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Latest information on Transformers Titanium toys including 6 inch, 3 inch and San Diego Comic Con exclusives.

Target Exclusive Transformers Titanium 6 Inch Series Out at US Retail

Posted on 06-13-2009 at 05:30 PM by Sol Fury under Titanium
517uD4iK5jL_AA260_ Several of our members located in Texas are reporting finding the new Target Exclusive ^ Inch Titanium Transformers assortment. You can find out if this assortment, which consists of Optimus Prime, Hot Zone and Thrust, has arrived at a Target store near you using their Find it at Target webpage, or by checking in store with the DCPI: 087-06-0625

Be sure to share your findings with everyone on our Transformers Sightings board!
Views: 6,999 / Credit: all are dead, Computron34 of the 2005 Boards!

New Official Images of Transformers Universe Titanium Figures

Posted on 05-12-2009 at 03:42 PM by Sol Fury under Titanium
TOY-RBT-0761_01 Amiami has put up new official images of the three upcoming 25th Anniversary 6 Inch Titanium series Transformers. These new images show Optimus Prime, Hot Zone and Thrust in both their robot and vehicle modes. Click on the link above or the title of this story to view the images.
Views: 6,031 / Credit: ultraq of the 2005 Boards!

Official Images of Titanium Optimus Prime, Thrust, Hot Zone

Posted on 05-07-2009 at 08:44 AM by Foster under Titanium
340541020_653569424659_pkg_09 TFW2005 has received official Hasbro photos of the upcoming Target exclusive Titanium Series figures. Optimus Prime is a repaint of the War Within Prime mold in a movie Prime-like deco, Thrust is a War Within Thundercracker repaint and Hot Zone should look familiar to Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and G1 Hot Spot fans alike!
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New Images of Titanium 25th Anniversary War Within Optimus Prime

Posted on 04-04-2009 at 03:56 PM by Sol Fury under Titanium
P1100045 Some new images have been posted over at of the upcoming Target Exclusive Titanium Optimus Prime. This repaint of the original War Within Optimus Prime is redone with a richer red and a lot more blue in his deco, to better reflect the colors that Optimus sports in the live action movie series. Check out the images by clicking on the link above or view our mirror by clicking on the title of this story.
Views: 7,789 / Credit: TM2 D-bot of the 2005 Boards!

Target Exclusive 25th Anniversary Titanium Transformers Thrust in Box Image

Posted on 03-19-2009 at 05:28 PM by Sol Fury under Titanium
BO0jfIQBGkKGrHgoOKjwEjlLmSt7BJ This auction on Ebay brings us our first, albeit blurry, look at the 6-inch 25th Anniversary Titanium Thrust in his box. Previously all that was seen of this Decepticon was a cross-sell on the back of the packaging for Titanium Hot Zone.
Views: 5,273 / Credit: Soundblaster1 of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers 6 Inch Titanium Hot Zone Ebay Auction

Posted on 03-17-2009 at 02:47 PM by Deefuzz under Titanium
BOr8gUgWkKGrHgoOKiYEjlLmfETBJv There is now an auction for the upcoming Target exclusive Titanium Hot Zone up on eBay care of seller u-toys.

For anyone wanting to battle it out to be the first person to own this toy (aside from the person putting it up for auction) you can visit the following auction link and bid to your heart's content. Transformers Titanium Hot Zone
Views: 5,060 / Credit: AndreyOfDoom of the 2005 Boards!

Titanium Series to Return - 6 Inch Series Exclusive to Target

Posted on 03-08-2009 at 12:24 PM by Kickback under Titanium
1 Oh snap!

It looks like the 6 inch series of Titanium figures are making a come-back for the 25th Anniversary of the Transformers. Thanks to ACToys and S250, we see images for what appears to be Titanium Hot Zone, a repaint of Titanium War Within Optimus Prime, and a repaint of Starscream in to Titanium Thrust.

No idea when their release date is, but they appear to be Target exclusives.

