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Transformers Masterpiece

Transformers Masterpiece news information and images.

Masterpiece Road Rage Vehicle Mode Color Images

Posted on 05-22-2015 at 07:01 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
54091399jw1esd24au3k3j20m80etaca Dengeki Hobby have posted some new color images of Masterpiece Road Rage that shows us her vehicle mode in full glorious color! She's looking sharp as a red corvette, and also as a flying corvette complete with tailfins. Check out the new images attached to this post.
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New Color Image of MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage!

Posted on 05-08-2015 at 07:49 AM by Mechafire under Transformers Masterpiece
MP-Road-Rage-2 TFW2005 site sponsors BigBadToyStore and RobotKingdom have just put up preorders for the highly-anticipated MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage figure, giving us our first look at her color scheme, alt-mode, and accessories.

Road Rage is very faithful to her original her colors - though strangely enough, she also appears to be taking some inspiration from her Animated incarnation with her white biceps and thighs. Her alt-mode, apart from presumably the colors, appears identical to Tracks', although it seems she may lack the shiny paintjob Tracks features. As for her accessories, she will come with a mini Twincast boombox - the rebuilt form of Blaster (AKA Billy).

Courtesy of Autobase Aichi, we have a couple of better images.

Get your preorders in here, and make the jump to take a look at the new pics!

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Hasbro MP Bluestreak Update - Listings and Pics

Posted on 05-07-2015 at 11:46 AM by Joe Moore under Transformers Masterpiece
Hasbro-MP-Bluestreak-002 Thanks to forum members Mecannibal V and Nevermore, we have a couple of quick updates for the upcoming Hasbro Masterpiece Bluestreak. Toys "R" US Canada has added a pre-order listing and both that and Toys "R" Us Australia have newer looking pics. See the listings below.

  • Toys "R" Us Canada - Transformers Masterpiece - Bluestreak Figure - $89.99 CAD (about $74 USD)
  • Toys "R" US Australia - Transformers Masterpiece - Bluestreak Figure - $129.99 AUD (about $102 USD)

Read on for the new images.
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Comparison Pictures of Masterpiece Tracks and Road Rage Prototypes

Posted on 05-03-2015 at 12:34 AM by Sentinel under Transformers Masterpiece
image TAG Hobby has posted some side-by-side comparison pictures of the upcoming TakaraTomy MP-25 Tracks and MP-26 Road Rage.

These pictures highlight the changes made to the Tracks mold to create the female character Road Rage. You can do a direct comparison between the two figures to see:

-slimmer, more rounded hips/pelvis
-streamlined thighs
-redesigned biceps to add more detail
-new face and head
-new collarbone/upper chest???

She also comes with the G1 toy-accurate gun that originally came with Tracks.

Takara has gone to a lot of effort and utilized some fairly significant retooling to create a new character that holds the distinction of being the first (hopefully of many) female Masterpiece figure.

Sound off in the discussion thread to let us know what you think about the differences between the two molds or if you see anything I've missed.
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Hasbro Asia MP-12 Sideswipe reissue

Posted on 04-30-2015 at 10:37 AM by Bruticon under Transformers Masterpiece
MP-12 Coming to us via Hasbro Asia's Facebook page, courtesy of TFW2005 member xdmisato, is an announcement of a reissue for MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe. This reissue will be available in September 2015 in Asian countries excluding Japan, and will include a currently unknown bonus item. Check out the collage announcing the reissue attached to this post.
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MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage Clearer Image, Release Month, & More

Posted on 04-23-2015 at 09:03 AM by Mechafire under Transformers Masterpiece
QgEFTFC Following on from our news from yesterday, TFW2005 boards member Type-R has supplied us with a clearer image of the MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage prototype from Figure King magazine.

Also revealed is that the figure has a late October release - but unfortunately the specific date has not yet been revealed. The article also mentions the extensively retooled bodyparts and the "Plasma Discharger" G1-style rifle. The price has yet to be announced, but keep checking back, as we'll bring you the updates as they happen.

Check it out after the break!
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Transformers Masterpiece MP-06 Bluestreak Box Image & Official Images

Posted on 04-22-2015 at 06:39 AM by Trailbreaker77 under Transformers Masterpiece
95764 Hasbro Australia has added the Hasbro Masterpiece Bluestreak to their website, and with it, some official images of the release including a look at the box. The box is the now-standard "large" Hasbro boxes, which suggests Bluestreak will be packaged in robot mode and there may be some "dead space" around the edge of the figure.

Check out the images attached to this post.

