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Additional War for Cybertron Soundwave and Megatron Images

Posted on 06-04-2010 at 11:07 AM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Generations Classics 3.0
Check out some additional shots of War for Cybertron Soundwave and Megatron from the Activision WFC Hands on Preview event earlier this week. You can also see our earlier shots here: New War for Cybertron Generations Soundwave and Megatron pics.
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Images for Additional War for Cybertron Soundwave and Megatron Images

I was really liking Megs, but I think Soundwave might be my favorite WFC figure so far. His butt kibble is a little off, but the rest is nice.
There's also the possibility that he's a bit mistransformed. Still, even if it isn't, it looks cool.
Hate the altmode, but Soundwave definitely feels like Soundwave, so that's good. Still wish he had minions, but what can you do.
Wow Soundwave looks the best he's been since forever. Instant buy.
nice paint job.
x BlackMagnus x
Is it just me or do Megs feet looks misassembled/backwards? Like belong on the other leg, hmm. Regardless, these mofos are bought on sight! Soundwaves head sculpt is freaking sweet!
I can't wait to get my hands on these, Soundwave looks amazing & I love Megatron's Fusion Cannon.
Looking at Soundwave a second time, I think his alt mode suffers a little like Prime's does. Both the front of Prime and the top of Soundwave both need somthing to break up the large areas of one color.
And another figure gets added to my must-have list.

Even though it's been boring as heck, it's a good thing there's been such an epic lull recently. Funds needed the charging up!
Megatron looks sweet. Soundwave's classic gun seems to be back. Sweet.
Originally Posted by xeno View Post
What's up with Soundwave?
What do you mean?

Both look pretty FUCKAWESOME to me. But man, they look tiny in those massive display caes.
Mr. Sparklebot
Man, both of those are as good as bought.

Megatron looks a little whiter than I expected (maybe it's just the lighting), but still looks badass. And Soundwave just hits it right out of the park.
Pravus Prime
Megs looks good. Soundwave is iffy at the moment.
I thought the picture of Soundwave in the Club magazine looked interesting, but the actual toy looks terrible and Megatron is similarly unimpressive. I'm glad BBTS put up separate pre-orders for Darkmount and Red Alert so I wasn't stuck with Soundwave and Megatron as well.

I'm not sure why but, in general, the WfC figures just aren't doing anything for me and I don't think I'll be getting any of them.
I think Soundwave looks awesome! All his classic features are there and it is very impressive. His butt kibble looks like it can be adjusted so im not worried.

Megatron is equally very awesome, and the lighting doesn't do him justice.
Autobot Burnout
Sweet Jesus, Soundwave looks fucking awesome. Alt. mode is meh, but I doubt he'll be seeing that mode much. That robot mode is too much win. He shall go on my "Awesome Shelf" and serve as my Classics Soundwave (until we get another one that does turn into a music player of some sort)

Megatron looks awesome, too, much better than the original pictures. Something seems off with the feet, like they're installed backwards, but the final product won't have that problem hopefully. He's an insta-buy as well.

Son of a *****, I'm going to have to go completionist with WfC. The figures are just so damned awesome!
Both Soundwave and Megatron look awesome. It's really nice to see Soundwave closer to being properly transformed (the back kibble looks like it has another step or two to it). It's not his traditional alt-mode, but I really like it. Sort of makes me think of Bulkhead's alt-mode. The one thing that bothers me is his feet, and that's only at certain angles, so it's not a huge issue. Megatron's transformation still confuses me.

Not sure if I'll get Megs, but I'm definitely going to get Soundwave, and most likely any repaints we get of him. Might get Megs for kitbash fodder. My Classics Megs still needs a new head, and this looks like it could work. The rest of him could work well as a starting point for a Galvatron kitbash.
WOOOOOOOW That is an amazing Soundwave. I am a fan of the alt mode and robot mode alike.Megatron looks alot better too. Bought for sure. I already am getting my WFC Optimus and Bumblebee sometime between 6/8 and 6/10.
Naturally the day I get my club mag is the day pix of Red Alert and Soundwave leak on the 'net

Soundwave does indee look good. I really don't like the alt mode at all and with the announcement of Generations I'd hoped they'd finally release a good G1-inspired SW but oh well. Most of the elements are there so I guess it'll have to do.