Click the story to see all the images.
Views: 10,505 / Credit: S250 of the 2005 Boards!

Toys R Us Exclusive Titanium Figures will NOT be released in Canada

Posted on 11-27-2008 at 10:08 AM by Super_Megatron under Titanium
wwgrimlock is reporting that sources inside Toys R' Us Canada are saying that the Toys R Us Exclusive Titanium Figures War Within Prowl and War Within Grimlock will not be coming to Canadian Retail.

TRU Canada has stated that they have passed on this line due to the poor sales on the last couple of waves of the Titanium line (including Marvel and Star Wars).
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Titanium War Within Grimlock Transformation Video

Posted on 08-21-2008 at 10:48 PM by Super_Megatron under Titanium
Views: 2,504 / Credit: Pascal of

Toys 'R Us Exclusive Titanium War Within Grimlock and Prowl Shipping to Stores

Posted on 08-20-2008 at 12:59 PM by Tim Formas under Titanium
DSC01872 Toys 'R Us employee and 2005 Boards member soundwave86 has informed us that the Orland Park, Illinois store had received a case of the Toys 'R Us exclusive 6" Titanium War Within Grimlock and War Within Prowl figures. The release of these two figures marks the apparent end of the Transformers Titanium line. Start watching your local Toys 'R Us stores for these new figures!

Update: For those who need picture proof to believe, we now have a photo of the figures with receipt. Check out the image to the left.
Views: 5,890 / Credit: soundwave86 of the 2005 Boards!

New Galleries of Transformers Titanium Series War Within Grimlock and Henkei Wildrider in Package

Posted on 07-27-2008 at 03:21 PM by Gears under Titanium
2 Two new galleries have been posted on of some upcoming Tranformers toys! New galleries are up of Transformers Titanium Series War Within Grimlock and of TakaraTOMY's Henkei Wildrider in package. To see the new images click the thumbnail to the left!
Views: 4,271 / Credit: Icespark of the 2005 Boards!

Official Hasbro Transformers Titanium War Within Grimlock And Prowl Images

Posted on 04-28-2008 at 09:50 PM by Razerwire under Titanium
grimlock1 has updated their news listings with images of 6" Titanium War Within Grimlock and Prowl.

These two figures, based off of's very own DON (Don Figueroa) will be sold as exclusives from Toys R Us this coming fall.
Views: 9,929 / Credit: Sso02V of the 2005 Boards!

Cancelled Titanium Bludgeon Revealed in TFW2005 Toy Database

Posted on 01-25-2008 at 01:57 PM by Super_Megatron under Titanium
blud2 Previously unrevealed until this database entry Titanium Bludgeon was scheduled for release in the 6 inch titanium line in 2008. The existence of this figure comes from a 2007 Hasbro document listing Transformers Titanium figures planned for release in 2008. Unfortunately this has been canceled along with the rest of the line.
Views: 6,406 / Credit: Super_Megatron of the 2005 Boards!

Generation 1 Titanium Ultra Magnus And War Within Megatron Out in the US

Posted on 09-02-2007 at 02:11 PM by Razerwire under Titanium
4284546db094e30237 Confirmation of the releases of Titaniums G1 Ultra Magnus and War Within Megatron has been posted on our forums. These figures were found at a Target in southern California and can be found using the DPCI numbers on the price scanners. For a full listing of the DPCI numbers on all Transformers merchandise, click on the link below. Good luck on the hunt!
Views: 6,268 / Credit: Cataclizm1

Titanium War Within Sunstorm and War Within Ultra Magnus Out in US

Posted on 08-30-2007 at 02:06 PM by Tim Formas under Titanium
3940746d7134a80494 Over the course of this week, sightings have started to roll in regarding new 6-inch Titanium figures being found in the US. Titaniums Sunstorm (War Within version) and Ultra Magnus (War Within version) are now being found across the country at various Target stores. Enjoy the hunt!
Views: 2,542 / Credit: Kaijumaster
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