(For those keeping track, Masterpiece Star Saber has also gone up for order. However, his box is the same as the Japanese release one, since he is being imported from that region for the Australian market.)
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Transformers Masterpiece MP-26 revealed as Road Rage

Posted on 04-22-2015 at 05:42 AM by Trailbreaker77 under Transformers Masterpiece
MP-26-Roadrage Via Taghobby, Masterpiece MP-26 has been revealed as Road Rage, a remold of the upcoming MP-25 Tracks. Giving us out first ever female Masterpiece, she looks to have a different head sculpt, but no word on what other differences this mold has as compared to MP-25.

I'm sure the specifics of Road Rage's release date will be coming shortly, as well as any other accessories that will be included with the figure. TFW2005 will keep you updated as new info comes out! For now, sound off after the jump!
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Hasbro Masterpiece MP-06 Bluestreak and Takara Starsaber Confirmed For Australia Release

Posted on 04-09-2015 at 09:38 AM by Matty under Transformers Masterpiece
s_manual_011_1402355664 Thanks to a post by griffin-of-oz on Ozformers, we've received confirmation that Australia will be expecting a Hasbro Masterpiece MP-06 Bluestreak release. According to the information passed along, the Hasbro version of Bluestreak will be the same color deco as the Japanese version and will be in the standard Hasbro packaging.

Also of note, TakaraTomy MP-24 Starsaber will be the next of the HK imports to see release in Australia.

Make the jump to discuss in the thread!
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MP-24 Masterpiece Star Saber Gallery

Posted on 04-03-2015 at 04:10 PM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Masterpiece
MP24-Star-Saber-66 Masterpiece Star Saber started hitting doorsteps in the US last week after a strong showing in Japan. The latest in the Masterpiece series is the winner of the fans choice voting from a while back, giving us our first Japanese centric character in MP-24. We've got our copy and done up a high res gallery for you so head on over and check it out here: TFW2005's Masterpiece Star Saber Gallery. Some key shots and discussion are after the break.

We'll leave the review to our members, there is an active feedback thread here: MP24 Star Saber Feedback & Reviews

This figure and gallery was sponsored by TFSource, who has them in stock and ready to go, so if you dig it head on over and pick one up for yourself!

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Masterpiece Star Saber Tops Japanese Sales Charts

Posted on 03-27-2015 at 04:56 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
tfmp24 Here is an interesting nugget of news we thought to share with you. Japanese retailer Toynes produces a weekly "top 5" of best selling items, and for the week of March 16 to March 22, the toy topping the charts is Masterpiece Star Saber - and considering that he only came out on 21 March unlike the rest of the chart, this is really impressive.

Of course, it is hard to judge if this surge was down to preorders, or whether this was purely in-store purchases, but in either case, it paints a very healthy picture for Masterpiece Star Saber's sales, and - dare we say - portends well for other fan-favorites getting the Masterpiece treatment down the line.
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Takara Reveals MP-18B Bluestreak!

Posted on 03-25-2015 at 11:25 PM by Matty under Transformers Masterpiece
4904810827825 It's happening! TakaraTomyMall has just revealed a Masterpiece figure that will surely send fans into a frenzy: MP-18B Bluestreak! That's right, it's a blue Bluestreak! This deco is based on the Diaclone figure and has been a color scheme desperately wanted by the fanbase.

According to the web page, it looks like this will be a limited release of about 2,000 and available in Japan, likely as a web or other type of exclusive, so it may be one of the more difficult pieces to obtain.

Check out the photos after the jump!
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New Masterpiece Tracks MP-25 Images

Posted on 03-24-2015 at 02:19 PM by ORIO under Transformers Masterpiece
Tracks2 Taghobby has shared new images of Takara's next entry in the Masterpiece line, MP-25 Tracks. These new images, taken from the latest Dengeki Hobby magazine, show the figure in various poses, in jet mode attached to an included flight stand and a closer look at the Blaster and Raoul accessories.

Check out the images after the break and chime in with your thoughts in the ongoing discussion thread!
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Masterpiece Star Saber In-Hand

Posted on 03-20-2015 at 04:01 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
JwxGXbQ After long months of teasing glimpses, primarily from Takara-Tomy's Hisashi Yuki, Masterpiece Star Saber is almost here! He's now out in Taiwan, and Duoduogreentea of TFND has posted some of the first true in-hand images of this victorious Masterpiece release. We've mirrored some of the best images of this one - let's say go* and check them out!

*(Let's say go, for those not familiar, was one of the catchphrases of Transformers Victory, which was mainly used by Star Saber)
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MP-23 Exhaust - In Hand Photos!

Posted on 03-20-2015 at 04:47 AM by Superquad7 under Transformers Masterpiece
CAhpl7YUkAACQlS Courtesy of Alfes2010's Twitter feed, we have our first in hand images of the highly anticipated (yet controversial) release of MP-23 Masterpiece Exhaust! Those photos have been mirrored here for ease of viewing. With this figure just starting to arrive in the hands of fans, I'm sure we'll be seeing more photos of this figure very soon!
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