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TFW2005 Creative Spotlight, 1/8/2013 Edition

Posted on 01-08-2013 at 10:05 AM by Secretcode under Site Updates
Another two weeks have come and gone, which means it's time for another TFW2005 Creative Spotlight! This will be the final catch-all spotlight for some time, as starting in two weeks we will be bringing back spotlights based not on particular customs, but rather spotlighting the individual customizer and TFW2005 boards members themselves.

Until then, check out these fantastic creative pieces taken from TFW2005's Radicons and Fan Art subforums!

Radicons Customs:
Xaviercal's Masterpiece Tigertrack and Sunstreaker
grimlockprime's Darksyde Megatron from Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus
azdragon58's Masterpiece Action Master Thundercracker
lhandlott's Razorclaw from Prime Thundertron
Unicron9's Beast Wars Inferno
Naztok's Masterforce Buster and Hydra
Fan-Art and Digibashes:
Jarl's "Infiltration Protocols", (AKA The Vehicon-Job) BotCon Set Idea
Shinobi Rendar's TF Prime Jazz design
bokuman's FOC Terrorcons (Disclaimer: Creations are still ongoing)
Blitz.'s Tux
Check back in two weeks, as the TFW2005 Creative Spotlights are going to be changed up in a brand new format! Until then, be sure to keep it here on TFW2005 for all the latest Transformers news.
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Loved that Blot image on the board main page

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