Megatron is ok at best. Too much like Animated Megatron for me.
Originally Posted by Grimlock_13 View Post
Megatron is ok at best. Too much like Animated Megatron for me.
He does have somethings in common with Animated Megatron. but he also looks a lot like a Robotech hover tank.
Want. And when?
I'm actually surprised at how well these turned out. Not revolutionary by any means, but not bad at all.
Yep. I'm Sold on WFC aesthetics. I wasn't impressed at first. In fact, almost kinda loathed it. But now, I am super amazed by how awesome everything looks.
Will be passing on these figs, WFC doens not do anything for me, sigh...
Soundwave's robot mode just screams Animated and G1... oh wait, Animated was a homage to G1, d'oh.

Definite pick-up - the best of the WFC toys besides maaaaybe Prime.

EDIT: Now that I look at it, Megatron's toy looks loads better than earlier pics.
So mine, now gives us the rest of the cast please Hasbro.
Megatron has some problems, but similarities to Animated Megatron aren't the source of them. The main problem is the craptacular Tank mode. It almost looks like it was designed as a triple changer, but they gave up. It's somewhat reminiscent of TFA Blitzwing, with the folded up wings, but both Blitzwing's altmodes were better than this... and that's not saying much.

And look at those stupid treads tacked on the side like an afterthought.
Soundwave seems like someone I'll have to see in person to get a good impression of. The grill-spike things make his torso look fat at first sight, but looking at him a bit more makes him seem a bit thinner, which is good. Megatron looks very nice. I'll probably wind up getting all the WFC figs anyway. I hope Ratchet and Starscream follow, since those could easily serve as repaints.
Metal Chaos
I'll be getting all of the WFC figs, that's for sure.
Originally Posted by Grimlock_13 View Post
Naturally the day I get my club mag is the day pix of Red Alert and Soundwave leak on the 'net
^Same thing happened to me.

I think Soundwave looks pretty good, Im still not sold on Megatron.
I need Soundwave. Looks like I'll be picking up all the Decepticons from this line.
Radioactive Ravage
Honestly, the cow-catcher kills Soundwave for me.
I can't believe how good these wfc figures are. That's an awesome megs.
soundwave and megs look great. cant wait to get this guys to my house!!
Wasn't sure what to expect for WFC Megs and Wave. But I am glad I preordered them before their official pics were revealed. It looks like August will also be an expensive month.
Originally Posted by G1Jetfire View Post
Wasn't sure what to expect for WFC Megs and Wave. But I am glad I preordered them before their official pics were revealed. It looks like August will also be an expensive month.
Where are they up for preorder?
Meh, not impressed. Megatron looks like a hybrid of Classics and Animated Cybertron Megs. Soundwave just isnt right somehow. I hope he's just mis-transformed and he'll look better later.
Megatron looks cool, some problems here and there. But Soundwave maybe some problems with the feet, kibble, and etc. And that his alt mode looks odd, but still he looks sweet. And its close to a CHUG as we can get intil Hasbro makes one in the future. So their both a maybe on my list, but that could change.
I dig em both. I'd almost replace my Classics Megs with that one, but... probably too small. Soundwave looks cool, too.
Megs looks better than in previous images, although his Death Table alt mode is still off-putting for me.
Wow, Soundwave made me sad.

Looks like Optimus is the only one that I will get.
Originally Posted by Dran0n View Post
Wow, Soundwave made me sad.

Looks like Optimus is the only one that I will get.
Soundwave as a vehicle is awesome.

Not getting him, though. Not a fan of baddies.
Now begins a whole new era of Soundwave kitbashing....
frilly toothpick
Megs is cool, and Soundwave is a must buy.
Will get.
Ugh. Just terrible.

AND probably puts off a proper "classics-ish" Soundwave for at least the next movie cycle.
Getting both. I've liked Meg's design from the get-go, and any Soundwave is an instant buy for me.
I forsee alot of kitbashed Megatrons into the Landmaster from Star Fox
Alot of people are thinking that the wfc alt modes are "meh" but after deliberation these figures and character designs have grown on me and just seem so "right" for a mature cybertronian mode for our beloved TF's. They arent supposed to represent any particular "warcraft" or anything recognizable to any earthling but more of a folded up seamless transport mode to suit the purpose of travel or cargo on cybertron, reminiscent of the earth hedgehog! haha sorry I just really love my transformers and I do think hard about the new lines and I have to say I really like war for cybertron and might I add I am also a huge animated fan and not obsessed but particularly enjoyed the bayformers and these toys have similar qualities of both and happen to be completely smothered in G1 goodness accompanied with a sweet video game!!

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