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MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack Prototype Revealed

Posted on 01-09-2014 at 10:22 PM by Secretcode under Transformers Masterpiece
Thanks to a post over at TagHobby, we now have our first (non-silhouetted) look at the the next Masterpiece figure: MP-20 Wheeljack! Transforming into a Lancia Stratos Turbo like his original self, the long rumored figure has finally been fully revealed with a release date of August 23rd in Japan with a price of 6,500 Yen.

Stay tuned to TFW2005 as we bring you the latest Masterpiece news as it happens.
Views: 14,251 / Credit: General Tekno, Young Padawan, Type-R of the 2005 Boards!
nice - love that alt mode
God DAYUM son, he looks amazing.
Bought, bought, bought!!! Btw I'm in love

Release date: 23 August

Price: 6,500 yen

Licensed Lancia Stratos vehicle mode, stores in MP-10 Convoy trailer. Hand gun and missile launcher attach to robot and vehicle modes.

Set contents: Wheeljack (1), hand gun (1), ,missile launcher (1), spare mirror (2)??, manual (1)
As I didn't get Generations Wheeljack, this has my interest.
Oh God he's beautiful. And an August release date? Well, looks like I know where my Birthday money will be going (assuming he's not delayed).
Awesome can't wait
Godzilock Prime
Shut up and take my money!
At this rate, I'll be selling all my G1 and Classics toys and go with Masterpiece from now on. What a perfect representation of a G1 character.
Thank god, I liked the Classics Wheeljack, but hated how he was "squatty". This is the definitive and only WJ I'll ever need.
What's this about August release date? COME ON MAN I'M LITERALLY DYING EVERY SECOND I DON'T HAVE THIS!
This will be must buy for me.
The Dark Seeker
So glad I pre-ordered this guy
I don't know what to do about the boner I got seeing this.
General Tekno
Calling it now; he'll get pushed to September like Prowl did for the same reason (more demand than anticipated).
Oh my fuck that is beautiful. I really gotta get caught up on the Datsuns before this drops.
So freaking awesome!

Do wonder what that weird seam down the roof is about though.
DAMN!!!!! Been wanting this toy for the last 30 years... WANT NOW PLEASE

Oh, btw, the article does say 6500 yen. at the average exchange rate of about 100 yen to the USD (which has been pretty consistent for the last year and will likely be so for the coming year. Right now its 109 yen to the USD) This guy SHOULDN'T BE MORE THAN $65 USD. Retailers, better stop GOUGING these for $80 frigg'n dollars...

Originally Posted by turboedguy View Post
So freaking awesome!

Do wonder what that weird seam down the roof is about though.
I noticed those panel seams too... Curious
Originally Posted by General Tekno View Post
Calling it now; he'll get pushed to September like Prowl did for the same reason (more demand than anticipated).
You'd think they'd figure it out by now!

Anyway, this is delicious. this is the perfect Wheeljack I've been waiting for since the Alternator and Classics figure disappointed me.
That looks amazing now show Bumblebee!
holy shit the headsculpt is so rounded and perfect.
The retail price for MP Wheeljack (6,500 yen) is the same as MP-19 and MP-12G.

TakaraTomy raised the pricing for MP cars after MP-12, MP-17 and MP-18 (5,800 yen).
Gorgeous. I absolutely a adore that alt mode. Although I seem to say that every time a new masterpiece is revealed
That is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Awesome I just want to eat it all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lookin' sharp!
August can't come soon enough. Seems so so far away.
Long time coming for Wheeljack as I never owned the original one.
Acid Wing
Sold! Really hope all the future Masterpieces get released here US/North America.
I'll take him, and Slicer, and Marlboor, and whatever other repaints or remolds they want to make out of him...

Ok, wheres the HLJ preorder??
Wow, I think I'm lovin' the alt mode more than the robot mode. I wonder if that shoulder cannon stores when transformed.
Tekkaman Blade
Why.......Why do I have to wait so long.....why can't I buy it now?
Man. Pretty soon I'm gonna sell off all of my classics figures they rate the MP's are going.
august until we get a new mold? kinda long. he looks much better in proto than the silhouette
... the only thing that could improve that is a Chris Latta voice chip, god rest his soul!
David Hingtgen
Licensed alt-mode, yeah, but does it have a licensed proper Alitalia paint scheme? It all depends on the paint-scheme, for me at least.

The "spare mirrors" have me worried a bit. It really looks like they could easily have a simple hinge and pivot up 90 degrees in bot mode, to fold flush alongside the knee, and not poke out like they do.

PS Takara, here ya go:

"The Alitalia logo was designed in 1969 by Walter Landor. The colours are green (Pantone 348) and red (Pantone 485).

Alitalia uses the typeface Rotis SemiSerif."

Aw Crap!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait that long.

And what is it suppose to mean about spare mirror?
Wheeljack looks amazing! I do wonder why the roof of the vehicle has a seam down the center. There are no obvious hinges so I don't think it opens up.

I must be the only one happy about the August release date. I need time to save!
Galvatron 2016!!!
I bet the Amazon exclusive accessory is going to be the second rocket launcher for toy accuracy.
absolutely perfect!
Jackson Wells is looking good. Don't want to have to wait until August though.
Hot fucking damn. I need that in my life so bad.
Bob 121
When will he be up for preorder?
Sweet Mother of Primus!
Mp 20 in August.... Hmmm... Means mp bumblebee will be a dec or February 2015 release... Gonna go with 3party for bumblebee and keep my wheel jack preorder
Liege Prime
August is an eternity away! He will be worth the wait, everything looks spot on.
Maverick Hunter Christian
Figured he wouldn't be released til later in the year like the datsuns were in 2013. Certainly looks like he'll be worth the wait.
This year is going to be so awesome.

Btw, does that mean Magnus is not coming out this year?
August?!?! I can't wait that long!!!

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