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TFW2005 Creative Spotlight- Yuletide Cheer Edition

Posted on 12-24-2012 at 11:40 AM by Secretcode under Site Updates
It was the night before Christmas, and as it has been two weeks
a TFW Creative Spotlight was brewing, so come take a peek.
With a vague rhyming scheme, and a struggle to post this on time
first we will spotlight lhandlott's Nemesis Prime.

But as Christmas is near, why not share the love
and make it more than just the spotlight up above?

A pirate, a lion, have you bought Thundertron yet?
If so, why not do FakeEyes22's mod to give him a little pet?
But what if you want something more G1 from Prime R.I.D.?
How about Xaviercal's redeco of a G1-inspired R.I.D. Arcee?

With a proof of concept build design of which I am on the fence
c9158183 builds an armor for Generations Prime out of Red Alert (Cybertron Defense.)
There is one last spotlight that I would like for you all to see,
and that is Josh Burcham's take on Beast Hunters Bumblebee.

And while that may be all of the spotlights for this time,
I hope you enjoyed them, despite all this rhyme.
Until we meet, have a marvelous night,
and stay tuned to TFW2005 for more Creative Spotlights.
Views: 8,583 / Credit: lhandlott, FakeEyes22, Xaviercal, c9158183, Josh of the 2005 Boards!
That was great!

The rhyming was too,

This puts me in that

Jolly Christmas mood.
cute rhyme. nice customs. btw, i think you misspelled Xaviercal
Perhaps I did, it may be so.
But now the world will never know.
You're the coolest shark around,
You're the coolest shark in town,
Sky-Byte! That's you!
Originally Posted by Secretcode View Post
Perhaps I did, it may be so.
But now the world will never know.
touche Secretcode. touche
did the ghost of christmas wheelie visit you in the middle of the night?
Best. Spotlight. Presentation. Evah.
Autovolt 127
Heh that was pretty good.
Bahamut Prime
Mmm, what a clever twist to a quintessential Christmas rhyme!
They're all great, but Nemesis is a knockout.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Love the rhyming.
I looooooove it!!!!
Merry Christmas to all you guys

We've so much great work here, and I'm so proud of it all. Keep it up Radicons and Fan Artibots

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