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Transformers Generations Classics 3.0

More Transformers Product Info From Hasbro UK Generations And Battle Masters

Posted on 01-29-2014 at 06:54 AM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
ToyFair2014HasbroTransformersGenerationsCrosscut In conjunction with Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014, Hasbro UK has released more Transformers Toy info to the Idle Hands Blog.

This time we have Deluxe Generations Figures and Battle Master toys.

Transformers Generations Deluxe Action Figures:
Fans and collectors of the Transformers will want to go back in time with the Transformers Generations Deluxe Action Figures. Drawn from the quarter-century history of the franchise, these figures will take fans on a journey into the shrouded prehistory of the metallic world of Cybertron and into the future! Choose from Tankor, Crosscut or Rattrap. Shipping April 2014 Additional figures include Waspinator, Scoop, Arcee and Chromia.

Transformers Battle Masters:
These figures can be controlled with two interchangeable game controllers. lock your fingers into the controller, and the figures are ready for Fight Night! Then, complete your game with the iPad/iPhone app. The starter two-pack includes figures of Optimus Prime ("The Diesel Destroyer") and Megatron ("The Calamity of Humanity"). Use this set and get started with your Battle Masters collection! Shipping April 2014.

The Battle Masters will also come in single packs with Autobots Prowl ("The Pride of the Low-Ride") and Bumblebee ("The King of Sting") and Decepticons Starscream ("The Emperor of Energon") and Barricade ("The Prince of Punishment").

You can check out the images at Idle Hands Blog.
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Generations 2014 Wave 5 Deluxes Listed: Arcee and Chromia Confirmed!

Posted on 01-28-2014 at 06:46 PM by Secretcode under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
arcee_1203261887 With the Nuremberg and New York Toy Fair events just on the horizon, TFW2005 Site Sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has revealed just who is new in 2014's fifth Generations wave of Deluxes: Arcee and Chromia! Originally discovered in a Hasbro database leak back in October, this is the first semi-official reveal that these toys actually exist. The contents of Wave 4 are not known at this time (with Wave 3 being Rattrap, Crosscut, and Tankor. Preorders for Wave 3 are also up on BBTS here.) The wave is currently listed as a March 2014 release, but with the wave prior being listed as April, the date might be an error.

As there are no photos, it is not known at this time what the upcoming fembots look like, or what molds they are. Do you think they'll share a mold? Do you think they'll be retools of a prior release? Sound off in the discussion thread by clicking here.

Be sure to stick with the TFW2005 network over the next few weeks as we bring you the latest Toy Fair news as it happens.
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Generations Voyager Wave 5 Released In Canadian Retail

Posted on 01-22-2014 at 06:45 PM by Secretcode under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
RhinoxRobot37 Courtesy of TFW2005's sister site Cybertron.CA's member Hellboy, we have received word that the Transformers Generations Voyager Wave 5 has been released in Canada. This sighting of Wave 5 (Which includes Rhinox and Doubledealer) was spotted at a Toys R Us in Ontario.

Have a sighting you'd like to share with your fellow fans? Swing on by TFW2005's very own Sightings Subforum, of if you're up in Canada check out Cybertron.CA for Canada-specific sightings threads and more.

(News story image courtesy of TFW2005 Administator Sol Fury's gallery of Generations Voyager Rhinox.)
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In-Package Images of Generations Deluxe 2014 Wave 2

Posted on 12-13-2013 at 12:01 PM by Secretcode under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
1395142_704555429563175_982469725_n Our friends and sponsors over at Robot Kingdom have posted some in-hand packaging images of the (now in-stock on their site but otherwise) upcoming Generations 2014 Deluxe Wave 2 on their Facebook page.

This wave contains Generations releases of Armada Starscream, Fall of Cybertron Skywarp (A redeco of the prior FoC Starscream and Thundercracker), Scoop and his two Targetmasters Caliburst and Holepunch, and the Minicon Assault Team (Whose names are confirmed to be Heavytread, Runway, and Windshear in their individual forms, and also go by the name Centuritron in their combined form.)
Views: 11,447 / Credit: Cheem The Rup of the 2005 Boards!

Generations Wave 7 Sighted at U.S. Retail

Posted on 11-30-2013 at 04:32 PM by Secretcode under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
dwlj The hunt begins, yet again! Thanks to TFW2005 Boards members Dudicus (who might be big, bad, and/or battlin') and ssg4life, we now have retail sightings of the long awaited 7th wave of Generations Deluxes (Or Wave 3 of the IDW Comic Pack-In Deluxes, depending on how you see it) at retail in the United States in both Washington and Colorado. This wave features Goldfire (aka Goldbug), Waspinator, Skids and Generation 2 Dreadwing.

Have any sightings you'd like to share with your fellow fans? Swing on by TFW2005's Sightings Subforum to share some of the love, as well as check out what may be in your area.

Want to check out some nice photos of this wave? Check out TFW2005's Galleries! Galleries for Goldfire, Waspinator and Dreadwing are currently live (with Skids coming soon) so click the links and check them out.
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Generations Rhinox And Doubledealer Loose Samples

Posted on 09-26-2013 at 06:00 AM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Generations-Rhinox-01 Ebay seller lena81822 has posted auctions for the following figures:Both auctions have a number of robot mode images attached, which we've mirrored here. Interestingly they are listed as TakaraTomy releases but I think these may actually be the Hasbro versions(lack of shiny paint). If these are indeed the Hasbro releases, they may be indicative of how the final production figures will look upon release in November.

