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TFW2005 Creative Spotlight: Cheetimus Prime's Beast Wars Redux

Posted on 10-30-2012 at 07:48 AM by Secretcode under Site Updates
It may be a bit late this time around, but the TFW2005 Creative Spotlights are far from dead, as this week we are not only dipping into the Radicons a second time in a row, but rather an additional four times with a series of four customs by TFW2005 Boards member Cheetimus Prime.

Dubbed "Beast Wars Redux", Cheetimus Prime tackled the task of turning the Fall of Cybertron Wave 1 Deluxes (alongside one of the first ever Classics Transformers toys) to turn them into four beloved Beast Wars characters. We interviewed Cheetimus Prime regarding the creative process and inspiration behind these four custom pieces, which you can check after the jump, and for more photos of these four customs, check out the four threads below.

Beast Wars Redux Megatron
Beast Wars Redux Optimus Primal
Beast Wars Redux Rattrap/Rattletrap
Beast Wars Redux Waspinator


TFW2005: Let's get a little bit of backstory on yourself. How did you get your start making customs?
Cheetimus Prime: I've always liked to paint models and toys since I was a small child. It became more of a hobby during Beast Machines as I loved the show but the toy colors were all wrong. Recently I've devoted a lot more time to the whole thing and feel I've gotten better. There are still a lot of people that are more skilled than me but I love that. It gives me something to work toward and inspiration to try new things I've never done before.

TFW2005: What was your inspiration behind creating the Cybertron Beast Wars foursome?
Cheetimus Prime: Well it started out with Optimus in that I really, really liked the mold but not as Optimus Prime. I wanted to do something with it but not something that eeryone else would be doing like a Nemesis or a Scourge or what have you. It's small size made me think of Beast Wars characters being smaller than G1 guys so I went with Optimus.

After everyone seemed to dig him I decided to go for more and got to brainstorming. I'll admit it puttered out a bit on Megs as I can't think of a vehicle mode that fits him well enough so I went with an old idea and made Grimmy into Megs.

TFW2005: Is there anything you wish you could improved on or have done differently?
Cheetimus Prime: I wish I could have given Rattrap a decent whip that could integrate into the vehicle mode and I wish I'd added a claw to the end of Meg's tail.

TFW2005: Did you have to go about doing your usual routines for making customs any differently with these four?
Cheetimus Prime: I tend to make things up on the fly, lots of improvising so no, not much different than usual. I know it seemed I was shooting for using the FoC figures exclusively for a bit but it was more that they are easy to work with and presented a lot of possibilities.

TFW2005: Of the various customs you've made in the past, are there any of them that you are most proud of?
Cheetimus Prime: My Jazz customs. He's my favorite character so I put a lot of care into them. They are mostly for my own display.

TFW2005: Do you see yourself still making customs in the future?
Cheetimus Prime: Oh of course! Nonstop from here on out, I love doing this!

TFW2005: Any future plans for your customs?
Cheetimus Prime: Things will slow down for a bit as I'm moving so I'm trying not to make any huge plans. For my own collection though I plan to buy an MP Thundercracker to repaint in Skywarp because I'm just that impatient.
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