and mouth of the statue. There is also a deluxe one, which is Grimlock with Optimus Prime (recreating Optimus' heroic charge into battle in Age of Extinction) which in addition to all those features also has a second Optimus Prime statue with option parts for standing or riding Grimlock, along with two different ways to hold his sword, and a shield too!

To top it all off, both versions have an Autobots Emblem Stand with light up function. They are due out between April and June next year.
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CBR Interviews Peter Cullen And AOE Stunt Driver Sli Lewis

Posted on 10-01-2014 at 12:43 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
cullen-social Comic Book Resources had the pleasure to interview Mr. Peter Cullen; the legendary voice of Optimus Prime. They also had a chat with Sli Lewis; stunt driver for Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

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Peter Cullen and Optimus Prime Honored at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood

Posted on 09-30-2014 at 04:35 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
RQmAyjC Getty Images and the twitter feed of Levi Tinker (among others) report that coinciding with the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Transformers Age of Extinction, Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, dipped his hands in the cement at Hollywood's famous Chinese Theater. That's not all though as Optimus Prime was also granted full honors complete with a huge statue of Age of Extinction Optimus Prime and his wheelprint in the cement!

It's yet another great honor for the 30th anniversary of Transformers and the man who for so many of us brought the show - and Optimus Prime - to life.

Rightfully deserved, Mr Cullen, rightfully deserved!
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Win a Copy of TF:AoE Signed by Mark Wahlberg from TFW2005 Now!

Posted on 09-30-2014 at 10:55 AM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
TF4-Prize-Pack-01 The fine folks over at Paramount have given us a Transformers Age of Extinction prize pack to give away to the fans! We are holding a simple contest in order to get the goodies to you starting NOW!

Those goodies include...

Grand Prize:
  • 1 copy of Transformers Age of Extinction on Blu-Ray - signed by Mark Wahlberg
  • 1 Transformers AoE Mouse
  • 1 Transformers AoE Keyboard
  • 1 Transformers AoE Speaker
  • 1 Transformers AoE Shopping Bag

Runner Up (2 Winners):
  • 1 copy of Transformers Age of Extinction on Blu-Ray

All you have to do is...

Post in this thread on the 2005 Boards, explaining what your favorite moment from any Transformers Movie was, and why.

We will randomly choose one grand prize, and two runner up winners from the list of members who participated in the thread on Thursday 10/2. We will collect your information via PM on the Boards, and send it over to Paramount reps who will ship the items directly to you.

Have fun, and good luck!

Transformers Age of Extinction is out now on (Blu Ray), (DVD), and Digital HD (via iTunes and Amazon). Make sure to pick up your copy today!
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Age of Extinction Score Release Date October 7th

Posted on 09-26-2014 at 07:10 PM by ORIO under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
aoe-score Good news for fans of Steve Jablonsky. The composer for the Transformers live action movies has updated his Facebook page with the following update on the Transformers Age of Extinction Score:

For those of you who have been's here. Thanks for your patience!
Release date is October 7th. It's been a pleasure putting this together with the fine folks at La-La Land Records, big thanks to them.
My homework assignment for this weekend: finish signing a couple hundred copies, which will be available on La-La Land's website as well as a handful of randomly signed ones going out to whatever places still sell CDs. So if you get a copy that has some weird black scribble on it, that's probably my signature.
As always, thank you everyone for all the love and support. You guys are the reason I pushed to get this out.

Mark your calendars folks! Click on the title bar to discuss
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Transformers Ultimate Showdown Contest

Posted on 09-25-2014 at 12:09 PM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
tf-showdown The Transformers Age of Extinction home release hype is in full swing, and there is now an Ultimate Transforemers Showdown contest being sponsored by Paramount. You can vote for your favorite Transformer daily in a NCAA tournament style bracket, and if you pick the winner you could win a 64 Inch UHD TV. Check the official game site here and stop back daily to win!

Will your favorite ‘bot make it through the Ultimate Transformers Showdown? Autobot® or Decepticon®, Dinobot or Constructicon, YOU choose who will advance! Click on the daily match-up and vote on Facebook or Twitter to keep your favorites in the running! If you pick the winning Transformer, you could win* an Ultra HD TV!
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EXCLUSIVE: Transformers Age of Extinction Concept Art

Posted on 09-25-2014 at 10:39 AM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
PG_004_Optimus_PowerUp_003 Transformers Age of Extinction is out now on Digital HD and is set for release on DVD and Blu Ray next Tuesday! To celebrate the release the fine folks at Paramount have exclusively shared some high res AoE concept art with us here at TFW2005. We get to see some pretty cool stuff in here, including:
  • Optimus Prime with sword and shield
  • Bumblebee sketches
  • Early Drift artwork in alternate colors
  • Galvatron
  • Slug with a hand sketched helmet
  • Man made Cyclebot concepts
  • Various environment and ship shots

Transformers Age of Extinction is out now on (Blu Ray), (DVD), and Digital HD (via iTunes and Amazon). Make sure to pick up your copy today!

Check out the official press release and exclusive shots after the break!
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Transformers: Age of Extinction - Behind the Wheel Press Event

Posted on 09-24-2014 at 03:32 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Paramount has posted a video of their Transformers: Age of Extinction - Behind the Wheel Press Event; where people from media got the chance to drive Movie Autobots around a racetrack.

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Peter Cullen Wants Michael Bay To Return For Transformers 5

Posted on 09-24-2014 at 03:25 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Peter-Cullen-Michael-Bay-Transformers-5 Legendary voice actor and the iconic voice of Optimus Prime; Mr. Peter Cullen fondly mentioned director Michael Bay and wishes to see him back in the director's chair for the 5th installment of the Transformers Live Action Movie Series.

