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Generations Scourge And Kup Retooled Repaints

Posted on 12-20-2010 at 11:07 PM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Thanks to instruction PDF's obtained via Hasbro, we now have a look at the new head sculpts made for upcoming repainted/retooled figures using the bodies of Scourge and Kup from Transformers Generations! The identities of these upcoming figures are currently unknown.

Check out the new head sculpts after the jump!
Views: 11,579 / Credit: XSolidxVenomX of the 2005 Boards!

Images for Generations Scourge And Kup Retooled Repaints

Oooo, looks like lio kaiser!
To what end ?!
Leozack? Cool, but that won't make for a big difference in colors from Scourge.
Helmet reminds me of the Breastforce dudes. Like, it kind of has eye details on the top. Yeah, looks like Leozack.
My guess for Scourge is Leozack.

Kup, I got nothing.
Originally Posted by XSolidxVenomX View Post
This is a hard one. I know this is stupid guess but the head looks like mirage but it's not. I don't have any good guesses on this one.
I think the new Kup head could be a rendition of Gears.

It's not Electro, that's for sure.
Im glad someone can guess what these are, I cant make them out.

Edit: witht the picture update, now I see what everyone is talking about. Leozack....hell yeah!
I'd have to say it looks like Orion Pax and Leozack. Very nice.

I was brainstorming repaint ideas for Kup,the only original crew member of the Ark they haven't done yet is Gears.Makes sense since he was also a pick up and the new head sorta looks like G1 Gears.
scourge definitely reminds me of leozack
OMG OMG Generations Leozack Please.
Leozack was my first thought for Scourge as well. It's that cat-like headpiece that does it.

And ya, maybe Gears for Kup. Not sure, kinda reminds me of Wheelie with the 'hat' like look but that'd just be funny more than anything.
Not sure if Scourge's alt mode matches up well with Leozak. It'll be interesting to see how well it turns out. The Kup remold could be anyone, my guess is still Orion Pax.
G1 Swerve for Kup? and i agree for Leozack
OK, yeah, I can kinda see Orion. Good thought.
please PLEASE be Leozack i mean if we are getting Black Shadow why not right? As for Kup i am leaning towards Gears then maybe Swerve
Orion Pax makes sense to me. Not too familiar with Leozak so I wouldn't know. I hope they make the Kup mold into a Con and vise versa.
maybe Kup = Orion Pax?
ha ha, frontpaged twice.
Am I the only one that thinks the new Kup head looks like TFCC Dion?
Cybertronian Thundercracker?
My guess for Kup is Orion Pax, while Scourge... I unno.
If the new Scourge head is indeed Leozack. I will buy that mold. It will be a joyous occasion.
I was thinking Jhiaxus for Scourge but Leozack makes more sense I guess. I'm kinna hopin the Kup repaint is Gears. Was thinking maybe the Transformers Club had dibs on Orion to go with Dion....
I love how Hasbro and Takara-Tomy's heads are working with Generations.

"We need to repaint our molds to maximize profits"

"So, we've got Scourge"

"Hmmm... Who can we redo Scourge into? You know, there was that whole thing with the movie and his sw-"


Optimus Prime
The Scourge remold is clearly Leozack. For anyone unfamiliar with him, this is Leozack:
Hobbes-timus Prime
I think Dion is a good guess for Kup. The head's not a perfect match, but the angled shoulders and center of the torso really evoke him.

Leozack and Gears, calling it now.

That Kup mold is hereby reserved for Grumpy Guses.
Doctor Scalpel
so who's gonna pluck out this leozack head and put it on the botcon mold?
Originally Posted by Fosterlager View Post
Leozack and Gears, calling it now.

That Kup mold is hereby reserved for Grumpy Guses.
I could totally go for that. A Gears toy would be great and very much overdue.

That's Leozak on Scourge head and what COULD be Impactor or an easy Gears on Kup.
I've been wanting a Gears from the Kup mold ever since we've seen good images of it. The Leozack is rather odd, but a welcomed introduction. I'm pretty excited to see what's down the pipeline regardless!
I am hoping for a junkion for that kup mold. that's what I'll repaint mine into anyways...
Leozack and Gears were my first impressions, too. I love my Botcon Leozack, but this is different...
Hmm, any chance new Kup'll be a yellow repaint? So young Kup is a bit of a... hot shot type.
[Wing_Saber-X] Leozack?!
Sorrow Six Star
kup head makes me think of that target master truck... Crosshairs?

wow, another obscure JPN G1er, cool! Wonder what they'll actually call him and Black Shadow?

...and, yeah, i'm callin' Swerve for the Kup remold.

the center crest and 2 raised bits look a lot like the Alternator Swerve head mold.

but i'd be totally fine with Gears too!
Bass X0
Scourge could be Ratbat.
Orion Pax would be awesome.
I was just looking on tfwiki and i was thinking mabey orion pax
i would love a Gears and what couldn't scourge have been repainted as Bomb-Burst? we have skullgrin why not complete the trio with bomb-burst and an eventual submarauder?
Originally Posted by Bass X0 View Post
Scourge could be Ratbat.
Honestly, that was my first thought as well. The helmet design looks a lot like his design from Megatron Origin.

As for the Kup remold, I'm with the idea that it's Gears.
Originally Posted by Grimlock#1 View Post
I was just looking on tfwiki and i was thinking mabey orion pax
I hope you're wrong. It's one thing for Botcon figures to have Earthen Cybertronian modes, but there's no logic whatsoever for giving Orion Pax an Earth mode.

Please be Gears (even if the head has lots of Hot Shot elements to it)
I am probably wrong,. . . however I gotta get the guess out there. I think that Sourge's alt + that new head= ratbat from Megatron's origin comic. No clue for Kupp though.
Honestly, that was my first thought as well. The helmet design looks a lot like his design from Megatron Origin.
Hm. Yeah, that's actually pretty dead-on for Ratbat, and would be a better fit for the alt mode.

Looks like probably no leozack this time.

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