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Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Toys First Pictures

Posted on 02-11-2012 at 02:51 PM by Sol Fury under Toy Fair
TFW2005 is bringing you live pictures from the Toy Fair 2012 show floor, and here now for your enjoyment we have something you've all been waiting for - the first looks at the new Generations Fall of Cybertron Toys! Check out these images of Optimus Prime, Shockwave, Autobot Jazz and Combiner Bruticus (with a very purple looking Blastoff). They look awesome!

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Images for Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Toys First Pictures

Heat Guy
My wallet weeps for buy and entire line now.
I agree, Shockwave looks like he would make a good addition to our Classics collections.
I suprsingly unimpressed with the FoC Jazz figure. I don't really like the updated look for Prime in FoC so that's a pass for me as well.

That Shockwave though... it shall be mine!
Shockwave looks like he'll be a perfect Classics Shockwave. I can't tell exactly what that vehicle mode is (looks like some kind of gunship or hovertank), but whatever it is, I like it. Optimus doesn't look all that good, but I wasn't going to get him anyway. Bruticus's colors don't look very good, but hopefully they'll look better in higher quality pictures. Jazz looks awesome. I hadn't been planning on getting him, but I might, or at least get a repaint of him.
Shockwave looks great. I might be skipping the rest.
Sadly Bruticus looks pathetic in that picture. I certainly hope it's just a bad camera angle. Optimus looks too much like a brick for me to buy, but Jazz & Shockwave will be welcome additions. I wonder if WFC Barricade will get a figure this time around...

Shockwave looks awesome.

I wish the shot of Bruticus was more of a straight on look.He looks like a hunchback in that shot.

Looking at that Prime in the package,either the packaging is bigger,or the figures have gotten even smaller.
I'm assuming that Bruticus contains some proto parts. Neon colors for Brawl and Swindle?
Optimus: Definitely going to buy one just to repaint him as Ultra Magnus. He looks fantastic for Magnus.

Bruticus: ... Are.. Are they trying to make this thing look as bad as possible?

Jazz: Oh you sexy sexy beast...

Shockwave is pure gold. Love the robot, love the vehicle. Perfect.
Shockwave looks great. Bruticus I'll get regardless how shitty it is. Jazz is a maybe, but that Prime looks ugly. Need better pics to decide!
they look bad apart from Shockwave, oh well, might not be getting many FOC figures after all then. Gonna hunt down a WFC prime and might get that Jazz. Bruticus is a fail, colors suck and he looks floppy. Give me a WFC Scream please!!!
It looks like Bruticus has fallen over.
Jazz 4
All either preordered or bought on sight!
I'll take one of each, right now, please.

EDIT: For those hating on how Prime is lookin, what's the prob? He looks exactly like he does in the FOC trailer.
Lol look in the backround of Bruticus' pic! You can see a movie Optimus and on the box says: trailer converts into Mechtech Armory. I might have to get that...ALONG WITH EVERY SINGLE FOC FIGURE!!!!!! They better make a cliffjumper!
Shockwave is the only one that looks good.
Originally Posted by Optimus1138 View Post
Shockwave looks like he'll be a perfect Classics Shockwave. I can't tell exactly what that vehicle mode is (looks like some kind of gunship or hovertank), but whatever it is, I like it.
He's a jet.
Prime looks mistransformed, but potentially better then WFC. Jazz has weird legs, definitely sticking with RTS until more pics surface. Shockwave looks amazing. Simply put. Amazing.
And Bruticus... oh good God I want him. Right now. Give him to me. He was mistransformed.
I will own them all.
Swoop Dogg
Prime looks like he has a bun in his oven.

Shockwave looks impressive.
Getting Shockwave for sure! Maybe Prime too.
Seriously Hasbro, stop trolling us with terrible publicity shots of terrible transformations of Bruticus!!!

.......oh and Shockwave looks AWESOME!
Might only get Jazz and Shockwave.
They're taking the hobbits to Isengard...
Originally Posted by thedreaded1 View Post
Shockwave is the only one that looks good.
The F.N.G.
Shockwave! Bought on sight.

Damn Bruticus, who kicked you in the lugnuts?
Pravus Prime
Does Shockwave have 2 hands and the weapon is interchangeable? Every pic I see is from that angle so I can't tell!
All of them look incredible.

But that Bruticus has got to be a prototype. His colors are so wildly different and inaccurate to the concept art, not to mention the GI image.
What happened to blast off being that brilliant gold?
Wow, these don't impress me in the slightest.
bruticuses colours looks, interesting. ill be buying it regardles. jazz is epic!
Swoop Dogg
Does Bruticus have a Rainbow Brite tie-in that I'm not aware of?
Bruticus has a delightfully G2-ish feel to him, and I love it.
Any idea when these will go up for preorder, like on say, bbts?
WOW!!! I can honestly say that is Classics ended today and all 40 Generations figures were FOC I would not hate on Hasbro.

Bruticus looks both better and worst than the initial pics. His proportions are WAY better but those neon colours are something that will have to grow on me.

I love you Habsro. See what can become of the toyline when those Bayverse things are removed from the equation

*edit* Shockwave will be a duel purchase. That dude is obviously FOC but oh so perfect for Classics.
Shut the fu@$ up and take my money
Originally Posted by Heavynova View Post
Bruticus has a delightfully G2-ish feel to him, and I love it.
I think this is the first time I've ever said this but, I wish that Shockwave was a voyager!

Still he is BEAUTIFUL! I love him! and he will be mine!.... Guess he had to be smaller to scale with Bruticus.
guard convoy
prime looks bad, but that can't be helped, the design is utter garbage to begin with

jazz's body looks great, wtf is up with the head

shockwave is perfect

bruticus looks decent, just needs a better pose
Haha, it's like they refuse to let Bruticus look good. They have to take crappy pics, pose him awkwardly and mistransform. I want this toy.

Shockwave is pure gold however. He's basically classics Shockwave. I like that he has thin (but still nice looking) legs like the original toy! And I freakin' love that shade of purple.

About the colors, however: These figures might be handpainted protos. Final figures might vary.
I know this Optimus gets a lot of hate, but it's actually one of my favorite OP designs in a long time.
The hell happen with Bruticus's colors?
Damn i am going to be paying out the ass for this stuff but its going to be worth it. Jazz is all mine hahahahaha and i want Shockwave as well oh and Bruticus hope not as neon though
Omega Charge
These look FANTASTIC.
Sumner Sturgeon
Each and every one looks like a winner in my book, most especially Shockwave. Bruticus looks a whole lot better than the initial pics did too, but the weird colours confuse me.
Wow! These look excellent! Really love the Soundwave and Prime. Need to see another pic of Jazz, but not bad.

I don't mind the new Bruticus colors except for the neon green brawl? I couldn't stand the gold and orange stuff they had in the pics we saw last week.

Really excited for these. Actually, more than the Prime line.

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