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TFW2005 Creative Spotlight: It's Filler Time!

Posted on 11-27-2012 at 04:47 PM by Secretcode under Site Updates
Two weeks have passed, so that means it's time for another TFW2005 Creative Spotlight. With the recent American Thanksgiving holiday, a few of us (Namely me) may have been surprised that two weeks have passed since our last entry. So think of this week's TFW2005 Creative Spotlight as a bit of a filler entry, where we take a look at a few entries that have either been stored up in our queue of spotlights, or something a bit different than what we would normally spotlight.

Among the Radicon Spotlights that were once considered before unfortunately being piled into a massive backlog on things we wanted to cover were Spurt Reynolds and Wikkid's collaborative Masterpiece Skyfire, darktremere's Generation One take of Movie-verse Barricade, deliciouspeter's Longarm Prime and Jbarb78's take on a Generations Shockwave (based on the BotCon 2012 Custom Class figure.)

While it hasn't been represented on the front page in some time, the Fan Art section does get it's share of love in the TFW2005 Spotlights from time to time. Lonewolf3D's Hi-Res Grimlock Render and grimmlock's TFP Springer are both definitely something special and you can check out their work by click on the links provided. (Bit of a warning on the Grimlock render, there are some MASSIVE images after the jump.)

And to end it all this week we figured it's about time to share some love to TFW2005's two Transformers Photography threads and the community's great photographers inside the "Let's See Some Cool Stuff" and "Supah Cleah" threads.

Special thanks to all of those that we have spotlighted today (either directly or indirectly) for their contributions to the TFW2005 community! We hope to see more of what the members here on TFW2005 can churn out week after week. Who knows, maybe you will be spotlighted yourself one of these days.
Views: 4,314 / Credit: Spurt Reynolds, Wikkid, darktremere, deliciouspeter, Jbarb78, Lonewolf3D, grimmlock and the various photographers of the 2005 Boards!
spartan 3764
I'm really diggin longarm
It's Tuesday.
I bought that Longarm from DP on Ebay a few months back. That thing is just as awesome in person. It fits in perfectly with my WfC/FoC display in my Detolf.
Originally Posted by racerguy76 View Post
It's Tuesday.
I warned you, time got away from me!

(Also, fixed it)
It's good to see this.
Autovolt 127
So this Filler is it like most long running animes?
Originally Posted by Autovolt 127 View Post
So this Filler is it like most long running animes?
There are no recycled clips, horrible voicework, or bad dialogue in our clipshows.

Outside of "It's Filler Time".

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