Mr. Cullen mentioned to Cinema Blend:

"I have a great deal of respect for him. He generates a great deal of excitement and energy. He's really a hands-on director. My son is a stunt man and worked in Chicago doing a lot of the driving sequences...he said he's a very, very diligent, hands-on guy. He creates a great deal of energy and puts everybody on their toes. I would certainly miss him. I think he's brilliant, his mind is unbelievable. "

"Michael if you're [reading] this, I certainly hope you are coming back."

"It would be very difficult me to express any of the future on Transformers, but certainly the excitement that it's generated of where it could possibly go is up to anybody to figure out. I don't have access to any of that information."
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Hero Mashers Soundwave and Slug Found at US Retail.

Posted on 09-21-2014 at 02:11 PM by Jacer under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
10659312_10152661229759000_6526139175408711018_n-1 TFW member, Worldsgreatest found the next wave of Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade Figures Slug and Soundwave at a Target in Hanover, PA. Slug comes with Snarl's Tail and Soundwaves comes with Sideswipe's arm.

Happy Hunting folks.
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Takara-Tomy AD-31 Ultimate Optimus Prime New Image

Posted on 09-20-2014 at 07:16 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
wwwdotuporg5323839 Takara-Tomy's LA-13 Battle Attack Nemesis Prime has just been released in Japan - and it comes with a flyer that shows off the next major Japan-only release in all its glory. AD-31 "Ultimate" Optimus Prime is a heavily remolded version of the Leader class mold, featuring a premium paint job, reworked weapons, remolded chest and head, and new arms. This is the first time we've seen the figure fully painted - check it out!
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Transformers Exhibit Coming To Indianapolis Children's Museum Next Year

Posted on 09-17-2014 at 06:33 AM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
transformers2 The official website of Children's Museum, Indianapolis is informing us that a Transformers Exhibit is coming to the museum next year.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
March 7–July 26, 2015

As Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS franchise celebrates its 30th Anniversary, get ready for a museum exhibit that shows the fun and innovation that has gone into the creation of the iconic robots. This exhibit will showcase the heroic Autobots and villainous Decepticons, including favorites like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Grimlock. Since their introduction in 1984, TRANSFORMERS characters have converted from robots to vehicles, jets, dinosaurs, and animals. The excitement and fast-paced action of a brand new animated series, Robots in Disguise from Hasbro Studios will debut in 2015 and the exhibit will feature new characters that will be sure to inspire families to create even more new stories. What are the secrets to creating something that can move and twist and contort itself into an entirely different being? TRANSFORMERS fans of all generations can use their own imaginations and explore the design and engineering that goes into crafting these beloved characters.

TRANSFORMERS, all related characters and MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2014 Hasbro. All rights reserved.
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Prime 1 Studio MMTFM-05 Grimlock & Optimus Prime - Info And Official Images

Posted on 09-16-2014 at 12:00 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
Prime-1-Studio-MMTFM-05-Grimlock-Optimus-Prime Prime 1 Studio official Facebook page has posted details and images of the MMTFM-05 Grimlock & Optimus Prime statue.

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMTFM-05 Grimlock & Optimus prime Transformers Statue,The ultimate team up! Together in battle for the Epic final confrontation to save the human race from extinction.

MMTFM-05 Grimlock & Optimus Prime Version specially features:
  • Approximately 89cm L x 35cm W x 60cm H
  • LED eyes light up function
  • LED Mouth light up function
  • LED Base light up function
Accessories include :
  • Autobots Emblem Stand with light up function.
Optimus Prime Statue Features:
  • Approximately 22cm L x 21cm W x 29cm H
  • Semi articulate upper torso.
Accessories include :
  • One (1) Switchable Leg Stand version
  • One (1) Switchable Leg Ride version
  • One (1) Shield
  • One (1) Switchable point sword version
  • One (1) Switchable regular sword version
  • NO LED light up function for Optimus prime Statue.

We've mirrored the images with this news post. Check 'em out, after the jump.
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Behind The Scenes Of Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Posted on 09-15-2014 at 12:43 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
transformers4bluray Several entertainment websites are now posting exclusive behind the scenes footage from Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

The reason behind this may probably be the fact that the movie out in Digital HD tomorrow (September 16th, 2014).

USA Today has posted a clip highlighting the Explosions of the movie and the clip at Parade highlights Stanley Tucci's character; Joshua Joyce. The third clip from Break highlights the destruction and how director Michael Bay directs his trademark Bayhem.

The clips are introduced by Mark Wahlberg; who plays the character Cade Yeager in the 4th Michael Bay Transformers Live Action Movie.

You can share any new clips you find, at the thread associated with this news post.
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Age of Extinction Autobots United Five Pack In Hand Images

Posted on 09-12-2014 at 02:09 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
P1290693 Via Blacklai of, we have a look at the Transformers Age of Extinction Autobots United Five Pack in hand. This pack collects the five main Autobots from Age of Extinction in a single, Platinum Series giftset. The five molds used as the new Camaro Bumblebee and Evasion Optimus Prime along with the Voyager Hound, Deluxe Drift and Deluxe Crosshairs. Generally the five in the set feature full-on "premium" paint jobs including lots of painted details like taillights that get missed on the regular retail releases. But top of the list of cool paint details in this set - Crosshairs has his stripes painted on both sides!

Check out a quick selection of images attached to this post or the full gallery linked above.
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