Read on to check out the new Generations voyager figures.
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Platinum Edition Grimlock Vs. Bruticus Set Found at US Retail

Posted on 08-14-2013 at 04:25 PM by ORIO under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
platinumgrimlockvsbruticus Huzzah! New Transformer toys for fans have hit retail toy shelves in the United States once again. This time, 2005 Board member Sky Ray reports finding the Platinum Edition Fall of Cybertron Grimlock versus Bruticus set. This set contains a repainted Fall of Cybertron voyager Grimlock and a set of the Combaticon deluxes in a color scheme akin to the San Diego Comic-Con version. The set was priced at Toys R Us at $99.99.

Check out the pic after the break.
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Generations Orion Pax Loose Full Color Sample

Posted on 07-17-2013 at 06:56 PM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Transformers-Generations-Orion-Pax-01 The release of the 1st wave of Transformers Generations IDW deluxes might not be too far off. To wet your appetite, check out new images of a loose color sample of Orion Pax from eBay seller lena81822! This is likely a final production piece.

Some of these shots were taken up close, so read on to check out some detailed images!
Views: 6,784 / Credit: lena81822

Transformers Generations Deluxe Megatron Loose Images

Posted on 07-07-2013 at 01:52 AM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Transformers-Generations-Deluxe-Megatron-01 Thanks to a new auction from lena81822 we have new images of a loose Transformers Generations Deluxe Megatron production sample! While this isn't the first incarnation of Megatron as a stealth bomber, it's the first figure based off IDW's stealth bomber Megatron design!

At most, we are a few months away from seeing this figure on retail shelves. Itching to see how it turned out? Read on to check out the new images!

NOTE: The stealth bomber mode isn't fully transformed.
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Generations Wreckers and Beast Hunters Sharkticon Megatron at US Retail

Posted on 07-05-2013 at 11:47 AM by ORIO under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
wreckers2 2005 Board member bobbyjack has had a busy day of hunting for new Transformer toys, and he hit paydirt! Found today at a couple of his local Wal-Marts in West Virginia were the Fall of Cybertron Wreckers! This Generations deluxe wave 4 assortment consists of Roadbuster, Twin Twist, Whirl, Top Spin and our first ever official Impactor figure! All figures are reuses of the fall of Cybertron Combaticon figures and combine into Ruination.

Also discovered on shelves was Beast Hunters Megatron. The sole new figure in Beast Hunters Wave 4 is also known as "Sharkticon Megatron".

Check out the pics attached for proof and report your Transformer toy sightings in our Sightings forum!
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Transformers Generations Deluxe Hoist Full Color Sample

Posted on 06-28-2013 at 12:44 AM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Transformers-Generations-Hoist-04 Itching to see the long awaited Transformers Generations deluxe Hoist released? The other day we showed you the translucent Hoist test-shot, but now a full colored sample has made its way to eBay courtesy of lena81822!

We've attached the new images, read on to check them out!
Views: 7,809 / Credit: lena81822

Transformers Generations Hoist Test-shot

Posted on 06-24-2013 at 07:39 PM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Transformers-Generations-Hoist-04 Looking forward to the upcoming Transformers Generations Hoist figure based on the IDW incarnation of Hoist? To ease the wait, here's some new images of a translucent test-shot courtesy of toyssir8982009! Compared to Trailbreaker(which Hoist is an extensive remold of), Hoist has what appears to be a new melee weapon.

Read on to check it out.
Views: 5,840 / Credit: toyssir8982009

Transformers Generations Voyager Sandstorm Found at US Retail

Posted on 06-20-2013 at 10:12 PM by ORIO under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
SandstormRetail Huzzah! The next release in the Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary line has been found at US retail. 2005 Board member Sean Whitmore reports finding Wave 4 Generations Voyager Sandstorm at a Toys R Us in Culver City, CA. This figure is an extensive remold of the Generations Springer mold.

New sightings in your area? Report them to your fellow collectors in our Transformers sightings forum!
Views: 7,747 / Credit: Sean Whitmore, Gepard of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers Subscription Service Figures Shipping Soon

Posted on 06-14-2013 at 10:50 PM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
408196_412746365451014_603451902_n_1345244683 Brian Savage of the Transformers Collector's Club has sent out the following email to members:

Just a quick note to let you know that the figures are in our warehouse! We are going to do the best we can to get them out before BotCon (no guarantees). But we need your help. If you have moved since the program started last fall, we need you log in at: and update your address.

This needs to be done by Monday morning 9am Eastern Time so we can work on generating the shipping documents. We cannot be responsible for reshipments for anything that is sent to an incorrect address. If you can't remember your password, go to the club: and use the "remember me" function under the My Account tab. Please do not call as we are preparing for BotCon and we don't have the capacity to handle many calls and get ready for the show.

After the first shipment goes out, we will let you know what the billing dates will be for the two installments.

We appreciate your patience in this program. The delay has been very frustrating to us as well, and the manufacturer has assured us that it won't happen again. We know you will love your figures!

Thanks for your support,

The wait is almost over!
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Generations Sandstorm In Package

Posted on 06-14-2013 at 12:28 AM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Transformers-2013-Generations-Sandstorm-04 Site sponsor has updated their Facebook page with packaging images of 1 of the more extensive retooled figures we've seen this year, Generations Sandstorm! They actually have this figure in-stock and ready to ship, so it might not be too much longer before we see this at US retail. To wet your appetite further, here's the character bio:

SANDSTORM lives for action. His only real fear is a fear of boredom. As a result, he takes unnecessary risks, both in combat and out - risks that can sometimes threaten the success of his missions. He lives fast, loud, and dangerously - traits that make him fun to hang out with most of the time. But his fellow AUTOBOTS are getting a little sick of his habit of giving away his position to the DECEPTICONS just so he has the opportunity to enjoy a fight.

Read on to check out Sandstorm in-package!
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